How to lose 5 kg fast! Lose fat! From 54 to 49 kg in one month! Norwegian (eng sub)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel To those who are new – Hello! my name is Kaluma Today’s video will be about how I lost weight from 54kg to 49 kg In one month And it was hard, I think might have cheated a bit But! I’m going to share some tips on how you can achieve this body right here Again it was hard.. But just so you know. This diet I will share was inspired by a lady on YouTube! A diet about how you could lose 7kg in 10 days BUT! I can not lose 7 kg in 10 days?? I can’t go around starving myself.. (lol) I wanted some variation, and my own little twist to it.. The first thing that is important with this diet is.. That you need to have a motivation This diet contains a lot of vitamins and water (but) You’re going to cut out sugar, bread and diary products.. This diet contains mostly vegetables and.. Gluten free products which is very good And plant-based products works very good for this diet too, just so you know Okay! So the FIRST thing I do when I get up in the morning Is to drink water! So If you’ve watched the previous video ( a day in my life) You can see that I always drink water in the morning When I get up in the morning I always drink a glass of water Cold or heated.. Personally I prefer lukewarm.. I don’t like too cold water on the morning So that’s the first thing I drink.. After that I go to the toilet and do what I’m going to do! (lol) You guys probably watched the video (A day in my life) As you know, I work from Monday to Friday I don’t usually have breakfast , I’m not very fond of breakfast But what you can do is to eat a banana Because a banana contains a lot of energy It can give you energy for approximately 2 hours.. So having a banana in your belly is always a good idea Just one banana And when you get to work, work as normal At my job, we have lunch break at 12:00 On lunch break i eat two slices of gluten free bread Whether with cheese or spice cream cheese So it either cream cheese or cheese You need to have some fat in your body because you don’t eat so much. and you don’t eat any meat And in the cheese and cream cheese, it’s fat in it. (good for your energy!) Gluten-free bread is good for you because it does not contain much starch in it It helps you to not feel heavy in your stomach, and you will not feel bloated either which is good! And it’s the lunch I eat at work And after work, I go to training I go to my gym right after work, so usually there at around 16:00 You need to drink water between 08:00 to at 16:00 (throughout your day, from work to gym). So I drink minimum of two bottles of water.. I liter of water I think..(help) So from I start at work until I go to exercise I drink two bottles of water. Water is very important Then I go to the gym and work out for an hours and half As you can see, I exercise butt and strength training and cardio, as you can see That’t what I do in the gym, if you want to see my training routines let me know, I will happily make a video for you So that’s really what I’m doing in the gym, I also take abs exercises.. Doing some arm exercises.. This video was filmed by myself so it’s not the best quality that’s basically what I do in the gym When I get home, that’s when it starts to get difficult.. You come home and are very tired.. And you crave tasty food.. But what you’re going to eat is what I show here Here you have three boiled eggs with an apple only one apple Then I seasoned with a little salt and chili flakes And a cup of green tea So this what I eat after I finished the training So this like a lunch/dinner thing (?).. This is what I eat when I’m coming home from the gym, it’s around 18:00 when I eat After a while, you start to get a little bit hungry So the only thing I eat is just an apple, one banana and cup of green tea. And that’s what i eat at 19:00 Then I sleep You should not eat after 19:00 The reason is that your digestion goes works slower after 19:00.. Then it becomes much harder for your body to digest all your food And might be the reason you may gain weight Therefore it is okay to eat less (around 19:00) I get full Of eating 3 boiled eggs and an apple Eggs have lots of proteins and vitamins, except vitamin C, of course Vitamins are important, And apple make you feel full And it takes longer for an apple to digest in your stomach You will feel full in your stomach I would say you feel saturated. a cup of green tea, it cleanses your body and makes combustion go faster So at 19:00 I eat an apple, one banana and a cup of green tea and sleep!… And then Then I do the same thing every day That’s what I’ve been eating for about a month But obviously I have been cheating a bit (lol) Sometimes I have eaten pasta.. which is not good.. but it depends also on how your body is built up Whether you have high combustion or not you might lose weight faster because of this or if you have low combustion, then you might lose around 2 -3 kg within a month but you will need motivation.. This diet is not a diet you can have over a long period of time It is not a healthy diet It is a diet that can work over for a month, for example and after you get the weight you want, Then you can start eating healthy. And eat more meat based products and vegetable and start exercising This diet is very strict but you will get much of it, and you will feel full You are getting in fats, proteins, and vegetable and vitamins , which is good! On Saturdays and Sundays I mix the diet a bit Since Saturdays and Sundays I am at home Before I go to training, which I usually do in the morning ..I eat one banana before going to workout and then I go to gym, I always train for an hour and a half coming back from exercise and eating and then I eat 3 boiled eggs with an apple, and season it with chili flakes, and this is around 12 o’clock. And afterwards.. When I start to get hungry, around 4 pm Then I eat an apple and a cup of green tea I can add a food plan list that you can see so this is what i eat on Saturday and Sunday, when i’m not at work And what I eat in the evening around 6pm or 7pm. Then I have dinner then I eat oatmeal gluten free oatmeal, with rice milk, a banana that’s what i eat, sometimes I ad blueberries I think it tastes good with blueberries Sometimes I can choose between blueberry or banana I think blueberries taste good, and good for your stomach and that is the Saturday and Sunday food plan since i’m not at work Sooo As you can see.. It all start with small change and builds up.. to the day I weigh 49 kg! sometimes I could lose 1kg in a week and other days I don’t lose any weight then the next week I lose 2 kg (which happened) It all depends on how I eat and exercise so these are the diet tips I want to share with you! If you have any questions, or comments about this diet I’ll write down the food plan in in… Info box?? you know.. (in the video information section).. I’m going to put down my diet plan down there so you can see what I’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening and all the meals, you really have to eat five times a day This diet contains five meals throughout the day on weekdays I only eat 4 times a day but on weekends I eat 5 times a day because you don’t want to go around hungry.. of course you get hungry.. HELLO! you should not feel like you are dying somehow So this is the tips I have for you today. If you also have questions about the workouts, write them down in the comments section if you also have questions about this video, just let me know Okay! thank you Be sure to like this video and comment below And be sure to share this video if you want others to know about my diet tips (sharing is caring) Okey! that’s it for today!

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