How to lose weight fast. I lost 6 pounds in 3 days on a juice detox

welcome to fat over 40 my name is miles and in this episode we’re going to look at how I lost six pounds in just three days now if you need to the Channel please subscribe there’s a new film every single Friday and if you like what you hear then don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button also leave us a comment down below let us know what you think and if you know someone that would enjoy this video then please share it so with how did I lose six pounds in three days well you may have seen the juicing with g series and about a week and a half ago my wife and I with a quiet weekend and we decided to a three-day juice clense now neither of us have done it before and really thought I’d be quite a critical if I sort of shared you know Juicy Juice of G without actually giving it a bash so we did I was your life in our hands and spend three days just drinking just drinking juice now I’m also a little recap at the end i did blog my progress throughout three days and the sort of juices that we drank so I’m going to play the sort of vlogs through for now like an edited version of vlog because i did a difficult quite a lot of quality footage but at the end we’ll go through sort of where i started weight wise and we’re ended up now both my wife and I weighed ourselves and we both lost weight and through the process and at the end you’ll find out whether we managed to keep that weight off or whether it was just a short-term gain so here we go let’s catch up on the vlog so check 235.9 that we go to 235.9 will see what is in three days good morning and welcome to my first day on my juice detox so for the next three days I shall be drinking nothing but juices if you’ve seen her the videos I’ve done with G from juicer of g and words come from but I’m taking three days out of my fitness shedule along with the wife who doesn’t want to be on camera and this is is the haul you know what it was the easiest day shopping i did yesterday hunters literally went up the fruit and vegetable ilse and that was it so what needs to happen well you need to drink a nut milk first thing in the morning to be a protein and give you a good start to the day then it’s 4 juice drinks spread out over about two and a half hours throughout the day and then you finish off the evening on another nut milk with vanilla which is calming and should help you sleep so this is three days I’ve got no idea what to expect but I thought I’d vlog my process you are meant to start off the day with some lemon water even hotter water or just water with lemon I just east of alkalise system and and kickstart yourself before you have your first juice about an hour after you get up so that’s what about to get some more than me and i will catch you later right so pretty much drunk mine first lemon water no it’s not like it’s just lemon water so i’m just about to make to nut milks with these they do last three days so i can make them all in advance so we’re having a one in the morning and one in the evening and the main difference between the both is the fact that ones got the caucho so chocolate i guess in the morning and the other one’s got vanilla for the evening just meant to be soothing so I’ve measured out all the ingredients i’m not going to throw them into the blender and yeah make my first milk ok so I’ve made first nut milk and now I’ve realized one of my little school boy errors which is obviously made enough for two people for three days which equated to sort of just under two liters of liquid so I’ve now got a liter and a half of liquid left of the morning the mornings juice em and don’t having anything big enough to store it in the fridge so I’m gonna have to be creative and think and I’m gonna find some tough away and keep it in a box not a jug I’m but it won’t i won’t be defeated least i know for next time so now i’m going to double my trouble and make the evening milk or will I maybe I’ll wait and go shopping today and get myself a jug big enough to store in the fridge so there we go I mean it all looks very nice I’ve got some ice with mine i like mine cold that’s about 300 mils in terms of portion size and typically i managed to sort of the recycle some old and juice bottles and not and conveniently these are 300 mils there 200 so it won’t even fit in there so I’m good start to the day ok so second juice the day I starving starving already so in this one we’re putting cucumber carrots apples lemon taking the peel off it and some beetroot so this goes in the juicer and yeah well see you back in a bit when it’s done ok we go second one of the day that’s one right yeah now we are just popping out for the day going to pop cambridge do some shopping let’s hope we don’t die of starvation on the way with while another thing I nearly forgot was that I’ve called clean the machine so this all comes apart and I guess that’s the bit that’s going to give me their the amp the most so so far so good we obviously won’t pass every single food shop coffee shop people very possibly could so we probably got enough a couple of hours into a mentor of our next juice but yeah so far so good it’s been a couple of a since our last juice we found this place in cambridge used to so we got ourselves a couple of juices we’re going to share a lot that so we’ve survived I out we did manage to get juice on the run as it were how you feeling enough time here but quite tired thinking about ya like so not a lot of energy going on so i’m always done is walk past fast food restaurants salivated over people need in their burgers and you have been missing caffe nero better go rushing now to get never spam you damage right slow juices 1234 just before the day and it’s going to be our hinge and carrot we are hungry is some about house five in the afternoon and she done quite well so far we’ve been out shopping we just yeah we just saw want to I guess we’re getting used to it I’ve got no real side effects of the moment was gonna head ache but let’s say we go it’s good to see what so Karen orange all done riches that’s very for light right let’s go for it but more someone never think this one’s yours love ok remember very clearly trolls darkness is not hit well George the third ya fancy something really norte ok this is not evening meal it the more juice so here we go this one’s got kale pineapple and cucumber sentence time love dinner’s ready well offer a very exciting half an hour trying to catch a mouse we’re running around the house our final juice of the evening so this is a nut milk with vanilla and apparently the vanilla is meant to so calming and I make sure drift off to sleep later on so it’s about an hour so I guess before we go to bed good morning stay too they didn’t like to go ahead with that what this is not going to my favor I don’t think I don’t particularly like grapefruit there’s a lot minute there and I can’t love apples so looking forward to it out my wife really struggling and she’s like why we doing this haha thats out that let’s push on through it but to take this through to the message and a second holes oh my goodness pay ya touch this is not some football up we have to try that well the water hate that as well ok until later on oh one more thing i still have been to the loop de tu what’s going on but it’s not like it’s easy i’m i must say I’m starving every time I open the switch i just would eat everything but i’m going to push on through we’re halfway there now and yeah here we go update on my toilet habits i have been only a little bit what’s going on so this is really annoying I’ve just use the whole by a kale got it all in there that this little boy slipped away from the funnel and now we’ve got kale geez all over the whole last nice okay all the guys look good no this is getting a little bit Groundhog Day juice number 344 up today so it is orange and character on I’m the one thing I’ll say is I’m feeling really quite cold and not a lot of energy at the moment I feeling by yes just looking at me going tired she wants to 8 i’m really picked a bit hours that just taking the end of the carrots and I’m really picked papinek it who liked that capture and development but also what