How to use torque wrench for beginners

Hey everybody, this is Paul again. I just went out and one things that I realize it’s gonna
need as part of this 97 chevy s-10 project was a torque wrench I’ve never used one of these tools and I could easily go ask some
friends that I know have them and know how to
use them but that really defeats the purpose of
this channel and what we’re doing here. So what I did was I went down to the auto parts
store and I was hoping I was gonna find me a real fancy digital torque wrench that I could just tic
up and tic down. I can set my foot pounds and then have a field day with it. once I
wanted those I realized the they’re pretty expensive
and they’re in the Rangers a 100 to 150 dollars for a
decent digital torque wrench and I
really you know not I don’t have that kinda
money thrown around tools so I found this guy and this is a the kinda like an off-the-wall I don’t even
know what brand it is be honest with you and it’s not written on any of the
documentation or the little pamphlet is there’s a little pamphlet that came with it and is not
anywhere on there So… here’s a twenty dollar torque wrench K I went online last night I spent about
a half an hour trying to transcribed these
beautiful instructions into something that would make sense to
me I finally found one YouTube videos really good and he answered the one question I had I’m hoping that with this video I’m
gonna save you about 30 minutes your day and we can answer all your questions so you don’t have to go online and look at a bunch a
different videos to get that one question and answer First thing you want to do is. This is
a inch pound torque wrench so the irony is i’m looking for.
foot-pound everything’s in foot-pounds in my maintenance guide so I was I wasn’t sure how many inch pounds were in a foot pound right and I felt pretty stupid when I flip this guy over and right at
the bottom here now its gonna catch but you’ll see one foot
pound equals 12 inch pounds. now if you take the pound
off the end of that and you ask me Paul how many inches are in a foot I could a told you. So we want to start with the instruction okay ladies when you he say that we never
read the instructions it’s because you’re asking us to build things we are really not
interested in in this case where interested in this so i’m going to read the instructions and you know they get really cryptic I’m
not I’m not familiar with the industry that built this tool and I’m not
familiar with the industry and learning but I’m not familiar with the industry
that uses this tool so some other terminology gets a little crazy I’m gonna read through this
and then I’m gonna gonna go through the example where going to do the sample and I hope that answers any questions
you have about these a non digital torque wrenches and makes to where you can actually
use this thing how to use your new torque wrench
balancing wrench in hand with gradations visible unlock the knurled handle by turning
the lock not counterclockwise this said to see figure 1. so I’m looking at this and i go well where’s figure one? That’s figure 1 right there that kinda
looks like the back of this guy and I you know and I know hung up on a
couple things like gradations and the word knurled and it spell with the K so I kept
calling it canurled I went online and I looked up and on the Dictionary dot com and I looked up the
word knurled in all knurled is the lathing technique that applies this
diamond pattern into the handle so what they’re saying is all they had
to do is say turn handle but they say turn KNURLED handle and it throws me off again simple stuff but okay so we have
a locked oops I took it away sorry. we have this
this right here so I’m turn it counterclockwise to loosen up
and then you have a couple settings here we have the this in
inch pounds on this side and on the other side we
have it in Newton how we’re not from England or Europe so
we’re gonna stick with the inch pounds cuz i kinda works for me so I’m gonna go ahead and set this to 0
okay and so now we r inch pounds and we have worked it out 0 so your ish this particular ones within four
percent on accuracy according to the instructions so you can see that
okay so now what you’re looking at is our graduations are set to 0 the then there’s a vertical bar here you can
see these little slide bars coming from numbers and those numbers count up
in a increments of a 120 inch Pounds their example says to set this to 504 inch pounds what you gotta do as you
turned his oops i keep taking this out of focus
are we’re gonna turn this knurled handle clockwise to you move it move it up and it’s going to slide up this arm here
until we get to the right setting okay so it’s gonna be kinda hard for me
to do this while you’re watching but I’m gonna give it my best shot so as
you can see is a turn this it slides up the bar alright we want to
take it to 480 because we’re gonna set this to 504 and so where’s my 480 is up there and
up their end up there so we’re gonna take this to 480 and you see what I’m doing is i’m stopping I gotta set it to 0 right at to 480 there it is okay so i’m going to let this focus again alright and you can see there’s the 480 you see it comes down his ear that slide touches the vertical Bar and its at 0. so now
we’re a 400 eighty foot-pounds of torque and my memory that I think that’s
forty pounds foot-pounds of torque for 480
inch pounds of torque so now I need to get to 504 so what I
will do is I’m gonna take this what they call the graduations and I’m gonna go I’m gonna count up two. one two this is actually I believe it’s
basically this is foot-pounds so two foot-pounds
two times 12 would be 24 so I’m sitting at 480 on
my little chart here so I’m gonna click
this I’m gonna move this over to where the two lines up with the vertical line comes did it because
it gets kinda that’s coming turkey it on their her got okay so now the two is on a vertical
line okay and you see we’re just passed the 480 that for a slide mark okay so now that two represents and set this back down for second the
two represents 24- inch pounds of
pressures so you add the 24 inch pounds to the 480 any get 504 inch pounds of pressure so
when they talk about setting in the instructions they’re using example 504 inch pounds that translates to forty two
foot pounds of pressure being applied to the bolt so I hope this
so was informative if you like the video
please subscribe and I look forward to your comments and
feedback in any other videos on this channel

