How to Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way

what’s up everybody welcome back to my about toy where safety is number one priority and today I’m gonna show you how to peel potatoes the fastest way we’re gonna go up a whole bag of potatoes and peel it in 60 seconds imagine whole bag of potatoes impossible you say although most would say but today I’m going to show you how let’s get to it but this experiment we’re going to need potatoes deal toilet brush bucket and the water first thing we’re going to do is is grab a toilet brush and kind of handle off because you’re going to need a stick at the handle is over here like this part and this part is just not going to fit then we’re going to grab our drill and stick in this blush in there and we’re going to go up this tool and tighten it up you know this is how just day works and this is what we’re going to end up with and let’s peel our potatoes then we’re going to grab a bucket and – a bunch of potatoes in there then we’re going to get a horse and fill it up with water and you want to do it outside because you might spill bunch of water you know you don’t want to do it on your carpet or in the kitchen then we’re gonna get our deal and just stick it in the water because theater okay and when we down let’s dump off the water you see how this water is dirty is very very do it and then whenever we’re gonna take it out empty out check this out very easy and all of them clean all right guys that’s pretty much it let me know what you think comments below thumbs up this video and of course share to everybody Facebook Instagram Twitter let them know because this is the easiest way one tip make sure you have a powerful video if you have a simple deal and it’s just not going to be fast enough you want to do it as powerful do as you can because it’s going to mix it up or even faster like in the mixer you know do you and you be can be done in like 30 seconds if you have a nice deal if you have a copy deal it might take a little bit longer maybe like five minutes but still way better the bill in each potato and taking 30 minutes peeling each potatoes like 20 potatoes hmm thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you next time and boom but you know let’s let’s see that yeah so all you have to do is grab it by this thing all the way inside and put your elbow down this way and you just like go that way and drop your short

100 thoughts on “How to Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way

  1. I wonder how many people used a dirty toilet brush and so everyone knows the easiest way to Peel potatoes is to boil with the skin then the skin just slides right off the potatoes

  2. Used brush is really better specially if you also get the water in the toilet bowl …… My mother in law loved it she said that french fries taste better than mcdonalds 😎 have a great days guys!!!!!!!!

  3. I just found new crazy Russian hack, refried beans, slice of bread, hot sauce. Grab spoon + top with veggie chips, do THE mathosia,
    BOOM! instant energy

  4. How normal people peel potatoes,let me go get the potato peeler
    How crazyrussianhacker peels potatoes get a drill and toilet brush

  5. Still throw this potato in the toilet and a full set. Cooking for people turns into cooking food for pigs : (.

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  8. Put the potatoes in a plastic shopping basket, then just 20 sec with the highpressure washer! Done! (If you want mashed potatoes use the rotating nossle of the highpressure washer :-))


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