If you have a SMECO smart meter, you can use
this information to find out how much electricity you’re using. The display on your meter cycles through seven
screens, which change every 2 to 5 seconds. The first screen simply shows the display
is working properly. The second screen is just a marker for the
third, which shows a number followed by KWH, for kilowatt-hours. For most people, that’s all you’ll need. Screen 4 is a marker for screen 5, which displays
the amount of excess energy you produced if you have solar panels. The sixth screen is a marker for the last,
which shows electricity demand, a number followed by KW, for kilowatts. Use the third screen that shows KWH to calculate
your electricity usage over a month. Just subtract the reading for the first month
from the reading for the second month to find out how many kilowatt-hours you used.

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