100 thoughts on “How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

  1. I cooked my lasagna at 350* Celsius and got my dick caught in the garbage disposal.

    I think you meant Fahrenheit, chief.

  2. I made a then GF a surprise homemade lasagna for her birthday. She ended up calling me selfish for not asking her what she wanted instead. I then said “But it’s lasagna… Who gets mad over that!?” Obviously that bitch did.

  3. I love Matty. He's funny but so f'n smart. He always knows (and tells you) why to do something / not do it with some science involved.

  4. Matty is fucking hilarious and all, but I’ve been using this lasagna recipe as the basis for my own lasagna and bolognaise sauce and I have to say it is amazing…I know it isn’t really super Italian but damn is it delicious

  5. Bake at 350 degrees Celsius…. LMFAO. Love this cooking show. Fuck everyone except Alton Brown, Jacques Pepin, and this guy!

  6. listen matty ily but the oven ready pasta and the whole slices of low moisture mozzarella already make me feel bloated and sleepy just from looking at the lasagna

  7. So firstly, this is about as far from traditional lasagna as it gets. Sec9 dog, it's probably the least healthy entre I've ever seen.

    Thirdly, it looks absolutely fucking epic.

  8. Its so sad I want to like Lasagna, and I used to. Don't eat lasagna and then go to the pub. Its a really bad plan and you can't eat lasagna any more

  9. Man… That looks like if I eat one piece of this I will gain the whole 40 pounds I lost in the last 4 months ….

    But it looks like it might be worth that

  10. So I tried to cook this at 350 Celsius (662 Fahrenheit). As my oven heated up, it caught fire and began to scream flames out of the front. I decided, “Well, Matty knows best,” so I donned my friend’s forestry firefighting gear and literally threw the pan into Dante’s Inferno as I tried to run by. The pan landed upside down, splashing the contents all over the inside of the oven. Fortunately, the raging fire disintegrated the mess. Unfortunately, my eyebrows were gone and my dog was cremated. Nevertheless, after the building burned down, the fire department couldn’t locate the source of the fire since everything basically vaporized once it touched the propane tank I keep in my living room. In the end, it looked good flying through the air into that white-hot pit that I launched it into, so I give it 10/10.

  11. So i made it, it looked the same, it tasted the same, it was only a bit smaller. Just like my weewee, but she said she liked it, cause big ones hurt to much.

  12. He’s obviously talented and well trained. He has charisma definitely. AlsoThe recipe looks great BUT I find his tattoos off putting. Sorry! sure I will be told not to watch then.

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