okay.i everyone this is silly thing Carmen this time I would like to do something different I want to talk speak in English and see how he goes actually English is not my mother tongue so I just want to try and see see what happens in this video I would like to share with you some experiences on how I lost more than 15 kilos in three months to give you a background about myself I’ve been most of my life like a chubby a bit spotty actually someone some of my friends they called me like a gordito which means the fastest in the Spanish more like ina in a friendly way so that that’s the way I was like I was used to my body and then when I started to work and trouble and living in a different cities and that’s one I started to change a bit my mindset my mindset in terms of the way I do things also the my eating habits and it was done still like around 2013 I was a bit worried because my I have a ton of health problems actually not helpful with problem she was more like every day after getting back from work I had this terrible migraines and also I was eating and not taking care of my body at all so that’s when I started to change my mindset and I had the fortune to work with Valentin bandage which is a real inspirational virtual guy and he was the one who introduce me to all these healthy lifestyle and also he has really really really ideal how to self develop and actually I’m gonna i’m going to put his story here the description of this video so he’s really he has a really really really good story an experience that he has in his life so anyway and so he was the one who made me change and he gave me a lot of recommendations about like a website some websites there that was it they can’t issue how to change your your your way of doing things and also that when I started to read a lot about like a set web development and there is actually one book in particular that’s called the power of habit which you really really changed the way I started to do things and I changed my entire mindset after that I started to taking care more about what I eat that’s very important and also try to do a lot of exercise to do bodyweight exercise for those who don’t know how to like what is a bodyweight exercises exercise that you can do anywhere so you don’t need to you are not attached to any team or I mean it’s like is depending how you manage your time so until now I mean since 2013 99 something that we like still doing it using an app called freeletics so this app we really really my entire life so for those for those who follow me in facebook so those are the pictures I I always post every time I finish with my routine so for those who like because some people is asking like a so what was that what the hell with that with the feature that stuff so if you like this video please thumbs up also subscribe to my channel it share this video review if you using or if you know someone that wants to lose weight or if you have any comments please let me know send me send me an email I’m going to also attach the email to this video I’m here from the beautiful city of options with the 85 building of the both at the background have to say goodbye and I see you next week bye bye [Music]

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