How To Measure Vibration With The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter

The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter is a
handheld tool for making measurements of bearing condition and overall vibration.
It’s a quick and reliable way for go or no-go testing of rotating equipment. So
today, we’re going to do a very simple test of vibration and bearing condition.
We’ll begin by turning the unit on and then we’ll select “SET UP”. The first
line of the display is “RPM Range” and we want to check that. So we’ll hit enter
and we have two choices: “Greater Than 600 RPM” or “Less than 600 RPM”. I’m going to choose “Greater Than 600 RPM”, which will probably your most common setting. Then, I’m going to go to the next screen and go down one line to “Machine Category” and press “ENTER”. Now, I have many choices. The first one is “SKIP”. I can
actually skip this setting and what will happen is the tester just won’t make any
judgments about the severity of the bearing or the overall vibration reading.
But I’m going to pick the first one, Reciprocating Chiller (Open Motor), as my
category. So now I’ve done the two settings I wish to do and I’m ready to
measure. So I’ll press the measure key and then we’ll get in position
to make our measurement. We’ll pick a location on the motor housing, close to the bearing, then we’ll take our vibration meter and try to approach it perpendicular. I’ll press the “MEASURE” button and then apply enough
pressure to get a repeatable reading and when I do, the green light will
illuminate. So I’m going to press the measure button, I’m going to apply
pressure, the green light comes on, and now I have
my reading. Starting at the top of the screen, you’ll see the date and time. Then, you’ll see an entry that says bearing 3 CF+. In highlighted
lettering, you’ll see good. That’s telling us that out of a reading from 0 to 16, the
bearing was a 3 and it’s done with crest factor +. Based on the the
category that we chose for that type of equipment, it’s given that a severity
rating of good. The next entry is overall vibration and we have chosen the
units of G’s (peak)… you can actually change that if you wish. We got a
reading of .06 and in this case it’s also given that a severity scale of
good. Then the last entry is temperature. Infrared temperature taken
by the the infrared measuring device… took a temperature reading of the motor when we were doing the vibration test. That was 68.7 degrees F. That’s how we analyze the results of the of the
vibration test.

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