How to Train for a 60-Meter Dash | Sprinting

Hi, my name is Shane Paul Neil from City Coach
Multisport. And today I’ll be talking about how to train
for a 60 meter dash. The 60 meter is the shortest of all the sprints,
and it’s generally only held for indoor meets. At a world class level the 60 meter dash can
take all of 6 seconds. Consistently training on your block work will
go a long way to making sure you have a great start for a race that’s so short. The second half of the 60 meter dash is essentially
your drive faze. That is the time in which you’re trying to
increase your speed through the block start, and into the finish. That’s often displayed with a forward lean. Generally sprinters are looking down during
this point, and slowly coming up to an upright position. The longer you can hold your drive faze, the
more likely you are to increase you speed, and cross the line first. And that’s how you train for the 60 meter

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