How to Read a Gas Meter and Submit a Reading – British Gas

Submitting regular meter readings ensures your bill is accurate as possible and helps you
avoid overpaying what you actually use. You can submit the reading online or via
the British Gas app or you could also submit it by phone
or text. Meters are usually hidden in dark places such as under the stairs like this the British Gas app has a handy doing torch which is perfect
for getting reading I’m gonna show you how to read your gas
meter. There are two main versions the first up
is the digital electric meter. You need to five digits to the left of
the decimal point reading from left to right. You can
ignore the other three which might be shown in red so the meter
reading he is 24701. And the other version is the
imperial mater you need four large digits reading from
left to right. You can ignore the two small digits in red so the meter reading he is 2548. Once you’ve read the meter there are
four simple ways you can submit your reading by phone, text, online or via our app to submit online login to your account
register online first then select the account you just wait and the rating and click submit for the
app just click on the summit meeting reduction login and into the rating if you don’t
yet have the act you can download it here all if you want to submit the reading my
texts you need to register first by calling this number and replying to the text we sing will
finally you can use our 24 hour or two might
have fun serves for more information go to www though British Gas taco the UK well it

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