How to Upload your Meter with diasend® Uploader

This is how you upload your meters
to diasend® from home. Have your device or devices ready. Each device, be it a BGM or an insulin pump,
requires to be uploaded in its specific way. Upload time may vary depending on the device,
amount of data stored and the internet connection. Please be patient and do not interrupt
the upload until it’s complete. Please see the diasend® Quick Guide
at… …for detailed instructions on specific
devices and cables and how to upload. I will now show you how I upload my devices. You will need the following
things in order to proceed. An internet connection. An account at A device cable. And to have the diasend® Uploader software
installed on your computer At you can register an account
and then download the Uploader software. If you have not done so already, please refer to
the film on how to register an account with diasend®… …for more detailed instructions. When you have installed diasend® Uploader
on your computer… …double-click the diasend® Uploader icon
on your desktop. Or if you have a Mac please go to the
applications folder to find diasend® Uploader. Please note that you should always start Uploader
before connecting any devices or cables. Now you will see a window that
says ‘Scanning for device’. Underneath this you should see a message saying
‘No connected cable detected yet’. And two checkboxes, as seen here. My meter has a USB cable. I plug the USB cable into a USB port at the side
or back of my computer. A tick will appear in the checkbox
and you’re now ready to connect your device. The message ‘Please connect your device’ is a standard
message and means that the cable has been recognized… And the program is ready for
you to connect your device. Now I connect my device. The device will now start to upload. The first time you upload your device you may be required
to verify your account with your username and password. Unless the device is already registered to your account. When the device upload is complete you can disconnect the device
from the computer and choose one of these three options. You can click to upload another device or… …if you do not have another device to upload,
you can click ‘Quit and go to’… To view the uploaded data in tables and graphs. You can normally receive the specific
meter cable from the device company… …if you haven’t already recieved one. Please note that there might be a cost
for the cable from the specific company. Thank you for using diasend®.

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