How to Make Homemade Lemonade Using Real Lemons

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing you how to make homemade lemonade using real lemons! Freshly Squeezed lemonade is an old-fashioned treat you can enjoy
all spring and summer long. I bought this huge bag of lemons at Costco and I cut
them all in half. I’m going to take my strainer and put it directly over my measuring cup.
And squeeze the lemon juice right into it using my handy dandy little hand
juicer. The strainer will catch all of the seeds and pulp leaving
nothing but the juice. I love this little hand juicer because it really digs
in there and get all of the juice out. When you’re using fresh lemons it’s hard
to predict how much lemon juice you’ll get from each one so when you’re making
homemade lemonade it’s important to squeeze the lemon juice first because
homemade lemonade is all about the ratio. It looks like we have about 2
cups which is perfect. So now I’m going to pour this directly into a pitcher and
then head on over to the stove to make our simple syrup. We have a saucepan we’ll get it heating here. And since we had two cups of lemon juice we will pour in 2 cups of water. You want to use the same ratio here and then 2 cups of sugar. You can see that the liquid is looks all milky. You want to start this over the heat until it goes clear again. This part
is chemistry in action! You’re really dissolving the sugar into the water to
form a solution. The heat is what allows the sugar to dissolve completely. If you
just put it in cold water and threw it together you would have something but this will create a smooth textured simple syrup that will be perfect for lemonade. It
really doesn’t take long for that sugar to dissolve. The solution has a little
bit of a yellowish tint to it but it’ll be clear and that’s how you know it’s
done. So, remove it from the heat and pour this directly in with your lemonade Lemon juice, I meant to put it iin with the
lemon juice not the lemonade. Putting it together is when it becomes lemonade. Now at this point you can actually freeze this for later enjoyment. Just pour it in
gallon ziplock bag and lay it flat in the freezer. But I’m not gonna do that
today. I want to enjoy it fresh so at this point you’ll just add water to
personal taste. Some people like their lemonade super strong while other people like it a
little more on the weak side and that’s ok. You can also add in fresh lemon to
make it all pretty…lots of ice because that’s syrup is hot. And then pour yourself
a delicious glass of fresh squeezed homemade lemonade. Thanks for watching! The recipe is in the video description Give this video a quick thumbs up to let me know you like it and subscribe to my channel for more awesome recipes! Be sure to
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100 thoughts on “How to Make Homemade Lemonade Using Real Lemons

  1. Good recipe but wayyyyyyy to much suger, do a cup of suger at most otherwise it will be to overwhelming

  2. I made this and it is amazing thinks to you , you are awesome , plz don’t stop making stuff for YouTube

  3. why are you drinking out of a jam jar?? They tried that nonsense with me at a café but I sent the jam jar back and asked for a proper glass. That kind of nonsense will lead to the ending of the world !!!

  4. This woman is so awesome, I love how happy and peaceful she is to make lemon, just cured my sadness 😩🌸

  5. lemon juice is great for fasting, but you put 2 cups of sugar! i understasnd that it makes everything tastier, however you are walking down a slippery slope, wish you good luck not getting diabetes in 10 years.

  6. Thank you For Showing this
    I actually Didnt know how to Make Lemonade! 😂
    It was Kinda Embarrassing
    Thank You For The Vid!

  7. OMG that was the best lemonade we ever made!

    we are kids so we just used warm water from the dispenser, and it was awesome

  8. Good for dehydration fresh lemon juice + sugar
    Add it Drink it back-home we do it or yogurt mix it with water.

  9. wow, i just make my first ever edible thing in kitchen, LMAO!

    thanks, chef! you got a new subscriber. I'm a boy and 15 years old, i don't want to be a cook or chef, but i just like making things in kitchen and doing other cool stuff like that! once again, thanks! <3

  10. Thanks for the vid. I will try this not beacuse i want to be refreshed, but because i want to loose weight. Im not a fat person, my weight is 34kg regarding to my height which is 155.5 inches.
    Fun Fact: Lemonade or Lemon water can loose your wieght up to 2lbs

  11. Um I have a bit of a dilemma… i got 2 and 1/2 cups of lemon juice…. should i add 2 and 1/2 cups of sugar and 2 and 1/2 cups of water to make the syrup then? Or should I just keep it at 2 cups each? HELP!

  12. This bitch is crazy with all that sugar
    One lemon and 12 oz Of Water and serve chilled very cold works well with no sugar

  13. Nice & easy recipe, I always put just a little less sugar to my taste, it's an awesome drink & beats most drinks. It does quench your thirst & very good in cold weather Hot or Cold… Thanks for sharing the recipe….

  14. damn that tasted good! i did a lemonade stand with this recipe and they all thought i bought it from the store because it was so perfect lol


  16. We're making lemonade today so we thought we'd watch a few videos for inspiration. This looks just right! The only thing I'd add is that we always zest the lemons first and freeze it so we always have zest on hand🍋

  17. A lot of people say it's a alot of sugar. No. It's just enough. The water will dissolve it and the sour taste of the lemonade balances it

  18. hi, I wanna ask where you get the lemon hand juicer from and what brand it is. thank you ! happy to find your video : )

  19. I made this lemonade, except instead of using lemons I used limes. We only had 3 limes in the house so I ended having half a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade 😭. However, when I poured the syrup (I used brown sugar instead of white sugar) into the lemonade, it stilled tasted great! It was still a small portion though, but I was only making for me and my sister. I guessed you can call what we made LIME-anade 😂

  20. I noticed you didnt add any lemon zest, the lemon zest is the biggest factor for making a lemonade tasting really good in my opinion.

  21. this video…

    squeeze about 2 cups of lemonade

    use all the sugar in ur house

    and finally add some water

    thats how u make lemonade!

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