Hurricane Dorian Could Bring Inland Winds of 125mph with J7409

hi everyone I’m Jewel with the tropical
update now for j7409 weather on Hurricane Dorian hurricane durian you
were taking a look at it right now I would ask you if you haven’t subscribed
to please do so and click the bell to make sure you get all the latest watches
warnings tropical updates all kind of weather information sent to you as I put
it out I would appreciate it greatly of course is this tropical durian lots
of been going on but what may happen well what has happened now the shear
that was over durian is moving away from the hurricane and the upper-level flow
pattern is evolving toward a more favorable environment in fact right now
as I am speaking to you if you look very closely you can see where the eye is
begin right there where the eye is beginning to form now it seems that
durian is expected to become an extremely dangerous major hurricane I I
don’t even like to say that I have to tell you though okay it’s like there’s
no dry air the share wind is leaving there’s nothing going on and the
environment is going to be just great because the waters so hot also you have
to keep all these things in months and that’s what it’s looking like is going
to happen and it’s gonna make it slow down you know the the systems you hear
me talk about as the upper upper low over the Cuba area that I’ve talked
about it’s moving westward now and a strong subtropical ridge is going to
build over the western Atlantic now when this happens what’s going to happen well
this hurricane durian is going to be forced to turn west northwest and
westward on track toward the northwestern Baja
and the Florida peninsula now the ridge is forecast to erode I’m talking about
below that’s underneath durian at this time it’s forecast to erode and then the
steering currents are going to weaken now this is gonna make durian slowed
down slow down considerably near and over the Florida peninsula now this also
increases the uncertainty in the track forecast when it gets today 4 & 5 ok and
it’s also going to lead to a prolonged duration of wind storm surge and
rainfall over Florida let’s check out everything right here right quick this
was as of 11 a.m. this morning the winds are 110 miles per hour the minimum
central pressure is awfully awfully low getting low and it’s going to get lower
972 millibars it’s moving Northwest that’s already slowing up some 10 miles
per hour and if you’re tracking 24.5 north sixty nine point eight west and
then we got this other little systems popped up folks okay it’s a tropical
wave right now I told you about this weeks ago and another one’s coming off
in Africa off the African coast right behind this one but as of right now it’s
just a tropical wave it’s moving westward from the coast of Africa some
development of the system is possible by early next week over the eastern and
central tropical Atlantic and from everything that I’ve seen it looks like
it’s conditions are going to be pretty good that it can now this morning that
was 0 and 20 right now it’s two days zero five days 30% chance now in 72
hours 72 hours the wind Andorian is going to be 140 miles per
hour forty miles per hour okay now when it
comes inland the winds after it’s come in land they’re going to be 125 miles
per hour at this coordinates that I am showing you right now this is 27 zero
North 80 point four west inland it has made landfall going inland getting
closer to Lake over Chokey the wind still 125 miles per hour now it should
come in sure I’d say anywhere from Fort Pierce West Palm Beach so it’s been
hanging around Port st. Lucie for a few days looking like it would come in and
I’ve said it could go a little north I’m even gonna say Vero Beach Vero Beach all
the way down to West Palm Beach any of these areas you could get this 140 mile
per hour wind please I can’t stress this enough my friends I know this is
nerve-racking take a deep breath do what you got to do and get out of there I’m
talking 140 mile per hour winds are going to be in these areas and where you
see this little red arrow this is when it’s come inland and this is the
coordinates I’m showing you I’m showing you this on purpose so you’ll see the
winds should be 125 miles per hour at this time when it comes inland okay it’s
not going to get down to a category one until about 120 hours from now and this
right here where the inland mark is this is 96 hours out at 72 hours it should be
right out in the ocean somewhere I’m just showing you this area here to give
you an idea of where it may come now we will go check and see what it
looks like and where it may be when it’s a category one now see how the stuff
changes my friends looking now like and this is from the National Hurricane
Center it’s nothing that anybody’s made up off of any particular model this is
off of their coordinates is okay category one strength should start
somewhere in this area it’s around a little place called Lake Catherine
Florida if anybody knows where that’s at but you see right here we got Ocala over
here to the West Orlando to the south so what that means is everybody that is
south of Orlando all of these part places down here I’d say starting from
Cass M&E going on down like Lakeland hmm we’re gonna look at another map I’m not
quite sure about Tampa because I think it’s going to go straight up instead of
bounce around a lot we’ll have to wait and check on that like we do everything
else only time will tell but Lakeland Avon Park Sebring Lake Placid all of you
guys say it’s going to be coming in close to Lake over Chokey remember and
then it’s going to like shoot this way up I think you guys in these areas here
you might have at least category two hurricane actions going on this is I’m
not saying this is going to happen it’s what it looks like may happen and then
when you get up to Orlando and then north of Orlando and over to Ocala and
Sanford and Deltona all these little places up in here it should be a
category one there’s just what it’s looking like right now so everyone
prepared this tracking map is pretty right on the money folks from everything
