G’day guys, how are you going? I’m just up here at a job in Kalamunda We’ve come to sort out We’ve got over 850 kPa in pressure So we’re putting a Pressure Limiting Valve on But the trouble is the water meter doesn’t turn off So we’ve already called the Water Authority “G’day I’m a plumber can you come to sort it out?” So they’re going to come out here maybe tomorrow but I’ll show you how bad it is anyway So this is the water meter now and this is when it’s fully off As you can see its thread is gone So I’m turning it off now Watch this So it’s just about off and then it goes back on again It’s totally stuffed So we have to disconnect it to put the Pressure Limiting Valve on there But that’s why it’s very important We’ve got the bonding strap that goes around and connects the copper to the other part so if there’s any electricity like a fault in the house or something it can fly through that bonding strap and not through the plumber’s body when we’re disconnecting it So that’s very important that if you do disconnect water meter or even a gas meter it’s important that you put your bonding strap on there and we’ll get it sorted get the pressure back down to 500 kPa and I’ll catch you later

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