Hurricane Dorian Update with J7409 Evening 9/3/19

hi everyone I’m jewel with the j7409 tropical
update and of course we’re talking all about durian Just durian I’m not
talking about the other systems right now of course this is one of the loops
going on now it’s one of the floater loops from the goes east band and yes it
is down in strength durian is down in strength and durian is moving and the
center of circulation in the eye because it’s got very very ragged that’s a good
thing that brings the winds down in it but so
far as the size of the storm when remember when it was little bitty well
when the ice starts to do this and it starts to get ragged the storm is
actually bigger it covers more area covers more area and that’s why coming
up the coastline especially for South Carolina and North Carolina looked like
the two states that are really under the gun right now and we may even have a
landfall in North Carolina of these ports all over currently right now the
winds and durian or 110 miles per hour and the min minimum central pressure is
959 millibars it’s located at 28.1 North 78.8 West and it is moving Northwest at
6 miles per hour now when we come to the latest tracking map from the National
Hurricane Center you can see that hurricane warnings are still up down
around Florida this is where it’s that right is a eight o’clock earlier tonight
right in this area should make that turn sometime coming up tomorrow afternoon
we’ve got hurricane warnings all up and down the coastline of South Carolina
North Carolina and ask for myself I am under a hurricane watch at this time all
of Eastern North Carolina down – right in here hurricane watch up in
this area we have a tropical storm watch going on for the Virginia area so
remember that what I told you about these boys the closer they get together
the faster it moves through here it would not surprise me if down around
South Carolina it might try to pick up a little bit of strength now I’m not
saying it’s going to get up to something catastrophic but it probably more than
likely will remain a very good strong Category – if not a little more when
it’s right down in this area as it moves on across it should weaken on out and it
may not do this it’s just what it looks like it may do to me now I’m going to
try to go over watches and warnings for everybody but everybody on the North
Carolina eastern coast I have to look after you guys because that’s me and my
neck of the woods and I’m gonna do everybody just as just as good as I can
but I want to go over to the latest report that’s been put out from the
National Weather Service down in Newport now this covers everybody in Eastern
North Carolina okay I’ll show you more maps in a month this is New Bern this is
Washington this is the Outer Banks this is everybody and plumb up and crest low
and everywhere okay in Eastern North Carolina looking like now the biggest
thing for me that is my real worry is surge storm surge it is high at this
time rainfall and flooding is high at this time they just put this out tonight
winds five we’re going to have high winds we’re gonna have 60 to 70
mile-per-hour winds if not higher but we do have a low tornado threat the
greatest tornado threat that I’ve seen has been down around the Jacksonville
area I’ve had people write music gonna be bad as
Florence will I hope not okay I hope not and it’ll be quite
different than Florence was for a lot of us because Florence just would not quit
day and day night and night this should come in and in a few hours go back out
but here is the storm surge watch right now you can see up around Columbia and
this part of Washington County that far up in the eastern sections all along
from duck cleaned down to Ocracoke this is all watches all the way down to
Morehead City Snead’s Ferry New Bern oriental Aurora and of course Washington
as we move this up you can see a little bit right down here as we get a little
lower that is a warning already now we will move through to the storm surge
threat and you can see what’s going on if you are in the orange if you live
anywhere around where you see orange you got a good chance it’s looking like of
six – possibly seven feet of storm surge above ground level now that covers a big
portion that’s up in plummets to Plymouth with a little bit of yellow
they have the Roanoke River up there and more than likely it’s going to flood out
at some point and bring some storm surge in also of course I live out in this
area right in here and I don’t live in Belle Haven but I
live out in this area here Belle Haven is a little over this little dot you see
but I’m gonna get it – and it even increases more down around Morehead City
down around Jacksonville and North Topsail Beach I’ve said in other videos
I’ve made I thought that down around Topsail Beach and up around Emerald Isle
and all of those little places right in here I think you’re going to get the
works of the storm period so if you’re in the red
it’s greater than nine feet above ground level storm surge is going to come
rolling in so please prepare folks what does it exactly mean with the storm
surge we know it’s always water rushing that as well on the beach areas that
causes severe beach erosion and the dunes are lost in large sections of
nearshore escape routes and secondary roads they’re just washed out completely
or either flooded so bad you can’t get through and this is probably this is
going to change some because I have a feeling that all everything this orange
is probably going to be turning red by sometime tomorrow so please folks I
can’t stress enough after what I went through with Florence last year storm
surge is a killer so be prepared and know what to do with it I’m not trying
to frighten anybody I’m just telling you that there is this chance here in this
looking greater and greater right now of this happening so make sure you’ve got
your preparations done now when it comes to the flooding rain well goodness
gracious North Topsail Beach the Emerald Isle Morehead City area Cedar Island
Ocracoke Hatteras village all you guys got 10 to 15 inches of rain when you get
up to Rodanthe and man you know that’s 8 to 10 up to duck six to eight Englehart
eight to ten stumpy point eight to ten so one quarter eight to ten Bayboro
Newburn eight to ten when you get over in my neck of the woods look looking
