How to Use the New Two-Bay Parking Meters

If you’ve come downtown
recently to shop or come play, you’ve probably noticed
that we’ve changed all of the parking meters downtown. One thing you’ll notice is
that we’ve replaced many meters with what’s called a
double bay meter, which means it’s a single meter
head for two parking bays. What I want do today
is show you exactly how to use a double bay meter. With a double bay parking meter,
before you make any payment, press the button to switch
between bay one on the left or bay two on the right. If you’re paying with coin,
choose your bay first, then insert any combination of
coins, except for pennies. If you’re using a Como Park
card, first chose your bay. Then insert your card. The first thing you’ll
see is the amount that you have left
on your card, 24.95. Then in, and then the
maximum amount of time available on this meter. Then it’s telling you
to remove your card. Once you’ve removed your card,
the bay number one or two has now disappeared
from the display. This will be your
only indication that you’ve paid for
your parking space. Where it used to
display your bay number, you’ll now see that you’re
now logged into this meter. Once you’ve paid for your
bay, don’t be alarmed if the back of
the meter is still showing that you’re expired. This simply indicates
for parking enforcement that the other bay
has not been paid for. When you return
to your meter, you don’t have to choose a
bay before logging out with your card. First insert the card. You’ll see four
dashes that indicate that the process is beginning. You’ll see the elapsed time,
the amount left on your card, and then “out,” which means
you can now remove your card. You’re done. Don’t forget to log
out of your meter. If you don’t log
out, you’re going to be charged for the
entire maximum time limit on that meter. The next time you go
to a different meter, you’ll be logged out
before you can log in. If you have any other
questions about how to use a double bay meter, come
up to third floor of City Hall. We have staff there
with a demo meter and they can show you
exactly how to use it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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