How to scan meter QR codes to send data for viewing in Meter Insights

Before we begin, we want to help you stay safe Please make sure you review the safety information in your product documentation How to find and scan QR codes on your meter This video shows you: 1. What you need in order to use the QR code feature. 2. How to find QR codes on the meter display. 3. How to capture the QR code so you can view the embedded data in Meter Insights. To use Meter Insights and the QR code feature, you need: 1. a meter with the QR code feature enabled. 2. a smartphone or other device with a camera and a QR code scanning app installed. There are two ways to view a QR code on the display: 1. go to the QR code screen then select the QR code for the information you want to capture. 2. go to the screen with the information you want to capture then select QR to display the code for that information. After you have the QR code on the meter’s display, open your QR code scanning app and scan the code Hold the camera steady and straight at the QR code Fill as much of the frame as possible with the QR code Use a camera resolution of 8 megapixels or higher If you have trouble capturing the QR code: Shade the camera from sources of bright light Make sure that the meter’s display contrast is set high enough Try a different QR code scanner Scan the QR code with your phone then go to on any device to view the information in a browser. You’re now ready to: Capture data from your meter using its QR codes and view it in Meter Insights, and Act on that information and any notifications To learn more, visit

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