Hi, my name is Heather and through this video
I will show you how to lose 40 pounds in 2 months (or how to lose 80 pounds in 6 months),
so for the next few minutes stop everything you�re doing and watch this video till the
end, because if you are a woman and want to lose weight fast , just by following my steps
and these tips you will learn how to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, and if you have more
weight to lose, you can easily lose 80 pounds in 6 months! Before I will explain you the steps for losing
40 pounds fast, here�s a little bit about me, then, at the end I will share with you
the routine I followed to lose fat. You see, I was not always skinny and fit.
The reality is that a few years ago I didn�t eat right, didn�t exercise, and in a couple
of years, I became 90 pounds overweight . This is how fat I was!…… What is strane is that even though I was always
tired, never fit my clothes and my ankles were always in pain because of my weight,
I didn�t even realize how fat I was until one family reunion when a nephew, I hadn�t
seen in a long time told me� Aunt Heather, what happened to you? Why are you so fat?� I was so embarrassed, especially because all
my family heard that. Slowly my confidence got really low. I started
having problems in my marriage. I felt like my husband isn�t interested about me anymore,
that he is looking at other women, and even though those thoughts were mostly in my mind,
they made me really frustrated. I�m sure that if you ARE A WOMAN and you�re
overweight, you know how it feels. I mean we all want to be sexy, but back then none
of my sexy clothes use to fit me, my thighs were so big that I could never wear shorts.
I got to a point where I was even ashamed to go out of the house. Even my blood sugar
level was higher than normal, so I started to worry about my health. Every morning I
ued to be depressed when I looked in the mirros…. That was my reality for a long time! It was
a really horrible time for me, but thanks God, this was all in the past because I learned
how to lose 80 pounds in 6 months or faster! So, I decided to do something about my health
and lose weight. I�ve started many diets, even starved myself for many times. Even hired
a personal trainer and killed myself in the gym, but with all that in 6 months I only
lost 7 pounds….. How to lose 40 pounds in 2 months first? But, I didn�t quit. I continued daily, and
because of a great weight loss system for women, I started to lose weight so much faster,
I lost 40 pounds in the first 2 and a half months, and in 5 months I lost 70 pounds. Now my life is simply amazing! I am so filled
with confidence, I can dress sexy, even women admire me when I am on the beach or when I
walk with my kids in the park, my husband gets jealous sometimes because men always
smile at me, but we have a great family together, so it was really worth going through all that
work in order to lose weight. Because I felt so young and filled with energy
I became very interested in weight loss, I read hundreds of books and went to many seminars
about women�s health that I consider myself a weight loss expert and already I helped
lots of women lose weight and become healthy and fit. So, in my opinion, the optimum period of time
to lose 40 pounds is 2 months. This way it is healthy. If you think you�ll have to
work too much, consider losing 40 pounds in 3 months, and of course if you have more weight
to lose, you can easily go for and learn how to lose 80 pounds in 6 months. So, in order to lose 40 lbs fast you�ll
have to have a caloric deficit of 120.000 calories. To lose those forty lbs in 2 months,
your daily deficit must be 2000 calories. In other words, your body must burn 2000 more
calories than it consumes. As an example, if you eat 1200 calories, you�ll have to
burn 3200 daily in order to lose 40 pounds in 2 months. If it is too much effort, try
to lose 40 pounds in 3 months. Because, just through your daily activities,
your body consumes about 1700 calories, you have to burn another 1500 calories each day
to get to your goal, so here�s what you must do. Drink lots of water with freshly squeezed
lemon juice. You can also Drink a glass of fresh carrot juice. This will boost your metabolism
and burnings. Make sure to never go over 1200 calories per
day and split your meals into smaller ones and snacks. Eat lots of fresh veggies, at
least a pound per day and protein. This way you will feel full, and your body will burn
lots of calories to digest them. As much as possible, avoid sweets, cookies,
carbs, sweet beverages, alcohol. Do a cardio workout for 30 minutes each morning.
This way you will burn another 600 calories. Stay very active, walk to work, wash the dishes
yourself instead of washing them with your washing-machine.
Build muscles. Do a weight lifting workouts 4-5 times per week. This is very important
because the muscles you build will burn a lot of calories. So, if you follow these tips, you�ll burn
a lot of calories, but still you�ll be a little far away from burning 3200 calories
per day, and really learn how to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, unless you fix the one hormone
that control�s your body�s ability to burn fat. So, in order to learn how to fix this hormone,
I have a great video for you. Today it is for FREE, and it will also teach you to boost
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skinny jeans! This was how to lose 40 pounds in 2 months
and how to lose 80 pounds in 6 months and lose weight in 3 months.

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