Hi, my name is Heather and through this video
I will show you exactly how to lose 50 pounds in 3 months and how to lose 100 pounds in
6 months, so stop everything you�re doing , and watch this video till the end, because
I will give you for free the Exact diet and exercise routine to follow so that you can
wear a bikini in a few months. In fact, after having watched my video, if
you click the link in the description below, you can download it for free and since over
100 women followed it and managed to lose at least 50 pounds fast, I am sure it will
work for you too! Now, before we continue, I just want to tell
you a few things about me and how I became an expert in weigt loss for women.
You see, I was not always skinny. In fact,in the past, I didn�t pay any attention at
how I ate, I didn�t exercise and somehow I gained almost 90 pounds. This is a picture
of me�. As you see I was really fat!
But you see I realized that I became almost obese, only in one family reunion.
One of my nephews, who I haven�t seen in 2 years, saw me and asked me: Ount Heather,
what happened to you? You are so fat! All my family heard that, even my husband… I
was so embarrassed! That was the moment when I realized that I have to change something
and start losing weight! I needed to know how to lose 50 pounds quickly�.
Because losing weight fast after a long time when I haven�t done anything, was so difficult,
slowly my confidence and my self esteem got really low � I�m sure that if you ARE
A WOMAN and you�re overweight , you know how it feels, especially if you want to be
sexy! To wake up every morning, look in the mirror and just ne unhappy with the way you
look. That was my reality for a long time! I also started to be really worried about
my health. I was afraid I might develop diabetes if I don�t lose 50 lbs fast �.
I came to a point where I was ashamed to go out of the house. Because I was so heavy,
my ankles were always in pain…. It was a horrible time for me!
So I started so many diets, killed myself in the gym, even starved so many times. In
6 months I only lost 7 pounds. I was really depressed�.
But, I didn�t give up. I wanted to be able to wear shorts or a bikini at the beach, I
wanted my husband to be crazy about me again, so I didn�t give up, I found a weight loss
system for women, created a daily routine and in 4 and half months I managed to lose
70 pounds…. This is my transformation…. Even though it was not easy, It was really
worth it, because my life is simply amazing right now. My husband is crazy about me, even
women are admiring my thighs when I am at the beach or in the park…
Then, I started to became even more interested in fat loss and women�s health, so I read
over 100 books, I went to many nutrition courses and seminars and I am proud to say that I
already helped a few hundred women lose at least 50 pounds fast and change their life.
So, here�s how to lose 50 pounds in 3 months and how to lose 100 pounds in 6 months!
To lose 50 pounds in 3 months and to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, you must lose half
pound of fat per day. Normally In order to lose 1 pound per day, you must have a caloric
deficit of at least 3500 calories, so to lose half pound per day, you must have a caloric
deficit of 1700 calories per day. If you exercise daily and stay active, Your
body consumes about 2000 calories per day. If you exercise for about an hour, and combine
cardio with lifting weights you�ll burn about 400 calories in that workout. So in
total, you�ll consume 2400 calories per day.
If you follow a 1200 calorie diet, your daily deficit can be close to 1200 calories daily,
but that�s still not enough, because in order to lose 50 pounds in 3 months and lose
100 lbs in 6 months, you need to have a caloric deficit of 1700 calories per day. So, you�ll
have to boost your metabolism and force your body to burn another 500 calories per day.
This is key for losing 50 lbs or dropping 100 lbs.
So, I have a few great tips for you to help you lose 50 pounds in 3 months, and a great
video, which will teach you how to boost your metabolism drastically.
But before that, there�s something very important: HOPE! You mus believe in yourself!
There are so many women that want to lose weight fast but don�t have hope. They hate
the way they look , they start but they don�t really expect to look better. So, don�t
be like that, be positive about your future, appreciate yourself, smile, because this will
really help you … Here are the tips for losing 50 pounds in
3 months and losing 100 pounds in 6 months. So, Tip # 1 is to drink 3 liters of water
mixed with fresh lemon juice every day. This will detoxify your body and clean your liver
and colon of toxins. And first thing in the morning, drink half liter of this lemon water.
Tip #2 is to do an intense workout in the morning, a combination of cardio and strength
exercises, mostly on your lower body. This will boost your metabolism and even though
it�s hard to believe, you will have more energy throughout the day if you do it. In
fact, in the link from the description below you�ll get for free a workout that takes
only 20 minutes to do and burns almost 300 calories and help you lose 100 pounds in 6
months. Tip #3 is to consume a maximum of 1200 calories
per day. Even though many will say that 1200 calories is not enough. But, if you take carbs
from fresh veggies, eat enough fibers, vitamins and proteins, you�ll have enough energy
to do 2 workouts per day. And because I really want to help you, I have a diet plan for you,
for the first 7 days. Just click the link below the video to get it for free because
this diet plan is essential for losing 50 pounds in 3 months.
Tip #4 is to use a massage brush and massage your lower body, even your arms, daily. This
increases blood flow and boost metabolism, and it is great for losing fat from thighs,
butt and belly. I got mine on Amazon, and if you click the link below, I will give you
a coupon code to get it for only $13. Tip #5 is STAY ACTIVE. Walk to work, climb
the stairs, wash the dishes by hand, do whatever you can to keep your blood moving. I recommend
you take some dancing lessons, during a salsa class of 90 minutes you will burn about 700
calories and you�ll have a lot of fun. I also recommend doing a second workout in the
afternoon, but this one focused on lifting weights, so that you will build some muscles,
because these muscles will use a lot of calories. Tip no 6 is to boost your metabolism. In fact,
the reason why you are overweight is the fact that your metabolism became slow, so this
is probably the most important aspect in weight loss for women, so, to help you lose 50 pounds
in 3 months or drop 100 lbs in 6 months I have a great video for you, from a world class
weight loss expert and it will teach you how to boost your female metabolism with almost
52%. You will also learn some foods and exercises that increase burnings. Just click the link
below the video to watch it for free. I also want to give you for free a list with
all the weight loss mistakes I did in the past , so you can avoid them and the exact
routine I followed to lose so much weight � even give you my favorite 1200 Daily Calorie
plan, so that you are never hungry, but burn a lot of fat.
You will also get a great book , called �The No. 1 Metabolism Boosting Tip For Women�
and it will teach you everything about your female body and how to help it lose weight
fast! So, just click the link in the description
below to get for FREE – the video to learn how to boost your metabolism
with 52%, – my mistakes and my exact daily routine,
– the diet plan for 7 days and the morning workout
– the ebook and the discount link for the brush, all for FREE.
Just click it right now and lose 50 pounds in 3 months and lose 100 pounds in 6 months
so you can wear bikini at the beach.

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