How to make a toy drum in 2 minutes

Hi everybody and welcome to BernardoTech. Today I’m going to show you how to build a durable toy drum using a soda bottle and a tin can. The can be a coffee can or large soup can depending on how big a drum you want.
As far as tools we’ll need a blow torch or something else that’s
capable of putting out enough heat to melt the plastic, you’ll need a scissors
and a pen or pencil. The first thing to do is cut the bottom and top off the
soda bottle and then make one vertical cut down the middle and that
way we can lay out a flat sheet of plastic. Now position the top of the can
on the sheet of plastic and a draw line around it. Now use the scissors to cut
out a piece of plastic that’s about an inch larger than the circle that you
drew. Now move to a concrete floor or some other surface that won’t be bothered by
the heat and then position the can on the sheet of plastic so it’s centered and
then heat up the edges of the plastic with a blowtorch, making sure that you
don’t get it too hot that it starts to smolder but warm enough that it starts to curl
up and shrink. You’ll find the plastic curls up and tightens around the
rim of the can. Let that cool for a minute and then check the top of the
drum. You’ll probably find the plastic is a little bit loose and so go ahead and
apply heat there until it’s all tight and smooth on the top and that’s pretty
much it. If you have any questions put those in the comments below. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for other how-to projects and technology related videos. As always thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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  1. So cool. I must send this to my daughter who has a 2 1/2 year old son, and my niece who only has girls, but her husband would love working with a blow torch!

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