How To Vinyl Wrap a Car with CHEAP $5 per meter China Vinyl, can it be done?

Hey guys! I am actually a full time hyper realism portrait artist! jump here! Check description for the wrap update Check description for the wrap update

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  1. hey how long does it last do you know? and I wonder what effect sulphur would have on it as I'm in rotorua. good video BTW

  2. I get it, everyone needs to save money, but I worked for a sign company so that is where I learned that the difference in price is the difference in the life of the vinyl. Cheaping out means if left outside, this wrap will last a couple of months, maybe a year, before it starts to crack and peel off. btw i am your 1000 subscriber, because you are hot.

  3. would have been a lot easier and look better if you took the trim and door handle off then wrapped it then put it back together and used soapy water underneath and on top because then your putty knife would glide much easier and you could get the bubbles out easier as well. one other thing you can do when you get a stubborn air bubbles is poke it with a small needle and squeeze it like a pimple until all the air is gone then work and massage the area until you no longer see or feel the pin hole.

  4. You all are awesome. I would not have considered a DIY.
    By you doing it you saved and worked "that money!
    You have inspired me! TY

  5. Did you Ever do the Rewrap on a cooler day? I Noticed if you had a thinner squeegee it would have gotten into the door handle a little better. Also did you wash the car? and Claybar it? How long did the wrap last on the car?

  6. you awesome thanks for your video . just can you tell me how much i need warp my 328i bmw 2dor 2007 like how many ft ?

  7. What size of the wrap did u get? I'm trying to wrap the front splitter and rear spoiler to matte black. But i'm not sure what size.

  8. It can be done, but it will look like crap in a little over a year. I used Vivvid vinyl carbon fiber silver and it was total crap, which it looks like you are using. I can tell by the ripples or wrinkles in the material you haven't installed yet. It would probably look fine on interior stuff, but not the outside. I wrap vehicles for a living and decided to try the Vivvid on a car I didn't really care about. It was cracking , peeling and burnt in the sun in less than a year and a half. 3m 1080 is the way to go if you want it to be there and look good for years to come. Yes, it's pricey, but it's worth it.

  9. Hi Bek C, I wanted to ask you where in NZ you purchased the $5 per meter vinyl wrap from? I am wanting to wrap a nissan safari granroad in black or gunmetal. Hope you can help out. Many thanks Mark

  10. Awesome ! About to wrap some parts on my truck . Definitely time consuming How well is the vinyl holding up?
    I subscribed for more
    Update if possible

  11. vinyl with a pattern, outdoor and on a HOT day is an excellent recipe for disaster. Always indoor and @55 degree, wind is your worse enemy too (particles, dust, etc will get trapped in between the car and the vinyl.

  12. Yesterday i tried covering the hood on my car using cheap vinyl and i totally failed .The area was too huge to cover alone without any help .Today I saw this tutorial and I am encouraged to try the door by myself ,it looks easy .Tnx and keep up the good work

  13. I have an old beater that I wanna wrap just the roof and hood in glossy black 3M vinyl. It's lived outdoors for 20 years and the roof and hood has been discolored – etched by bird poop with the clearcoat is gone in some places. Does good vinyl resist bird poop, lots of sun and very occasional snow for years?

  14. Cool to see 2 chicks wrapping a car…. Ohh That was a dude on the other side??? The man bun threw me off..Thought it was a girl…

  15. Done a good job, I was looking how to do it and this was very helpful. I didn't know the heat of the car (on a warm day) could effect the finish so I will bare that in mind. Thanks 🙂

  16. Man I hope those vinyl come with a bonus can of patience. I just don't have the patience to do these types of jobs. Great work though on your car.

  17. Honestly, this is not a tutorial video.
    I was searching for vinyl wrapping videos and Youtube recommends me this every 2 months.
    Damn if i have learnt a thing.
    After 7:10 can't afford to blink.

  18. The big problem with Chinese vinyl is that the glue they use will actually dissolve your paint underneath it if you leave it on there for 6 months or a year. So just remember that you have ruin the paint job by using it.

  19. That girl work very nicely and good job you must respect her she has own car why you are not happy to her before you speak about someone be care full my friend

  20. Its fine for cheap cars, it's just less forgiving and might ruin the paint beneath it. But wouldnt use 3M or Avery wrap on cheap vehicles anyway, they are not worth it most of the time. Great vid! 🙂

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