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  1. Catching a queen is so hard :/ first of all you need to catch one, (or a flying female that's fertilized) then it also needs to get used in your ant farm, so it can lay eggs, still if you manage to get one. you can keep it up to 30 years if you want too xd.

  2. only the inside is important, most ants are light sensible and they need a dark main nest , otherwise they will die probably.

  3. only termites can make a queen from another worker other than that no with that in mind only female elates can become queens and even then only if they have mated

  4. dont put fire ants in an ant farm but anything else is ok

    so army ants, driver ants, bullet ants, bulldog ants are fine to name some

  5. If you want to start to keep ants, please DONT do what you see in this video! Really, everything is wrong here + queen should NOT have wings, winged ones are the ones that just leave their nests but they didn't yet breed with males…

  6. ▌ Great video for the simple beginner. thanks for taking the time to share.  HOWEVER, I would not suggest a paper towel as most ants can chew through it easily.  See ant farm formicarium facebook.com/formicarium 

  7. Chances are they will escape by biting through the paper towel. Its better to use a solid lid with tiny holes.

  8. Never use a queen with wings. That usually means she's infertile. And never use paper for the top. The ants will chew through it. If you want a good colony then get a formicarium with a foraging area. I have a grout formicarium and a dirt one.

  9. Don't dig up queens please please. If you do that entire colony will collapse meaning potentially thousands of ants dying without being able to care for their queen. Wait for the species of ant you would like to keep to start their annual nuptial flights and then you can catch your own brand new little queen and give her a much better chance of founding a colony. Check out Ants Canda for loads of content on the caring of queens and the colony as a whole.

  10. if your not sure what ants or spiders are dangerus just get some danish animals. theres no such thing as venomes animals in denmark

  11. "do not put fire ants in an ant farm" clearly you've never seen an ant farm made by ants canada that contain solenopsis geneta. one of the most beautiful ant farms ive ever seen.

  12. Lastly,it's better to just capture a queen ant from the yard,and start from there.Not Rob it from a ant colony.Dont feed her food,as she uses her fat reserves after mating to feed her eggs

  13. my largest ant colony wouldnt even fit into a 1 gallon container, workers, brood, and the queen only. they are in 2 50 gallon tubs and 50 gallon tubs make up their outworlds.

  14. OK, some of these things are useful tips. However, you should not keep an already established colony unless you are removing it from your or a friends house as a favor. You can usually find queen ants walking around, looking to start a colony. Those are the ones you should collect. AntsCanada is a great channel to watch if you are interested in keeping ants, or observing ants.
    Also, if you are an experienced ant keeper, you CAN keep fire ants.

  15. I have a fire ant colony. I love that everyone is scared to keep them in their farms. Buy an actual glass/plastic tank to set up your ecosystem in.

  16. why not put fire ants….oh i get it ………………

    the fire ants will burn the plastic bottle

  17. 2019? Anyone? Doesn’t matter, just scroll fast!☄️??

  18. 2019? Anyone? Doesn’t matter, just scroll fast!☄️??

  19. ugh no no no no no just go look for wandering queen ants during nuptual flight where i live we have many ants in july dont just dig them up please you would end up killing the colonys queen trust me ive been doing this for awhile

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