Hurricane Dorian Update with J7409 Monday Evening 9/2/19

good evening everyone I’m Jewel with the
J7409 hurricane Dorian update for this evening Monday Labor Day the 2nd of
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I would certainly appreciate it hurricane durian looking on the
satellite still looking like a buzz saw it’s just stopped folks with stationary
as of right now stationary and it’s about 25 miles
northeast of Freeport Grand Bahama Island it’s about 105 miles east of West
Palm Beach Florida the winds are 145 miles per hour however
when the planes went up to do their stuff just a little while back they did
clock 148 winds but it’s looking now like the National Hurricane Center is
reporting 145 for the wind it is stationary as I said and the barometric
pressure is just something else 27 point seven inches that’s what the barometric
pressure is now as we look at this you can tell still let’s hope it takes the
turn like it should if not and it moved just a couple of degrees farther to the
west a lot of people in Florida would be in a lot worse shape than they’re going
to be and you’re going to feel this anyway trust me on that I hate to report
this but I also while we’re just looking at this bigger Rochas storm here I need
to report that in the Bahamas by at least five people have lost their lives
at this point before it’s all over there’s probably going to be a whole lot
more and for my friends down on the islands I want to urge you not to go out
in the eye of the storm this has been reported a lot of the videos that you
guys put up that I have watched you don’t see this because of video
it’s off but it it’s in I found it okay it’s this is a actual fact people if you
remember in some of the videos you’ve seen a a complex where people lived it
was like you know they rented these areas and there’s just like a little
little place well it was demolished you could see it down to the cement well
people in the houses across the street the water was getting up almost to the
roof they didn’t know what to do the I came out they came down they swam across
to the other side to safety and it’s I’m glad to report
they did make it before the backside of the I came back but that’s a very very
dangerous thing to do so God was with them and I’m glad they made it now I’ve
got my sandbags out I’m going to get Eastern North Carolina yes we’re going
to get Category to stop more than likely state of emergency in Dare County
mandatory evacuation for visitors goes into effect tomorrow Tuesday at 12 p.m.
and it’s out for the residents Wednesday at 6 a.m. state of emergency for in
mandatory evacuation now on the little island right next to me and mandatory
evacuation for Ocracoke Island for the visitors it’s going into effect at 5
a.m. tomorrow morning there are many many more mandatory evacuations and
different evacuations that are going on in Eastern North Carolina as well as
South Carolina and Georgia if you are not a subscriber to my Facebook weather
page you need to do that ok now the storm is looking like that it
has increased in size a little bit if you can believe that it’s now looking
like it’s probably around 120 miles wide right now ok 120 and miles wide at this
time as we turn to the national hurricane
Center here’s a little preview of what to expect folks look at this map can you
believe it I told you all this was going to start showing up right now we will
check Dorian see if it coincides with what I’ve come up with yes it does winds
of 145 the pressure’s 9:40 millibars located 26.8 north 78 point 4 west and
it is nearly stationary it’s not going anywhere we come over here this is a
disturbance number two it’s an extensive area of showers and thunderstorms and is
continuing in association with this area of low pressure it’s over the south
central Gulf of Mexico and the environmental conditions do appear a
little conducive for additional development and a tropical depression is
likely to form during the next few days while the low moves slowly westward to
west southwest word toward the coast of Mexico interest along the northeast
coast of Mexico should monitor the progress of this system two days 60
percent five days 70 percent now this little thing right here I don’t think
it’s going to do a whole lot it’s just gonna keep going up and get absorbed and
finally get dissipated and absorbed into some more pressure systems up here
that’s what I think okay but it’s a trough of low pressure it’s several
hundred miles south southeast of Bermuda and it’s producing disorganized showers
and thunderstorms a little bit of development of this disturbance is
possible the next few days after that upper level winds are forecast to become
less favorable for the tropical cyclone formation but however if you’re on the
island of Bermuda you should monitor the progress of this disturbance it’s got a
