How to use your Peak Flow Meter device (Smart Peak Flow)

this is a demonstration video to show you how to use your smart peak flow device connect your smart peak flow device via the audio jack port of your smart phone in case you haven’t done it already download the smart peak flow app available for free on Google Play and the App Store open the smart peak flow app and press Start stand or sit in a comfortable upright position make sure that you are in a well-lit area and that the light can get through the small window on the top take a deep breath and hold it in close your lips firmly around the mouthpiece and then below as hard as you can just as if you are blowing out candles on your birthday cake remember it is not the length but the speed and force of your blow that matters look at the screen to check your reading the value will be recorded automatically repeat this two more times after the third blow the app will save the highest of the three values as the result repeat this twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening make sure to take your readings before your inhaler to check the history of your results simply select the track option for your next medical checkup don’t forget to take your smartphone with you

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