42 thoughts on “How to Purify Water for Drinking | Camping

  1. Guys, if you get lost in the woods and got out of clean water, make a fire and boil some rain or river water in a tin can, let it cool down, and voila.

  2. have a filter. use gravel, charcoal, and sand and make layers so that water goes through and gets filiered by the sand gravel etc

  3. Also, another alternative option is to dance and perform rituals to please the Rain God. The acidity of rain water is a little less than drinking water, but it should be safe enough in appropriate quantities.

  4. This is awful and deceiving … Really a filters $50-$100? She must be talking about car camping. No ones really going to carry 5-10gal of water into a hike

  5. I did a search for 'can you drink boiled lake water' and Google seriously put this video at the very top of my search list in its own box like it was the best source of this information.

    It's really not. This video is drivel.

  6. I use a hand held oxidant machine that make pond water perfectly safe to drink info at kingswatersystems.com

  7. here's probably a smart way to keep your warm water-cooled dig a really deep hole in the ground and leaving your gallon jug of water underground all night long until morning time or at least for 24 hours but I wouldn't really bury it with dirt so instead cover hole on top with something that heavily thickens to prevent sun heat from warming by keeping your water underground leaving it the temperature cold.

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