How to Replace a Clutch in your Car or Truck (Full DIY Guide)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here. And today, I’m gonna show you how to replace a clutch in your car or your truck. Now the reason why I’m replacing the clutch is, Well, I had to lower the my transmission because the throwout bearing, also known as the release bearing is shot! Look at how much play there is in there, it’s just in pieces. So that’s junk and needs to get replaced. Now while I’m in there, I might as well replace these parts as well. So in this video, we’re going to be replacing the clutch, we are going to replace the pressure plate, I’m going to be replacing my flywheel. You don’t necessarily have to replace yours, you can get it resurfaced, it’s like resurfacing a brake rotor when you replace the brake pads. But in this case, I have a nice brand new aluminum flywheel, it’s lightweight. I’ll show you the difference between this one and the stock one. And since I use my car on the track, a nice aluminum one, less rotational mass, way better. I also will be replacing the throwout bearing, and the pilot bearing, as well as the rear main seal. Now if your car has an oil leak where the engine and transmission meet, odds are your rear main seal is bad, and in order to get to that, you need to drop the entire transmission. So, a few bucks for the seal, you might as well do it as preventative maintenance. And finally, we’re putting in a new clutch fork and I’m gonna put a new clutch cable in. And the best part is all this stuff is gonna be done at home using common tools. Here’s everything you need, it’s that simple. So after watching this video, whether you need to replace the rear main seal on your car or truck, or you need the put a new clutch in, maybe you wanna upgrade your flywheel. Whatever it is, I’m gonna be covering everything that you need to know so you can do this at home yourself. Now I do wanna thank Advance Auto Parts for sending me out all these new parts and supporting the video. That way, I can show you guys how to do this. And with that said, I’ll link all the parts and tools in the description so you can easily find them, and we’re ready to get started, so the first thing that you need to do is to lower your transmission and remove it from the vehicle. Now I have an entire video on how to do this that goes in depth and I’ll link that in the description so you can check that one out. But just as an overview… The first thing the we need to do is go into the car and remove the shifter. Then, go under the car and unbolt the exhaust, then we’ll drain the transmission fluid, we’ll remove the driveshaft, and remove the starter. And finally, unbolt the transmission, and the transmission will slide out and down so we can remove it from under the car. Alright, and with that transmission removed, now we can go under the vehicle and remove the clutch. Now it’s important that you wear eye protection and a dust mask because that clutch dust is bad to breathe in. So let’s get that on and head under the car. So the first thing we’re going to do is remove this pressure plate which sandwiches the clutch against the flywheel and holds it in. The pressure plate is held in by six bolts around the perimeter and it’s screwed into the flywheel. And before we remove the bolts, I like to spray down the clutch with water to get the dust wet which makes it less likely to get airborne and you won’t breathe it in. With that sprayed down, now let’s remove the 6 Bolts holding the pressure plate on the flywheel… and as you can see when i go to loosen this the flywheel just spins because nothing is holding it so a simple trick is to a wood block and wedge it between the flywheel and the body of the car like so that prevents the flywheel from spinning so you could easily remove the bolts holding the pressure plate in… I recommend not using air tools when removing these bolts because it’ll blow the clutch dust and your gonna breathe that in Instead use an electric impact gun or as you can see hand tools work perfectly fine now let’s remove this piece of wood and unscrew the last bolt and since it is the last bolt hold that pressure plate An hour later, we want to go back and torque each bolt down in a crisscross pattern to 89 in-lbs. Not ft-lbs; in-lbs. Then we can tighten the two bottom oil pan bolts, and torque them down to 15 ft-lbs, and then turn the wrench an extra 60 degrees.

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  1. I set out to create the most in-depth clutch replacement video in the world! Hopefully the video was helpful!

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    Because Advance Auto helped out with the parts, if you order parts on their website you can get 25% off at checkout using the code "CLUTCH". I dont make any money off of that, it is all for you guys!

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  2. 19:00 That looked like way too much grease on the flywheel bolts. You really want as little as possible, because that grease will be flung out onto the flywheel and clutch surfaces.

  3. you are dooing it on your driftstang i want to se more drifting vids those are cool and you have said u ant to wrap your car wrap it in anime wrap

  4. Hey Chris I have a 92 f350 with a 460. I put my new clutch assembly in and bolts torqued to spec, but I have a gap between my pressure plate and flywheel about the thickness of the clutch. Is this normal?

  5. You should try build a car🤣😂🤟only just subscribed thinking of getting a cheep car and fixing it up for when I’m older 🚙

  6. I can't wait until someone with a accord V6 manual tries this. It calls for 10 hours shop time. There are to many variables between manufacturers for one video to be of help to more that 20% of the public.

  7. I think I'm probably one of the few people who this video pertains to. I'm buying a manual car and learning how to drive stick on it. So learning how to replace a clutch is not a bad idea.

  8. Love your videos ! I have a question for you, would you recommend to bleed a clutch by pressing de clutch pedal and get all the air out by the bleeder screw? Or do you think reverse bleeding is better. It would be great if you could make a video of this process. By the way, congratulations on the new H1

  9. I think your videos could benefit from a comparaison between th cost of the fix and a quote from a mechanic shop.
    But anyway love your videos Chris!

  10. Chris, this video was absolutely the best planned out footage a mechanic could ever make, it was a pleasure to watch this and it captivated my attention the entire time…EXCELLENT JOB!!! I have a '69 RS/SS with a blown 350 roller/rocker engine and Muncie four speed and I'm going to have to do this exact same thing but on a GM product. I'll be in touch when I start this project.

  11. I guess those who unlikes probably use metal scraper to remove the worn out gasket…

    And when the most used gasket remover is the abrasive side of the sponge

    Worn gasket: You can't remove me!!!

    ChrisFix: "I know… but he can…"

    Abrasive sponge: "USELESS!!! USELESS!!! USELESS!!!"

  12. 30 minutes watching tutorial without skip any second of the video, i don't know what kind of magic you used in your video man

  13. thank you for the video. the flywheel mass should not change as it is necessary to store rotational energy and resist changes in rotational speed

  14. hey @ChrisFix how much do you think it cost to replace a clutch. I am thinking of getting a 2003 forester for school and it cost $500. The only problem is the clutch. Is it worth the buy?

  15. Going to try and do this soon on my truck, Almost every gear is starting to slip. on a 99 dodge, 1500, it's a piece of crap, but it's my piece of crap.

  16. To fix that speedo—just stick a piece of piano wire in through the hole for the trip reset button…and spin the speedometer needle around so it is on the right side of the stop pin. Then it will work perfect.

  17. >be me
    >gonna get my first car soon
    >watches all of ChrisFix’s videos
    >gets first car
    >diagnosis a problem
    >realizes that a video is different than real life
    >messes up car
    >mfw I fucked up my car but it’s ok cuz I can just watch more ChrisFix to fix it

  18. Great video, will be doing this to my Fox body soon thanks to your clear instructions. Did you end up installing that clutch quadrant? I thought i saw one on your tool box. How are you liking the aluminum flywheel? Been thinking of doing the same.

  19. Holy crap this video is amazing. I'm looking to get started on maintaining/small repair work on my car and obviously a job like this is far far away but seeing you break it down makes it feel a little closer. Thanks so much!

  20. How long should this take, because I don't want to pay the garage the £500-700 estimate. My mates a mechanic and will do it for me, just can't be without my car for long? How long did it take you?

  21. So sick of shops charging an arm and a leg for something you made look so easy and straightforward. If I keep watching your channel I might never need to go to a shop again

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