that I have gone over I’ve been working on them there’s all
morning I got to eat lunch after I get this up for you but what I’m saying is
it’s pretty much on track as to why everybody has to work with right now
don’t go guessin don’t just concentrate on where this track is anyway because
it’s a category 4 hurricane look effects are gonna be felt anywhere anywhere so
everybody in the whole freaking state of Florida except for this little teeny
part of the Panhandle needs to make sure you got everything in order also I want
to comment I’m not going to stress a lot on this right now but everybody needs to
pay attention in Georgia South Carolina all the way up to the Outer Banks of
North Carolina we will be receiving stuff from this storm
I do believe whether it’s a little or whether it’s a lot coming up towards the
mid to latter part of next week so you guys really pay attention to what’s
going on I’ll really be glad when they get a storm surge map up because that is
running me nuts right now but I dare not touch it I need something
from the National Hurricane Center to really be sure of what to tell you guys
I don’t want to tell you something T totally wrong if I can just be patient
and wait but the storm surge forget about it it’s going to be horrendous
horrendous ok this is a look at just the map and this maps going to change as
days go by right now it’s looking like will you see the purple like out around
the Bahamas that’s like 15 20 inches of rain look I’ve seen some places and some
models in Florida showing two feet of rain not to talk about the rain you’re
going to get long time for the storm ever gets there flooding is going to be
a big big problem plus you got King tied you
got all kind of things that are working not in your favor in the state of
Florida so please keep this in mind even on this map up in Georgia right in this
area this is six to ten inches right in here where it’s brown okay also the
little tip of a South Carolina down here now mine’s not too bad much like an inch
maybe two inches but I’m just telling you this map will change over time and
more rain amounts will be showing up so please keep that in mind and right well
this map is up I do want to tell everyone that the life-threatening storm
surge and the devastating winds are likely in portions right now of the
northwestern Bahamas where the hurricane watch is in effect and also like
threatening storm surge and devastating hurricane force winds are likely along
portions of the Florida East Coast by as early as next week and then when I say
that I’m talking Monday Tuesday into Wednesday
so it can it can start and they should put up a storm surge map real soon I
feel like they will now if you live in the areas I’ve just talked about in
Florida anywhere on the East Coast just about if you have a hurricane a vaction
evacuation plan and you live where maybe they have these evacuation routes or
maybe shelters open now go ahead get your stuff right if you’re planning on
leaving go ahead and leave before the rain starts you don’t want to get in the
rain leave before the rain starts so if you’re planning on leaving going
somewhere else if you have everything done you need to get done there if
you’re planning on staying make sure you get to an evacuation shelter okay now
these heavy rains are expected over portions of course of the Bahamas
Florida and elsewhere as you’re looking at in the eastern and southeastern parts
of the United States this weekend right on through like I told you the middle to
the end of next week I always like to end with this map because you can see a
very very very very plain here it is at 11:00 this morning major hurricane is
going to be happening moving right on across you can see now in between these
lines how they stretch out it’s slowing down okay and also I want to I tell
everyone that as of now this will probably change to I’m sure it will as a
storm grows and strengthens but right now
the hurricane winds or felt out 25 miles from the center the tropical storm force
winds or felt 105 miles out away from the center and as we blow this up just a
little you can see now very well on the map there’s our land so with the
coordinates that I had it’s looking pretty on the ball of exactly what their
track is showing what their track is showing so with that on said and done
I’ll have another update later this evening maybe early tonight maybe early
this evening I’ll have to wait and see how things progress along to see if it’s
worth doing but right now everybody I love you stay safe if you want to send
me pictures that’s great don’t put yourself in danger to do it I don’t want
them that way be safe be smart everybody take a deep breath
don’t let the anxiety get to you but so much oh look I’ve got it myself I know
how it is I know exactly what you’re going through and it’s not pretty and
it’s not fun I know I’m gonna stick by you just as long as I possibly can right
on through this thing and try to keep people updated I do want to remind
everyone right look as the storm gets closer and when
it hits communications it doesn’t matter if you have a cellphone or not the
communications are probably going to go down in places so make sure you know
where your friends and your family are when this thing hits wherever it hits
okay but it’s looking like really right where I showed you I said up in this
area – down in this area right around the West Palm Beach area here just a
little bit south of Fort Saint Lucie and it’s not going to be a category one till
it gets up here everybody in between these areas here you’re going to go
through some major stuff as well by everybody on this coastline here where
it comes in exactly you’re going to get the brunt of it at 140 mile per hour
winds in here you’re gonna have probably 125 mile per hour winds and then they
will decrease as it moves on up in time stay safe my friends I love you I’ll be
back soon as I can with more information take care do what you need to do be
smart and remember you’re never alone peace loving kind of style thanks for

