How to read your meter

You may have received a letter or email from
us asking you to read your meter, or you may have received an estimated bill and you want to check that it’s right. Reading your electricity meter is easy (once
you know how). If you’re new to the property you may have
to find it first. Usually it’ll be under the stairs or in a
hall cupboard, sometimes you’ll find it in a utility box
by the front door. It may be dark so it’s a good idea to take
a torch along with a piece of paper to note down the
reading. There can be two kinds of meter. This is what it they should look like when
you find them. Be careful to note that there is often a decimal point which can be easy to miss. Once you’ve checked the number you can update
us with the reading on the website. It’s all automatic so you don’t need to call
us. We’ll email to let you know we have your reading
and then you’ll receive an updated bill through
the post or online, however you manage your account. It’s a good idea to take regular readings because it means we can give you fewer estimated
bills and only charge you for what you use. You can request a new bill every time you
provide a reading. We want to make it as simple as possible for
you to send in your meter readings.

26 thoughts on “How to read your meter

  1. LOL – I'd always wondered how to do this. We learned numbers back in primary school but that was a really long time ago, thanks E.ON!

  2. So helpful – I never thought to use a torch when trying to read a meter in the dark. That will save me a small fortune in carrots. Thanks Samantha
    (My grandad was the one who thought of luminous paint on sundials – never made any money from it though).

  3. this is a completely useless video, 1st my meter is not shown and 2nd you dont go in to any detail at all about how to read the meters, ive been trying for the last 10mins to enter numbers from my meter into your website and it keeps telling me the numbers are too low, i'm going to give up for now.

    "Reading your meter is easy (once you know how)."  <<< THEN WHY DONT YOU SHOW US HOW….

  4. The display on the left is a recently fitted meter at our house. It has got to be the worst digital display I have ever come across in 30 years as an electronics technician. The designer of this display, obviously, has never had to try and read the meter in a dark cupboard. The grey background and the milky black digital numbers almost make it impossible to read. I feel sorry for the older person with poor eyesight. Compared with the older meters, the designer of this meter should go back to school.
     A tip: take a digtal camera picture of the display when reading the meter. Then enlarge the display in the camera to read it.

  5. If your meter is wired like these shown then the numbers will never change because there isn't a live output and your supply to the consumer unit is illegal.

  6. This is not a 'how to' video at all, just shows where the meters are and it should show all types of meter not just a couple. It's useless, and get rid of the annoying music too! 😤

  7. I had a smart meter fitted by Eon, but changed supplier at my contract end via, who said it is easier due to the smart meter as Eon would have the details real time. Scottish power asked me for a meter reading, but I was never told how to read the new meter, plus my eyesight is poor. I think I misread it, Eon confirmed it seemed incorrect, and far to high, so their team was investigating it. They would let me know in 2 weeks, that was in April, they don't reply to my pleas to give me the last electronic reading, Scottish Power have admitted it seems too high, but have done nothing to correct it. I am now in over £1300 in debit, with monthly direct debits twice what I should be paying. Scottish Power tell me they are sorting it, but after 4 telephone calls, and umpteen e mails, No one seems to see it is wrong, or give a jot about the stress etc. Smart meters, are not friendly, not easy, and the installers don't care, especially if you jump ship!

  8. I had new meters installed in March. My problem is that the gas meter dial just doesn't have any numbers showing at all – it's a blank screen. At the side of this is a numeric key pad, like a calculator. I guess you have to press the numbers to get a reading!! Eon fit my meters, never explained how to read the meter and left me no instruction or manual. So if I could read the meter I would but without info I can do nothing. I wrote to Eon over 3 weeks ago about this, received an auto reply saying someone would contact me, they never did and I imagine now I am at the bottom of the Eon trash bag. Even your videos on Utube don't even show my new meter and there is no reference to the keypad. All the marvels of modern technology, more work for the customer and less for Eon's "so called customer service!!"

  9. Next time you re-make this Video don't bother wasting your money on the no doubt London based numpty company you have used. Rather than reminding us we might need a torch, how about describing the three intermittent flashing numbers and their correlation with the numbers on the bill. This could actually save you money [ the stuff you're so desperate for ] as it could save people ringing up you to check whether their latest bill is correct or not.

  10. Useless, pointless and really annoying music. I've spent 2 days, more than 10 minutes at a time, trying to speak to someone to give them the correct metre reading which has been overestimated for months (YOU EXPECT ME TO DO THIS EVERY MONTH?) I cannot have a 'smart metre', I do not want to have an on line account and I do not want deal with an automated system. EVERYTHING is set up for the convenience of EON and to hell with the customers who pay through the nose to keep you going. If your call volume is that large you need to employ more people. It would put the cost up? Well, take it from your massive profits, you can afford it, we can't. All I want to do is make a call, have it answered by a human being and give them the reading. Job done. Why don't you people want to speak to any of your customers? I am old enough to remember when metres were read by the electric companies and their staff were actually brave enough (and indeed knowledgeable enough) to communicate with their customers. So we now have to do half the metre reading job for you, not only without pay but actually paying more for the 'privilege'.

  11. Why do have to put up with useless information when all that we require is to communicate with an individual

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