How to Train for a 100-Meter Dash | Sprinting

Hi. My name is Shane Paul Neil from City Coach
Multisport. And today I’ll be talking about how to train
for a 100-meter dash. The 100-meter dash is considered the heavy
weight championship of track and field. With the Olympic champions, the world champions
considered the fastest human beings on the planet. In order to train for a 100-meter dash there
are several keys that you want to keep in mind. A of course is your start whether you’re using
blocks or not. A good start is very, very key to your proficiency
in the hundred. You want to make sure that you’re reacting
to the gun as quickly as possible and as close as you can be out the blocks. There are several drills and several techniques
that you can use to train to do this. But they require the supervision of your coach. After your start, you also want to keep in
mind your drive phase. The drive phase is how you continue to build
speed after the block start. Sprinters in the drive phase generally have
a very forward lean and almost always looking down and then slowly building up to an upright
position for the rest of the race. One of the big keys in the 100-meter dash
that a lot of folks don’t realize is something called top-end speed. Even though racers chose 100, they raise acceleration
from the start of the race to cross the finish line. The sprinter that can minimize that the most
will generally have a great chance of winning the race. A lot of that comes down to proper form and
technique, strength training, and again repetition. The average 100-meter sprinter will train
at 60, 80, even up to 110 meters to make sure that they maintain that speed straight through. And that’s how you train for a 100-meter dash.

29 thoughts on “How to Train for a 100-Meter Dash | Sprinting

  1. You also need to train for several years to "automize" your running. Dont meet up at one training and think you have mastered everything.

  2. Thankyou sir for the tips
    Iam able to run run 100 meters in 12.10 seconds without any professional training and iam from india

  3. Idk what happend but I was fast but now iv dropped so much people I used to beat all the time are now lots faster then me

  4. No disrepect but this is absolutely not enough information to even begin a training program.

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