a good morning this is days free of our juice detox woke up this morning to feel feel ok actually be to the blue creature with information but if you’re watching this you’re pretty interesting hey buddy Rex to it so yes I feel sort of everybody like this morning consider I’m really eaten anything still hungry for food you’re like to buy into something just recently model element right so and we looked in the fridge and because you didn’t really plan are our detox we had some food left over obviously we’d go shopping and buy all the bits for for the juice that we knew we were going to make but there’s been a few things in the fridge that we need to use up so we’re going to try our own little concoction this morning i’m flying back to make it all fruit so got blueberries blackberries couple of the strawberries of okay the baking but and a little bit sour punch not pumping and get your ass if I think about it so we’re mixing up again we had some stuff left over in the fridge you know what could possibly go wrong some of this concoction is on the lawyer so some spinach couple of bananas not so much juice gonna get up and honors couple of apples to provide juice and beetroot juice avocado and some mint sounds like him that’s like a strange combination i guess i feel of fabulous lineup we’re almost done for everything that happened everything that they don’t really get much but yeah I’m unconscious I’m really showing you have the machine so puts it breaks down and puts together so i thought i would do that now just before we’re about to go for our last I like this our last juice in there the nut milk is the last month but i’m going to use up some oranges apples be true kale and cots might do them some more be truth and you want how much juice government right so here’s the juicer I got it on a detail here just to mop up all the crap because I’m really quite messy it’s a jewel it marble and that’s actually not that quick because I never actually and the people that actually looks like a backdrop that busy ok so this is our last juice of our three-day juice detox or planes will get around that tomorrow I think about how we feel so I think we just need the whole night everything works to be three days but you’ll remember the big part of edge that we had at the beginning of the three guys that is now but a mere scattering here’s the ceilings juice look like this one right cleaning if you’re going to do a fuse claims with one of these juices you got to be up for the cleaning look like that sometimes people that helped going to get the foremost to glass of juice up seriously seriously yeah I have a messy fucker up having to physically but trip and not very morning at the gym first three doing so good morning it is the first day of my breaking my fast i got this morning or weighed myself and I’m now down to two 29.2 so from to 35.9 so that’s a loss of yet six pounds in three days which is a common already i guess it can’t be water loss because I’ve been drinking a lot of water so look whether it all goes back home then our well I eat properly i don’t know but I’m as per the instructions i meant to break my fall slowly so i had a protein shake this morning before I went to the gym I’m us i didn’t have as much energy this morning as I would normally have we did heavy back squats and I did find it a little bit of a struggle although i wasn’t so the completely flaking out so what I’ve got here is a smoothie the recommendation was not sort of jump straight back onto solid food but a sort of ease health in so I’ve gotta love this movie was sort of nuts yogurt coats fruit just keep me going and then a mat for lunch today so i’ll try and sort of make some decent choices of the menu make sure take my snacks into work for me as well so there we go I mean I don’t necessarily feel like totally detoxed i’m not even sure what that is meant to feel like I will do it also update later on when I also gather my thoughts it certainly didn’t harm me I definitely found like the first day I was hungry second I’ll starve in the third day I wasn’t as hungry so i can imagine so they’re doing in five days it does get a little bit easier so there we go that was the edited highlights and of the blog now you know we started the wife and i will wait ourselves in i started at two 35.9 that’s in pounds and the wife started at what 19.4 then after the three days were up that weighed ourselves again and I’ve gone down to 22 9.12 story to 29.2 and as you saw in the video and what went down 2-1 15.1 now we continue to measure ourselves all the way through the week and always going up and down very very slightly to be quite frank you know I’m back into my training and we continued our sort of healthy living are our God our diet state exactly the same as it has it used to be and you know in terms of how much our waiters changed six the third day well I’ve gone down by point one of the pound yeah apartment not pound one of the pan so my current light is to 29.1 that’s what I weighed in this morning and like we did this morning and she is still 15.1 so you can see that after a week and sort of continuing our healthy a healthy diet we’ve managed to keep the weight off and that we lost you know I lost six pounds the wife lost four pounds in just three days so I don’t look it in terms of what do I think about juicing it definitely is something which can make you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle after so far after a week and you can definitely keep that weight off and it is something that you should doing to me anyway you know did I feel friends well to be honest with you I’ve got no idea what feeling planes feels like I’m you know I’ve led a pretty toxic life most of my life and that’s the only thing that I’ve managed to experience i guess the same for the wife doesn’t really know she saw felt better but i guess our insides must be feeling better and it certainly didn’t make us feel worse apart from sort of being a girl to be hungry but you know it was interesting so the first day we were hungry we were both are you hungry and the second day we were both starving and the third day we were actually I’m feeling okay me and i will put in a way so that suppress our appetite i guess as well and maybe a stomach’s shrunk a little bit and certainly in the first few days after we didn’t really feel like eating a lot of food so there’s another sort of small benefit for me and I guess but honestly no I was really quite surprised about how much weight i was able to lose in just three days I can’t imagine what would happen in five days and i’ll never say never this is not so I’m gonna do regularly but certainly I may well try five-day exclaims next time around I’m certainly one of the things from using the few gold force juicer is that you have to drink them out within 2 20 minutes and making them otherwise all of the nutrients or spoil so if I want to do a sort of five-day claims i think i’d look to practice by all of the juices in being cold pressed or slowly squeeze which means that they last a couple of days within the fridge and that would make things a lot easier you can take them with you when you sort of go out because the one thing I found is that every two and a half hours you were glued back to the juicer to make you your next drink so that’s it you know the wife and I we really sort of enjoyed the process I guess it was something we did together and i highly recommend that someone you know that’s on their weight loss journey tries out and it will help use the break through those so wait plateaus you feel like you’ve been quite static for a while then you know they involve do yourself juiced claims and you certainly will drop a little bit away from as long as you’re healthy after you should maintain that now if you’ve not seen this video before last week’s video where I talk about the three things that I founders unexpected benefits of weight loss then and click this link here and if you haven’t managed to catch up with the halloween extravaganza then click this link here and if you haven’t already then make sure you smash this button here and subscribe to the channel and if you make one change this week get to see so you don’t die fat

