How To Pack a Cooler!

Hey guys Ike Eastman here at the
Eastman’s gear lab and today we’re going to talk real quick about how to pack
your cooler it’s the middle of July everybody’s hot across the entire
country here are some tips that I’ve learned and some tips that we’ve learned
from people like Yeti about how to pack a cooler depending on what you’re trying
to do with it a lot of people obviously know ice but one of the tricks that we
use especially early season for antelope hunting is dry ice. Dry ice is key
because it will stay frozen until it is gone it will also keep your cooler and
your ice frozen until it’s gone so what it does is just add a little bit of time
in the field. So it doesn’t take a ton this is about pound and a half of ice of
dry ice make sure you leave it in the paper sack don’t touch it, it will frost bit your hand instantly. So there’s two methods there’s one to freeze stuff and
one to keep things cold what we’re going to do today to just keep things cold the
other one is you just reverse the order of this. So to keep things cold you throw
the dry ice in the bottom of your cooler. Make sure it’s flat take your ice, regular
ice now the key to this is making sure that the ice covers up the dry ice and
the reason is, is it will create a barrier it’ll basically insulate itself.
You’ll create a barrier from your dry ice and your other stuff, I have done this long enough to know, that if you don’t do that you will open your cooler and there will be an exploded pop in there or
whatever else it was whatever touches that dry ice freezes so the dry ice covered
by ice it’s going to dry it’s going to freeze it, freeze the ice solid, and then
you can just put your stuff on top now stuff that you want to stay colder put
it on the bottom. Stuff that you want to keep cool to drink put it closer to the
top and the stuff that doesn’t really matter like the sandwiches and things
that you just you want refrigerated cold leave them on the very top. Now the other
key to this is you don’t have to have the ice surrounding the drinks and about
probably an hour hour and a half this cooler going to be so cold all of this
warm stuff will be freezer cold just because of the amount of ice in here so
hopefully that helps today hopefully you guys get a little tip and when you’re
packing the boat up or pack an early-season you got an antelope or
whatever hunt you guys can pack your yeti cooler and keep things cold. The other
way to do this is using dry ice to cool things off to the point where they
freeze that is where you put the meat in there make sure the meat is cooled down
not warm but make sure the meat is cooled down to you know the 60 below
sixty degrees and then put the dry ice on top of it and it will freeze solid
whatever you put in there last year we put an entire antelope in a cooler on
the way home from southern Colorado it was 90 some degrees and by the time we
got home it was frozen solid. Dry ice on top is frozen dry ice on the bottom keeps everything cool. We’ll see you next time hope you
guys have a good summer and good luck this fall.

21 thoughts on “How To Pack a Cooler!

  1. You forgot to mention the most important thing to packing an ice chest… Refrigerate your drinks (Beers) before you pack your ice chest. Room temperature drinks will melt very fast, and won't last more than 2 day's in warmer temperatures.

  2. do you recommend leaving the dry ice in the plastic and then the paper bag??? for top and bottom?? have you ever had any problem with the gasses while the lid is locked down??

  3. Two Harbor freight wool blankets for twenty dollars. Wrap your cooler completely. Lasts three days with one 10lb bag of ice…and still have enough ice for two martinis…

  4. Great video and good advice! I usually pack it so full of ice a can't get anything else in there! I will be trying this most def as soon as possible!

  5. how many coolers would you take big game hunting? you said you put dry ice on top of the antelope and it froze, do you have a cooler that is dedicated to dry ice and/or extra ice?

  6. We use it>>> when we go camping just the right size for us. Love it, you almost need to keep in a locked place people steal them

  7. What about the pressure building up inside a closed cooler?  Used to put dry ice in a pop bottle and screw the lid on real quick and it would blow the bottle to bits.  Hope that wouldn't happen with a cooler. Ant thoughts?

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