26 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian Could Bring Inland Winds of 125mph with J7409

  1. My car is broke and have a Dementia 88 year old to take care of! D O O M ED !!!! Vero Beach Florida 😱😱😱😱

  2. I have dear friends who are on a cruise going to some Islands…And I'm assuming that ship will just turn around and leave early so that no one is in any kind of danger..
    Prayers for all! I pray it doesn't hit your state, and that you'll be safe..God bless and keep everyone safe! 🙏

  3. Thanks Sweetheart for your hardwork. My anxiety earlier was so high i was scatter brained.Love peace and Kindness.

  4. SALUTATIONS my friend J and everyone in the chat room. Our dearly beloved PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP canceled his trip to Poland because he wants to be at the Whitehouse for this storm. Wants to be ready for what ever Dorain is going to do. Thank you for the weather updates, my family members live in fort Myers and Lehigh acres Florida. Keep them in your prayers. Thank you J and have a blessed day.

  5. Good afternoon, J. Yeah, I got pinged when Dorian hit CAT 3 status. My bones tell me we are going to see a CAT 5 at some point. The SSTs now are around 86 F and the air is just so warm and dense, that it scares me. This is the kind of air that you nudge the throttle ahead some and drop the nose a bit to punch through such dense air. I think your advise to evacuate ahead of this storm is pretty solid, and anywhere else will be better for a while. I can still see all the destruction from Katrina, and this can be another one. What is hard for folks to grasp is just how long it can take to recover from such a powerful storm, it will be weeks of no power, no water, no gasoline, no fresh food, etc. These big bruisers will hover at CAT 4-5 back and forth, and Dorian. has that feel right now. If there is any plus here, it is that Dorian is not too broad at this point, but that well may change.

    Like you say, J; plans should be enacted now. Things can always change, but I’m not seeing much in place now to mitigate this storm very much. I’ll see if I can get some storm surge data for you. There are charts that predict storm surges along all costal waterways, the question is just how high the winds will be? The storm surge picture should become more clear over the next 24 hrs. I’ll check back with ha later. Thank you, my dear friend; and thank you for all you do for us.


  7. This is a very strong prayer. Make sign of the cross when you + [Jesus Christ, a king of glory,has come in peace. +God became man.+and the word was made flesh. +christ was born of a virgin. +Christ suffered. +Christ was crucified. +Christ died.+Christ rose from the dead. +Christ ascended into heaven. +Christ conquers. +Christ reigns.+Christ orders.+May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. +Christ went through their midst in peace +and the word was made flesh. +Christ is with us with Mary.+Flee ,you enemy spirits, because the lion of the generation of Juda,the Root of David,has won.+Holy God!+Holy powerful God!+ Holy immortal God!+Have mercy on us. Amen!] Keep this prayer hand. It's very powerful. Blessings my friend J and everyone in the chat. Keep safe.

  8. Thanks so much appreciated sir. God bless you, God ylgive you.more strength and healthy always, prayers for you

  9. Can't imagine winds of 140 mph! Even 125 mph has got to be horrible! A person would not be able to even stand up in that! Prayers for all the people. GOD bless all, and protect your people. In Jesus name, amen. Jewell, you are doing a good job reporting. Hope everyone becomes aware and is properly prepared and safe. And 15 -20 inches of rain! Whew! Jewell, I don't think you could ever over warn hoping that those who think it's nothing will take another look at all of this.

  10. You know? Maybe it's a little late for this storm, but maybe boat builders should consider building huge ark type boats for several families to stay safe on. If this is just the beginning of hurricane season, the demand for such arks could be great!

  11. Jewel,
    I am so sorry for not saying thank you for all your help and support and Information!
    Much love and respect to you, please besafe your safe!

  12. Omg jewel we’re getting hit on Monday- Tuesday and we’re prepared! Thanx!!! Without you, I wouldn’t know where this storm is headed besides the news! Thanx!

  13. Floridians are tough and resilient. They know how to well prepare for storms and follow safety advisories. Although indeed a monster heading there way, this is not their first rodeo. Floridians will emerge from this storm like they have all the others pre-Dorian.

  14. Wow! The millibars have dropped to 970 as of 7:35 pm EST. It's definitely strengthening. Praying for everyone's safety. Please seek shelter.

  15. Dorian is all media hype and mis-info, I'm headed down to West Palm to do some body surfing and have a picnic on the beach.

  16. 140 MPH hitting PORT ST LUCIE's old Nuclear Reactor. Does this concern anyone else? I haven't heard a mention of it at all from any source. Not exactly on the beach but in the inlet a bit…

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