How to Repair 12V DC 10 Ampere Battery Charger Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

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videos instantly. Today i bring in front of you Repairing of 10 Ampere charger. this charger easily available in market. after some use it got short. too much complain in it. this is china made charger. today i’ll teach you how to repair at home easily. today we do repair and what components required to repair. Let’s Start. today we have to repair this charger. Let’s check it can turn on on AC220 Volt Electricity or not. it it turn on then it’s ok, otherwise damage. now insert the wire to AC 220V socket. after insert cable, see the two lights on charger. green light is turn on indication and red is charging indication. the green light not on and also charging light is not on. now we have to check what is the fault charger is not turned on. now put out the wire from AC 220V. first of all you need this universal power supply. this is a normal TV Supply. when any transistor or FET damage of TV power. then no alternate available. with this supply we turn on the chopper of tv and turned on. we also use this supply to repair this charger. first open this charger. after that put out the charger cover. after that i have to clean dirt, because it has too much dirt. after clean from dirt now open screw of FET of charger. with this circuit came out. i put out the circuit. now we have to remove these extra resistance. this IC 3842, some have 3843. remove all resistance near IC. also remove FET and heat sink. also remove this 5 Watt big resistance. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we put out the components we put out all resistance from here. we also put out FET, Head sink and big resistance. now we connect charger with series boars to check the voltage on this capacitor. attach the cable in 220V socket, now check AC voltage in capacitor terminal. 240V current showing. here is a bridge. as you can see here is some diodes. now i check DV volt of Diode. i’ll select my meter to DC. now i check the voltage on capacitor. here also 300 to 350 volt coming. from here ground going to chopper. from here connection going to AC IC. from where voltage convert from AC to DC going to chopper. we use universal supply to tun on chopper. after turn on chopper voltage come to it’s secondary side. after that green light will be on. now i put out AC 220V wire. after that i discharge capacitor. now capacitor discharge. now i open the universal power supply. after open it, i got a user manual. here you can read how to connect this universal power supply. you also need this nut & bolt came with supply. the insulation pad also came with supply. circuit diagram also print on back side of supply you can see and apply. this big FET we attach with heat sink insulation pad also require. it has 3 wires Red, Black & Green. Red wire is positive voltage and black wire goes in negative. Green wire is for pulse, cut it. no need of this. after this bring out the circuit from body. as we can see this is a variable here. benefit of this that. if you rotate in clock wise voltage increase. if you rotate anti clock wise voltage decrease. you hva to rotate enough so blub on series board tuned on. also atach the battery. when you attach the battery, when you increase the volt you can see on series board bulb. when normal load show then set this variable that point. now i’ll tell you how to install. first you need to know which is primary side. from top to bottom white line this is all primary side. and this one is secondary side. on primary side here is capacitor install near bridge. check the voltage polarity. this is negative side showing. and this is positive volt side. we have to solder supply black wire here. after we have to solder Red wire. to attach the Red you have to know. FET gate, drain and source. FET was installed here like this position. so this is Gate. this is drain and this is source. you have to solder Red wire always in drain drain terminal is connection to turn on the chopper. FET also turn on the chopper from here. after this tuned on the voltage came on secondary side. now i solder red wire on FET drain. now i attach supply. i put supply and charger circuit separate. push up the led’s. put supply on a side. now i used series board and turned on the supply let’s check green light turn on or not. see green light is on circuit is OK. after this we have to do setting of voltage. if we didn’t do voltage setting then chopper didn’t give proper voltage. then your charger not charge the battery properly. to setting of ampere you need a 12V battery. you can use any 12V battery. this is 12V and 7 ampere battery. we check load to attach terminal with battery, now i attach the battery and do setting of ampere. insert AC 220V wire in series board socket. see the green light is on. as you can see. i attach the terminal on battery. i attach positive with positive and negative with negative. after attach the terminal the red light also blinking. series board bulb also blinking. now i increase the voltage from variable. you have to do when blinking is normal. with the series board bulb blinking red light also blinking, now our charger will charge battery good. now i turned on direct AC 220V. attach battery terminal again. now i check direct, led turn on or not. if Red led not blink and on smooth then it’s mean charger is doing charging good. when i insert cable in electricity for a while Red light turned on. charger fan also on. now i cut electricity because no heat sink attach with supply transistor. we did all wiring. and now fit all with heat sink. now i tell you. how to fit . after fit we’ll check again. for heat sink you have to use old. it was with old FET. you have to cut the side of the heat sink like this. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ after cut this now attach supply transistor with it. we have to add insulation pad between transistor and heat sink. tight with screw and put inside with charger circuit. i put insulation pad on it. this came from universal supply box. tight the transistor with heat sink like this. now fit all in charger body. board should be fit as it is like before. we fit front plate all transistor tight with screw in body. now we have to put supply. after that joint it inside circuit properly. you have to put like this that transistor heat sink on PCB and circuit in the air. do like this and then adhesive with glue. see with patience that circuit of supply should not connect with anything. after the close the cover plate of charger body. now tight the back plate. after all fitting let’s check the charger is working or not. to check i use again the 12V 7 ampere battery. attach positive with positive and negative with negative. first i’ll check on series board to check the shortage. Led is blinking that’s mean working properly. Green OK light and Red charging light blinking. series board bulb also blinking. all fine. now attach charger with AC 220V direct. after this you can hear the voice of fan and Red light on. ♪ ♪ Charger on & Fan Sound ♪ ♪ it’s charging good. you can repair 10 ampere charger at home easily. not impossible with hard work you can do. Hope you like my video. Please subscribe my channel ” Maaz Electronics”. Like and share video, and forward to your friends so they can learn also. Stay with us for Next Video, Thanks, Bye.

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