How to reset Service light on VW T5 Transporter – VW T5 Reset Service Light

Hello Guys and Girls it’s ‘Lurgs’ here, welcome to my channel and today how to reset the service light on the Volkswagen T5 Transporter. My van was last serviced with long life
oil so it’s not due a service so I want to reset the service light. So what
you’re going to need to do is turn the ignition on and then on the button on
the left hand side if you just push this this will start cycling through the
options so it allows you to set the clock keep pushing it until you’ve got this. This is the service reminder so it’s saying it’s 200 miles overdue now. Now
what you need to do is now turn the ignition off it’s really important that
you turn the ignition off while that service menu is still up on the
dashboard and now hold this button over on the right-hand side so just hold that
down, normally it’s about 5 seconds but just keep it held, now turn the
ignition back on but while keeping that button pressed. Now the ignition is on now let go of
this button and on the left hand side now push that button once and see that
little spanner which means you need a service that has now disappeared. So what I’ll do is I’ll just turn the ignition off and then I’ll turn it back on again,
just to make sure that service light has definitely gone out and it has. And now
again if you press that button on the left hand side and cycle through the
options we will get to the service reminder and there we go it’s saying
12,500 miles to the next service reminder, absolutely perfect.
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  2. Cool vid as I'm thinking about getting a T5 in spring; but now I'm wondering…. how does long life oil store all the regular carbon contaminants (that it collects over time) plus the additional contaminant quantity accrued since the oil is in the engine longer ( more miles plus time ) than regular oil and still manage to keep its lubricity?
    I feel like " long life oil " is a marketing scam designed to fleece you of your money with the market logic that it'll last longer but isn't double the price.

    The reason we change oil is to remove the carbon sludge and debris that has accumulated over time, and because over that time oil breaks down through use ( heat cycling, molecule structure breakdown through shear and pressure ), and the combination of contaminants plus this breaking down of lubrication quality means it no longer does the job its meant to efficiently.
    I can understand that something marketed as long life oil might have increased resistance to the speed at which it breaks down and loses its protective quality ; but how does it handles the additional carbon contamination load built up and suspended? That stuff is picked up and suspended in the oil and it had to go somewhere ( round and round your engine wearing and embedding into the oilway walls/pipes and frictional surfaces ).
    Please enlighten me! ?

  3. Hi mate found this video very useful. I was wondering if you could help me a little further? After this process had been done. My van has the same symbol as yours where the time normally is it says 372 with s picture of s clock I think? What does this mean?

    Thanks in advance!

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