18 thoughts on “How to lose weight fast. I lost 6 pounds in 3 days on a juice detox

  1. I loved this. I love that you gave honest answers. My Husband would not be having this, Lol. He'd be like you try it first. Its good you two were able to maintain and did it the correct way. Your wife is beautiful by the way! I'd be down for a two day juice cleanse not sure of 3 ☺

  2. Loving the work man! Great change by vlogging more and changing things up
    😀 Can't wait to see the rest of the journey

  3. Seriously great video my friend… One question… How did a goof ball like you get a hot wife like that 😉 LOL….. Seriously though man this was great info and nice to see. I actually love juices. This might not be a bad thing to start my new year off with. 🙂

  4. Kudos to you guys for making it through the 3 days and congrats on the 6lbs! That pineapple, cucumber, kale one looks dreamy! I gave the juice thing a go for like a day because of fat, sick and nearly dead lol. Loved the juice but I cried and had a pity party for myself at the end of day one and quit. Too emotionally dependant on solid food I spose.

  5. Great job! Great that you could keep it up! I think I would try a. Juice diet for maybe one meal! Haha I am not strong enough for that!

  6. Thanks for the video, i recall juicing for a few days, it is tough but definitely helps to lose weight quick, what i found, its just hard to keep the weight off once you switch over to regular diet. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. First off I had to say I like you call it a film, idk if I noticed that before haha. I really want to start drinking smoothies (close enough to juicing lol) I just need to stop being a penny pincher with food lol. Great job though!! That's awesome you kept it off!!?????

  8. Sorry, can't watch your channel because of your poor speech i.e. glottal stops and inability to make the th sound. You sound like a four year old.

  9. We couldn’t believe it when my friend informed me regarding the weight loss plan “sowo hope site” he’d discovered. Search it on Google. I started using it too, along with the results have been unbelievable. I actually dropped 13 pounds.

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