hey I’m a decent owner and I lost 40 kilos in six months when I was 17 years old you think this is going to be a video about how pretty look now and how ugly I was before you’re completely wrong I’m just 40 kilos skinnier than how I was before and this shouldn’t be a big deal I’m still the same person with the same insecurities that society helped it to build I wouldn’t be like this if it was not you if he was on me if it was not like all the commercials and advertisements at TV that help us to feel insecure like this I wish I knew this before before I feel that bad about myself before I heard from people that they wouldn’t kiss me because I was not attractive enough before all the jokes I heard my entire life about all the circles I’m both there looks like a church person and how ugly you are because of it because you look like a ball because you look like whatever all the time I look in the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself as a person because there’s no representativity at TV or anywhere at magazines you don’t see each other people anywhere and it’s really bad because you you don’t see you as a person anymore because you don’t have someone to look and say oh I want to be like him I want to be like her she’s so pretty just if you were skinny that you feel like this and you feel good that you feel pretty that you feel positive after all the weight loss I’m still super into curve because you’re never perfect when you look at society there’s always some mistake on you there’s always some problem you’re not skinny enough your belly is not pretty enough you don’t have six-packs then you’re not perfect I still feel super insecure about my body and everything I’m still the same person with the same insecurities and I don’t think I would ever get better ever I didn’t change it I lost 40 kilos but it didn’t change all the jokes I have to her my entire life all the problems I’ve been through and I would never feel better the only positive aspect I can say about it is now I try to eat healthy as long as I can but this is not what people look at this is not what I heard as a compliment they are always going to talk about my body and how better I look since I lose all this weight when you were trouble you hear all the time you’re not healthy because you are eating completely wrong but this is not true because you can be a chubby person when a nice to eat healthy you can be a skinny person and eat all the shit’s in the world it means they can say all of this is what about you’re healthy but they are lying and you know it because they don’t give a about how healthy you are they just care about how skinny your body would look it’s super easy to say we should all accept our bodies we are all different and we are all perfect when now I’m skinny and I lost a lot of weight I won’t say that I would never say that I just know how a chubby person feels because I was chubby one day but now I I lost all this weight I became one of them I wish I could accept my body however it was or however it is because I stood on my step and I hope in the future all types of body can be really accepted someday and not in the people credit way that is the end of the video I hope you guys liked it if you liked the video then thumbs up you can share the video you can post through your social medias and you would have helped a lot bye


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