like I’m gonna get six to eight inches of rain and that goes as well as for
plum us-colombia Trenton other than that it starts off at the
eight to ten to the again during the Greenville area the Williamston area
Snow Hill 10 ston Kenansville looking like four to six inches of rain
we have to be concerned with the storm surge but also flooding from the rain
and some amounts could actually get 15 inches it’s looking like it okay now for
the Pamlico River and for the Pongo River up in this area and down in here
for the river expect some storm surge I’m just telling you go ahead and
prepare you know all this rains coming on top of it you cannot be too ready
make sure you can stay wherever you’re at for at least a couple of days with
food and water and make sure it’s safe before you go out because there’s going
to be debris everywhere right quickly we do need to go over the watches and
warnings but before I do that I don’t know if you guys are aware this or not
the numbers probably gone up but earlier in the day 6,200 people in the Bahamas
did not have any water to drink can you imagine 6,200 people in the
Bahamas without drinking water so like I say I don’t number know if that number
is correct right now or not this was earlier in the day now we got a storm
surge warning in effect for a Jupiter Inlet Florida to Surf City North
Carolina a storm surge watch in effect north of Surf City NC to duck NZ Pamlico
and Albemarle sounds the noose and the Pamlico rivers hurricane warning in
effect for Sebastian Inlet Florida Daponte Verde Beach Florida north of
Savannah River to Surf City North Carolina hurricane watch in effect from
north upon Verta Beach Florida to Savannah River north of Surf City and
sea to the North Carolina Virginia border and the Albemarle and Pamlico
sounds tropical storm warning is in effect Grand Bahama and a basket island
and the north Western Bahamas north upon inverted
Beach Florida to Savannah River Jupiter Inlet Florida to Sebastian in inlet in
Florida and we have a tropical storm watch in effect for the North Carolina
Virginia border to Chincoteague Virginia Chesapeake Bay from Smith Point
southward now I’m not going to go into all this stuff y’all know what a storm
surge warning tropical storm warning and all that stuff means you’re you should
by now but we’re gonna come down here and see what could be affecting
everybody the wind the tropical storm conditions will continue on the Grand
Bahama Island and along Treasure Coast of Florida for a few more hours then
tropical storm conditions are expected to begin with in the tropical storm
warning area in North Florida and Georgia late tonight and early tomorrow
hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the hurricane warning
area in Florida overnight now tropical storm conditions will begin with the
hurricane warning around in the Carolinas tomorrow with hurricane
conditions by Wednesday night storm surge water level should very slowly
subside on the Grand Bahama Islands and the Baco Island through tonight near the
coast and the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves the
combination of all this dangerous storm surge and the tide will cause normally
dry areas near the coast to be flooded by rising waters moving inland from the
shoreline and as a matter of fact that my water has already started to rise so
if you are in Eastern North Carolina and you are close to the water you might see
your water starting to already rise now Savannah River to Cape Lookout North
Carolina four to seven feet Volusia bard County line Florida to Savannah River
three to five feet Kate look out and see the duck including family
and album oil sounds and the news and the Pamlico rivers they’ve got three to
five but on the chart it’s more like six to seven Jupiter Inlet Florida Tuvalu
Savard County line Florida two to four now let me see what they’ve got going on
down here that Hurricane Center saying water levels could begin to rise well in
here how about that well in advance of the arrival of strong winds a surge will
be accompanied by large and destructive waves surge related flooding depends on
how close the center comes to the coast and it’s looking like it’s some nudged
over a bit for Eastern North Carolina and it can vary greatly over a short
distance like the center has got ragged and the whole storms got ragged the
storm is stretching out and reaching more area now than it did 24 hours ago
now the flooding rains is looking like the Bahamas an additional bless their
hearts 1 2 3 inches with isolated storm totals before it’s all over 230 coastal
Carolina’s 5 to 10 with an isolated 15 Atlantic coast from Florida peninsula
north to West Palm Beach through Georgia and across Southeast Virginia 3 to 6
inches we all know the surfs a mess don’t go out in it rip currents galore
very very dangerous that’s up and down the entire eastern coast right now all
the way up from Maryland and off the coast of New Jersey all the way down to
Florida now tort or a tornado or two is possible near the immediate coast of
Florida during the next several hours from this risk will shift to along the
immediate coast of Georgia and the Carolinas tomorrow right the route
Thursday I’m gonna leave you with this information for tonight tomorrow evening
tomorrow night at some point I may try to go live I’m not promising but just
keep your eyes and ears open I will post something
you guys know if I am going live so I’ll try my best to do that it may be the
last chance I get to talk to you before the storm hits but as you can see I’ll
leave you with this map here and you can see as it moves from here to here
there’s a good there I mean we’re right here there’s a great chance that where
this pink area is there could be a direct impact I’m not saying it’s going
to be I’m saying there is a great chance so with all that said and done please
stay safe my friends everywhere you are I love you all thank you so much for
everything you do for me please share this information for me if you would I
appreciate that a lot and everybody please stay safe god bless you all peace
loving kindness to all thanks for watching

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  1. Praying for the east coast. GOD BLESS all and keep all safe. Praying for mercy. Thanks dear Lady and be safe yourself.