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  1. I bought this same wrench, but the instructions were entirely missing. You saved me a ton of time. Many thanks.

  2. Really, don't buy a tool if you don't have a clue about how it works. Some people and tools are a bad combination and that's okay, it's just how things are.

  3. The 2 represents 2 inch pounds not 24 inch pounds. If it is an inch pound torque wrench the numbers on the bar AND the numbers on the handle are both inch pounds. Stop confusing people. Maybe ask a real mechanic what you need to know before you make a video. Foot pound torque wrenches are the same way. It would be all foot pounds and no need to do simple math.

  4. your gonna miss calibrate your torque men release that lock underneat the handle so you can easy set it, your forcing it without unlocking it thats why its hard to turn the handle cause you did not release the lock

  5. thank you this was very helpful. I appreciate your time. (ignore youtube jackasses – low lifers that take 0% of THEIR time to help others but bitch about all else).

  6. Thanks for trying your best but i still got a headache from trying to work it out. Will watch the video a couple of times to understand it. I bought a wrench couple of weeks ago, took one look at it and i put it away. From uk

  7. wow thank you so much. Good research and explanation. So once it's set, what's the amount of force you use say if you need to adjust something under the car? Do you go twice 180 degrees turns ? once?

  8. 30 minutes opening
    30 minutes of blabbering
    30 seconds of unfocused +blabbering defragmented explanation
    1 hour of your time wasted for what could had been a 30 seconds video
    No wonder YouTube can’t make money, all this storage space wasted with blabbering.

  9. you did good job as per novice for this tool.i liked your honesty.Hope u would improve your nxt videos.keep it up.

  10. I borrowed one of these and figured out how to set it. What I need to know is how to use it after it has been set. Like, when I'm turning the thing, what does it do to prevent over tightening?

  11. Its just coincident that I bought exactly same torque in-lb wrench. I am so happy that I can follow your lead. I cannot follow the graduation till u said its ft-lbs..nice ! Thnx a lot !! It helped me !

  12. If there's ever a video which shows how retarded the imperial system is, this is it. Get with the rest of the world and go metric.

  13. ohh're talking about making it so easy and save a lot of time and then you're doing the exact opposite.
    and then you talking about this great videos that you learn a lot from, and your text down below then starts with:
    Click THIS LINK for the worlds EASIEST how-to video on using a torque wrench for beginners!
    so it goes without saying that it gotta be that so-called great "learning video" that saves your day, but freaking hell it's your own video just above re-pasted and with no link to the video you said was so helpful for you… (are you kidding me, why not take a moment and actually think about what is relevant and what could a given viewer clicking on this title' be interested in that I supply)

  14. What are you guys talking about? This is a great video. I just bought that very same torque wrench and the instruction was kind of confusing because the vertical scale measures in inch pounds whereas the horizontal scale measures in foot pounds. It turns out there are 12 inch-pounds in 1 foot pound, which is how he achieved 504 inch pounds by adjusting the wrench. This made me understand how to use this $20 at AutoZone wrench which is exactly what I needed. Great video! Thank you for taking time to explain this, record the video, edit the video, and upload the video. It accomplished exactly what it was meant to accomplish in only 8 minutes and it helped many, such as myself.

