Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, and if you’re like me,
one of the most enjoyable parts of the aquarium hobby is buying juvenile fish and watching
them grow. But do you ever wish those fish would grow
a little bit faster? I know I do. So this week I’m going to share 3 easy ways
that you can make sure your fish are growing as quickly as possible. #1. Frequent Water Changes Change more water out of your aquarium more
frequently and your fish will grow faster. There are a couple of reasons for this. First is that it will improve your water quality. The byproduct of fish waste in a cycled aquarium
is nitrates. And high nitrates have been shown to stunt
the growth rates of fish. These frequent water changes will lower your
nitrates And obviously the fish will also be happier
and healthier with cleaner water. The second reason is that fish secrete hormones
into the water that can also limit their growth. So those water changes will dilute these hormones
as well. If you’re concerned about impacting the beneficial
bacteria in your tank with all of these water changes, then please know that most of your nitrifying
bacteria live in your filters and substrate, so as long as you use a good dechlorinator
like Seachem Prime or Safe, then you really can’t change out too much water. If you’d like some tips for making these water
changes easier, I did a whole video about that which I will link to down in the description. #2. Larger Tank Fish will always do better in a larger aquarium,
so there are lots of reasons to have as large a tank as your space and budget will allow, but remember those hormones I mentioned in
tip number 1? Well the more water you have, the more those
hormones will be diluted. When you do all of those water changes you’re
essentially trying to make up for your aquarium being smaller than the fish’s natural environment. So a larger tank will help you bridge that
gap. And depending on your stocking level it can
also reduce the stress on the fish which can be another limiting factor in their growth. Just be sure that you have adequate filtration
for whatever size tank you use. And larger tanks can be expensive, so if you
need some tips on saving money I have a video about that and I’ll link to it in the description
as well. #3. Quality Diet If you have your fish in a large tank and
do frequent water changes, it won’t matter if you aren’t feeding them correctly. You should pay attention to a couple of things. First, do the research on your specific type
of fish to be sure that you know exactly what to feed it. Specifically, know whether your fish are carnivores,
herbivores, or omnivores. This will determine the macronutrient split
of the food. Most importantly, the amount of protein. In general, if you’re able to find a food
that’s specifically formulated for your fish as opposed to a generic staple food it will
be better. The second thing you should do is ensure that
you’re feeding food from a reputable brand. If you’re not sure what this is, try to find
online forums related to your fish or even YouTube videos. There may be some debate about the absolute
best brand but there will usually be a decent short list to choose from. My personal recommendations are Northfin,
New Life Spectrum, and Hikari, in that order. It can also be beneficial to take the amount
you’re normally feeding each day and break it up into multiple feedings. Just be careful not to overfeed. Using an automatic feeder can help with this. Now in closing I’d like to offer a couple
of disclaimers. First is that you can follow these tips to
speed up the growth of your fish, but the maximum size your fish will reach
is limited by genetics. You’re not going to turn a typically small
fish into a monster just by changing out some water. And second is that my experience is with African
Cichlids, but most of these principles should apply more broadly. But please do your research to make sure that
you’ve providing the absolute best care possible to your fish. I’d love to hear what you think down in the
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