34 thoughts on “How to Pick Fish Tank Decorations | Aquarium Care

  1. You can go to the beach and pick whatever rocks you want for your tank, but when you get home wash them off and then boil them on the hob for about 5 minutes ! My whole surface is covered in stones I found which I boiled and my Turtle is fine, infact the only reason I changed the gravel is because the turtle was ill and so I emptied everything out and changed everything but I could not afford any new decoration!!

  2. Don't get any wild rocks. They could be unpredictable. I recommend rocks tamed by licensed professionals.

  3. Come on dont pick rocks and wood from the beach hahahahaja were do the aquarium stores get them from other planet.if you clean them it should be fine to go in your tank

  4. This really helped me I bought all my decorations from eBay and now I know that it's ok and hopefully not going hurt my fish but I still will clean them all before putting the in my tank

  5. I love the natural look, I get rocks from outside and never had a problem. I have some nice driftwood but its way to big for my five gallon, getting a 25 soon can't wait to add new plants and my driftwood to it!

  6. Someone help me I just bought a fish thingy mijiger but I bought it a petsmart is that ok or is it bad because I’ll take it out it’s a sign that say this way to the beach it’s a sign

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