  15. Most people, like me, load these videos up, already pissed off with a diy job to do. Having to then sit through a rambling backstory about how you came to aquire the wrench is just fuel to the fire. I mean this in good faith.

  16. less talking, more examples of how to work it. i bought the same type of wrench from harbor freight, they do fall out of calibration. and sometimes break from a bad batch .

  17. I thought that was gold. humble and amusing. not as much helpful but thats because its late and well.. maths

  18. What's with the moving off-camera every so often? Makes it hard to follow. The verbosity hardly makes up for it.

  19. Thank you it helped lots, plus I have the same tool, I wasn't sure of the marks and you took care of that for me as well.

  20. Sorry , guy, but I now have video epilepsy from all your movement of your camera in the video. Also, the focus is often out and your method of explaining it makes little sense when that happens. Got to be a better way to understand the basics of this torque wrench and operation of such. I just need 135 inch pounds for the lug nuts of my Ram 1500 hemi. After watching this, I am not so sure I can actually arrive at that properly. Maybe I am just missing something in the presentation, but, nice try, anyway. I am probably making this all too complex in my own mind though.

  21. I have one without the screw knob at the very bottom still seems to work, is it usable and accurate still?

  22. for get the the wrench,,learn how to keep the camera on the wrench,,I cant believe you even posted this bull crap

  23. dud thank you so much… just bought one and didn't know how to use… great explanation… thanks…

  24. Bad video, a lot of pointless chit-chat that we don't wanna hear and bad jokes. Fell asleep twice. I came to show a buddy of mine what I meant now i'm just as lost as him. Video starts at-doesn't matter, watch a different video.

  25. Jusst make sure to ajust it back to 0 after use this is inportant..
    Even tho it's a cheap wrench, take good care of it and with your use probably last you manny manny years, you will need to calibrate it and you can buy a digital calibration unit for cheap. This unit can also convert a standard ratchet to a digital torqe wrench, but I jusst use them as a calibration unit. Sending in your wrench for calibration gets expensive in the long run. I may reccomend AC Delco for calibration becouse it has a peak setting and if using it as a torqe wrench it has a sound alarm when correct torqe is gained.

  26. Thanks! Exactly what I needed.
    No everyone has mega bucks for tools they'll only use a couple of times.
    Good review for the occasional DIYer.

  27. Answer the QUETION! How do we use it? I don't care what you're working on. Also, now that I know you don't even know how to use one (but you're making a video on how to), I won't go to your channel for any more help. Just get to the point of how to use the tool. Don't tell us you didn't know how to use it before 24 hours ago. Just tell us your understanding of the tool and be done.

  28. I work on aircraft mechanics and I was doing a job last night in front of my boss me having automotive I never use one of these small torque wrenches yet so I didn't lost

  29. thanks for the explanation. I also own this archaic tool. I needed to get 8NM which is approx 70 inch lbs but this wrench doesn't seem to support torques that low.

  30. This one works great for all my needs:

  31. Thanks for the video. I think I missed something. How do you use the darn thing? I see how you set the value, but then what? When you turn it, what will it do? I have a in-lb tool, I was trying to apply 70 in-lb but I kept turning and turning I am sure I had apply way over 70 in-lb of torque. What is it supposed to do when you have reached the desired torque?
    Thanks for taking the time for the video.

  32. Thank you – I have the same kind and had no clue… and it just kind of snaps when you reach the ft lbs – was thinking it would ratchet but it just bumps once when you’re there… mine is made in Taiwan and came from an auto parts store – I misplaced the directions

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