Good morning everyone. My name is Ben. What
I can do is I can take empty bottles, empty glass bottles, and I can turn them into other
useful things, things that you wouldn’t exactly be used to seeing an empty bottle look like.
For example, drinking glasses. I’ve also made jewelry and things for the home. Today, my
friend Allen has asked me to come over here and show you something about repurposing or
what you could to repurpose at your house. That being said, I have an empty milk jug
here, a few of them, and I’m gonna show you how to make it into a lunchbox container.
This is a really good idea for families with kids. If you’re interested in finding a way
to make something cool, like, make memories with your kids with something not only sustainable,
but it’s just a good idea. I mean, everything about this just makes sense. So we’re gonna
get started with this: And what you’re gonna do is take an empty milk jug that you’ve washed
out, and you’re just gonna make an outline of where you’re gonna cut all around the bottle.
One end is gonna be longer than the others, and I’ll show you why. You start cutting along
the outline. I got this idea for the lunch boxes off of Pinterest, actually. I set up
a Pinterest page for Freehand Jones as well as many other like media sites, social media
sites. So once you have the rough cut, you’re just gonna wanna go along and finish out the
cutting by taking off all of the marker on the main piece. So this is where the detail
comes in. This is a great idea if you have colored markers at home. At that point, like,
the creativity is really up to the individual. Like, how cool can you make your lunchbox,
you know? Almost finished. Then you’re gonna fold the small sides in. And the bigger flap
goes over. All you need is a piece of plastic tape and you have yourself a mini lunch box
right there. All of it made out of an empty jug that most people would have looked at
it and once the milk’s out of it they’re like, “Oh, okay, it’s trash.” Well, it doesn’t have
to be trash, unless we want it to be. And that’s the point. Right now, like, I see sustainability
becoming a big, big market. Like, there’s jobs in this. Not only is there jobs in this,
but everything about them just makes sense. Most of the glasses will keep your drink colder
for longer because unlike a conventional glass that’s made in China. Not only that, all the
glasses are dishwasher safe. Repurposing, it just makes sense. Check out my Facebook
page: facebook.com/fhjlr. Or just Google Freehand Jones.

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