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Hello, and welcome to the New 3008 I’m going to tell you about a few i-Cockpit features, in particular the touchscreen menus. You can access the menu using the toggle switches which are placed in the following order. First of all, media, then air conditioning, then online 3D navigation, the car’s settings and features are here. The phone, and the app menu. You use the toggle switches to access the different menus, or press on the touchscreen with three fingers. I just press the screen with three fingers and a touchscreen menu appears
that gives me direct access to the car’s features. You’ll probably be looking for the settings the first time you use your New 3008,
so I’ll begin by introducing you to the “Settings” system. I enter the settings and browse the different user profiles. These different user profiles can be used to save settings for different kinds of users, or to save your own settings. On profile, for example, has your saved radio stations. But there’s also your most recently used destinations from the navigation system.
There’s your favourite destinations: work, home and all of the system’s audio and display settings. You activate a profile by pressing on one of these tabs on the settings page. You can also adjust the profiles by selecting this option in the “Settings” menu, and then “Profile settings”, here. You get to this menu where you can rename “Profile 3” for example,
by pressing on the profile name. That’s how you change the profile name.
I can select it using the touchscreen keyboard, here. You can also see that the keyboard is set to the AZERTY format,
but if I want it to display in ABC mode, in alphabetic order, then you just press the “Keyboard” button and as you can see, the keyboard switches between ABC and AZERTY. If you now want to see a QWERTY layout,
then you press on the “select language” button on the keyboard here, on the right of the keyboard. This button takes to the languages menu
where you can see the different keyboard language options. Here, I’ll select French to stay in AZERTY. You confirm your name and your profile is set up. If you like, you can add a photo that you can upload from a USB stick. It will be shown on your profile so that you can recognise it more easily. To set the time on your system, go into the “Settings” menu. The “Settings” menu can be accessed via the time,
or on the cog in the upper right of the touchscreen. Go into “Options”, “Set time and date”, and choose the “Set time” tab. Here you can manually set the time by deselecting GPS synchronisation and set the time by touching the time display. If you want to sync the time with the GPS, you just activate this feature and select your time zone. There’s just one thing to remember to set daylight savings time. When the clocks have gone forward you should sync
your system to “GMT+2” if you’re in France. In winter, select “GMT+1” in France in this menu, by scrolling through the list until you get to “GMT+1”
for the normal time and “GMT+2” for daylight savings time. And now that we’ve set the right time, we can go back to the main features by closing the windows,
of access them directly using the toggle switches. I hope that this will make it easy for you to get to grips with and get the most out of your system.

4 thoughts on “How to set Interfaces – SUV Peugeot 3008

  1. I have 2018 sky pack model. I bought the car in Istanbul. the infotainment is almost non existent. The dials on the instrument cluster just disappear and do not come back even after pressing the proper knob for that purpose. What a f***in system the car has!! There is no way to get the navigation system working, even though I use the latest smart phone in the market (Samsung Note 9),. The telephone connection via blue tooth is very capricious and unpredictable: sometimes one sees the whole contact list and recent calls, and at other times nothing appears. I am very unhappy with the system.

  2. Dear @peugeot, under the setting menu – Screen Configuration there is an option of 1.Text Handling (Automatic Scrolling) and 2.Graphical Animations (Animated Transitions). What do these two settings do / function? I have tried to check and uncheck the box but nothing changes. Please assist.
    -Peugeot 3008 Allure 1.6 THP from Malaysia. Thanks

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