Hi everyone this is Uzair Sipra and welcome to this week’s of updates on uzair sipra youtube channel i am super excited to announce that im going to start a health series program on my channel along with my action, thrilling, cinematic series now, we will be talking about lot of excitements here like how we can lose weight in a very short period of time and how we can improve our (Workout & Health) in a better way now this video is the result of my 2 weeks of research on internet and before i start, i want to thank to all those folks who became the source of my research thank you so much for your kind informations and knowledge knowledge is a power, and collectively i chose the best portions from internet and made my own plan this program which i created, i tried for 3 weeks and lost 10KGs yes you heard right, i lost 10 KGs in 3 weeks so lets get started drinking water early in the morning is a very beautiful habit one the secret behind glowing skin is also drinking water early in the morning and its also one of the source to remove the toxins from the blood cells to create new blood cells and muscle cells in the human body and it is one of the source to lose weight in a very short period of time we are going to create our own drink and this is so amazing, before we are going to bed we are going to prepare our dink that we will leave for over night and we will drink early in the morning and it will go for the whole day long along with our diet plan so it will also help to boost the result of our diet program, & also it will help to maintain our health in a better way so lets get started now yep so before we are going to bed lets prepare our early morning drink here we have fresh cucumber cucumber contains water and is a power house of Vitamin C which makes your skin healthier it contains more Fiber and less calories fresh lemon lemon contains electrolyte which dont let you get weakness in your body fresh mint leaves same as mint, it controls your HUNGER and will give a refreshing taste to this water and will help to lose weight and sliced Giner ginger will do the same will control the HUNGER and will help to lose weight we need to get about one litre of fresh water and put of these ingredients in it and leave them for over night try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a straight sleep when you wake up, after cleaning up, we are going to drink 3 to 4 glasses of this water you need to finish this drink during the whole day you are not going to take any white sugar, white rice, potatoes or any junk food more water will keep you hydrated and speed up the fat burning process do 30 minutes of WALK or RUN and 30 minutes of EXERCISES everyday during the process of this fat losing diet program it will definitely give a push and boost the result to burn the fat in a shorter time pls subscribe to my YouTube Channel i have more upcoming videos with similar topics and similar activities on this health series program if you like this video, pls thumbs up & share and if you have any question regarding fat losing diet program or if you face slower result pls comment below i will be very happy to answer all the questions and assist you step by step thank you very much and i will see you very soon with another video on this health series program

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