How to take a meter reading

Taking energy meter readings sounds
needless and complicated, but in fact it’s an important and simple way to
understand your energy usage and get accurate bills. If you don’t take meter
readings you’ll get an estimated bill this can lead to overpaying or under
paying. No-one likes to overpay, but underpaying sounds nice, right? Don’t be fooled! Your supplier will want their money… Leaving you with a
surprise bill down the line. There are four main types of gas and electricity meters: single rate, dual rate, dial meters and smart meters. Gas is measured in cubic
meters or cubic feet, and electricity is measured in kilowatt hours. Your meters
may look a little confusing now but we’ll help you make sense of them. For
single rate meters write down the numbers from left to right – ignore any
red numbers or numbers after the decimal point.
Dual rate meters are for those of you on two energy rates for different times
of the day. Write down the numbers from left to right. Ignore any red numbers or
numbers after the decimal point. Some dual meters have a single display
where you might have to press a button to view each rate. Write down the numbers
from left to right, press the button to see the next reading and then write that
down too. Dial meters have up to five dials. Each with numbers 0 to 9. There may be a
sixth dial on the right sometimes in red or with one tenth next
to it. Ignore this. Write down the numbers the pointer has just passed from left to
right. If the pointer lies exactly on any number underline it. Now look at your five
numbers for any that are underlined, look at the number following it. If it’s
between nine and zero reduce your underlined number by one.
That’s all there is to it! Send your readings to your energy supply at
least once every four months and your bills will be spot on.
Energy suppliers are now offering smart meters for homes in England Scotland and
Wales. These meters use in home displays and send digital readings to your
supplier. They give you more accurate bills and a better understanding of your
energy usage. All without taking your own readings. Whether you continue reading
your old meters or choose a smart meter you’ve taken the first step towards
accurate bills and understanding your energy usage. Aren’t you clever?

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