How To: Pair an ANT+ Power Meter

In order to use an ANT+ power meter with TrainerRoad
on iOS, you’ll need the Wahoo ANT+ key and the Apple lightning to 30-pin adapter. You
can verify that you’re using an ANT+ device by looking for an ANT logo or the letters
“ANT” on the power meter. Before pairing your power meter, make sure
you have a fresh battery installed. To begin, open up the Devices view in the
TrainerRoad app and start spinning your wheel. Once your power monitor appears on screen,
tap the gray check mark to the right. Once the device has paired this box will turn green.
To ensure that your power meter is paired, look for power readings on the Devices screen. After pairing your power meter, we recommend
manually zeroing your power meter before you ride. This is similar to zeroing a scale
before using it. Although this step isn’t required, we highly recommend it for the most
accurate power readings. To manually zero your power meter, take your
feet off the pedals and simply tap the calibration button on the Devices screen. Once the calibration
is complete, you can clip back in to the pedals. Your power meter should now be paired and
ready to use with TrainerRoad. However, if your device isn’t pairing, there are a couple
simple things that could be causing an issue. First, make sure your power meter has a new
battery, and second, check that your ANT+ key and adapter are properly inserted in your iOS device. If you’re still experiencing issues pairing
your power meter, visit our website for live chat support or shoot us a message at [email protected]

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