  2. Thank GOD! Glad it's dissipating and losing it's strength. Folks, we need to keep praying that all stay safe, and the storm continues to dissipate. Thanks Jewell for your dedication to keeping us all notified. Jewell, hope you won't have to evacuate, but it sounds like the winds won't be as bad as they've been.

  3. Praying for all out on the east, God Bless. J you stay safe and be ready when it's time to get safer hun. Peace Love and Kindness to you as always.

  4. Man, I feel so sick for the people in the bahamas. 😭😢
    I'm feeling sorry for myself that I may lose electricity and here they are over 6000 no drinking water. Not to mention the total devastation loss these guys are facing.

  5. Jewel praying for you and everyone up and down the coast and surrounding areas if you need anything let us know love you

  6. I have a feeling that September is going to be a very, very, very, busy hurricane season. There's another channel that is talking about the one coming off the coast of Africa that we Really have to watch…sigh…
    This person is very concerned that the one that will probably be called Gabrielle, will be heading to the East Coast around the 19th of September, (NY area) but of courseNothing's written in stone with the weather, but everything has to be Watched… and everything is so Uncertain and these storms just get weirder and weirder and stronger and stronger ~ so we r
    Really have to keep a heads up and keep other people informed.
    Okay….. God bless, thanks for all the reporting, and be Safe 🙏🤔🙂 YISH 🥴

  7. Thanks for update. I am still praying for you and everyone in the path of this storm. You know i will worry about you until you have communication. Last time I was in "panic mode".Wanted to come grab you out of there! Will Michelle be available to help keep us updated? She was awesome! Love you dear friend. 💖

  8. Jewel, honey you sound so tired. I am so glad we got to talk today. Sending love out to you dear and all of those in the path of this storm. I know this sounds crazy. But, 6200 without WATER makes me tear up. I drink water almost constantly. I can't imagine that. I just can't. I hope there were some prepper heros among those 6200 people.

  9. Thank you so much Jewel! I must say I'm worried about my daughter and her family they live in Jacksonville NC ,as of tonight they are not evacuating .I'm praying she changes her mind and go North alittle maybe to Fayetteville. If not I'm asking everyone to pray for South and North Carolina. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Wow and it hasn't got up to you the hurricane yet I pray for you and Jesus don't let the water come in to J house are you leaving and hope the best

  11. I have a bad feeling that it’ll go due West and smash into Tampa and get back to the Gulf and get huge again and smash into New Orleans.

  12. There is a few faces in the spiral if you play this video at slow speed my friend. Stay aware and stay strong please. I need to watch your other videos, I live in Arizona and I have my video how your area is constantly under attack in the right hand of the USA near Florida hand fighting a snake and the flipped picture of a mouthless face in the ocean.

  13. My thoughts and prayers are with you my sweet friend and the North Carolina , and All that is going to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian, God Bless & Take Care ,Stay Safe ! 😪😥💔🌀

  14. Hi Jewel!! I.hope you are doing good and staying safe. Right now here, it ain't so good. (btw.. I aint figured out yet how to get a message to you on your most recent videos yet) It's 1:15a.m. here in Central FL. We just lost power for the 1st time. The eye is upon us right now according to the live moving map on TWC. My large oak trees outside are throwing big limbs on my house & around it. Its scary out there cause I am all by myself. Living in FL all my life we know that when our power surges like this, it means weather IS or could already be very bad or about to get really bad outside. Sometimes it can also mean a tornado is here or getting very close, especially if it's lightning & real windy outside. It WAS raining extremely slow cause of the eye. Which means it will soon get much worse once we are on the backside of the eye wall. Well its sounds like its starting to pick back up again meaning the worst is about to come!! And pretty quick too. Gotta go & must save my battery. I've been listening to you for about a month now. I enjoy your channel. Just so you know for your next video. I am in the East Lake County area of FL in the Mt Dora/Sorrento area. Maybe that'll help you to know more exact of the location where Dorian is approx at for now. Bye for now!! Thank You for all You do!!💜

  15. Dorian's Eye is over us right now. I'm in East Lake County FL. We're in the Mt Dora, Sorrento, Eustis & Tavares areas of FL. I'm 43miles from Daytona.

  16. Great video! Your a truly great channel! I do daily weather forecasts too and I’m 13! It will be awesome if you subscribe to my channel and maybe watch some videos of mine! Great job

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