30% chance through the next five days now you guys won’t be able to see
everything that comes up but just trust me I’ll let you know this one we’re
going to have to watch before I even get on it this red one I think it’s going to
go up some but we’re going to have these pressure systems we’re going to have two
more we always have two it seems like these big old hives and it’s going to go
up so far and then I believe it’s gonna ride this trough
Ridge and then it can come back down and then it could come either on the
East Coast it could come back down go across the islands or it could go in the
Gulf we’ll wait and see or it could go on out
but that’s not what I’m thinking right now
and this is an elongated area of low pressure it’s a few hundred miles west
of the Cabo Verde Islands right now this system is currently producing limited
showers and thunderstorms however a tropical depression is
expected to form during the next day or so while the system moves generally
north westward across the eastern tropical Atlantic two days 80% chance
five days 90 percent chance then I told you also another one was coming off the
coast and when it came off it would be more powerful than this one that’s
turning red now well boom here it is right here it’s tropical disturbance
number four I talked about these systems well over ten days ago this is a
tropical wave right now it’s forecast to merge over the Far Eastern tropical
Atlantic between Africa and the Cabo Verde Islands in the next few days it
must be powerful folks for them to put this out and it hasn’t left the coast of
Africa yet you see what they said forecast to emerge so that’s just
something for you to keep in mind now the environmental conditions are
forecast to be conducive for the development and a tropical depression
could form late this week or over the weekend while the system moves westward
to west-northwestward and it’s very low in two days at zero it’s got to get off
the coast okay but in five days it’s up to a 50% chance of forming now we’re
looking at the tracking map I’m not going to read all of the watches and
warnings are in effect for Florida Georgia and South Carolina right now I
do suggest that you do click show more scroll down everything will be listed
for you there as we look at this map we do have a hurricane warning
look just about the entire eastern coast of Florida at this time we have a truck
tropical storm warning over at Lake Okeechobee right in here and this right
down here is a tropical storm warning this is a tropical storm watch we have a
hurricane watch from Georgia all the way up to South Carolina almost up to Myrtle
Beach but not quite yet that will probably start at some point tomorrow or
tomorrow night and then move across North Carolina right in the coastal
areas right in here then shoot on off something I don’t know
if you guys know or not when you read these maps you see how close these
little bars are right here in Florida and then you see this little bar and
this little bar is further apart that means the storm will pick up speed
okay every time these bars get further apart the storm is picking up more steam
and it’s moving faster so you can see right now off the coast of South
Carolina by the time it gets up here it will be going right over me right up in
this area for the inner and outer banks all coastal sections of northeastern
North Carolina right up to around the Virginia Beach area
you guys can get some stop to you see it’s going to move really fast most of
our stuff and this area should occur beginning Wednesday at some point with
rain not a lot of wind Wednesday but rain at some point the rain will
increase and then by Thursday it will increase some more Thursday night and
Friday morning is when we should probably in Eastern North Carolina get
the brunt of what we’re going to get and then going out and look how much once it
gets back out here how much it picks up speed as it goes on up towards
the Canadian Aryan Nova Scotia and all up here and it turns subtropical then
and it should die on out now for everybody up around Massachusetts Long
Island Connecticut parts of Rhode Island if you’re on the coastal sections up in
here do expect rip currents the rip currents are going to be very high that
are already high everywhere surfers should know not to go into the swimmers
you should know better than the go in the ocean right now with this huge
hurricane going so please please keep keep that in mind I just wanted to point
this out so you guys can see it should pick up speed by Wednesday morning as it
gets off this coast of Florida moving up to Georgia and then continue
to pick up speed but it’s still going to bring a lots of rain lots of it could
happen it could have some good storm surge with it okay and it is going to
have wind and it will pick up speed as it moves on out and I wanted you to be
able to read these bars and actually know what they meant rain rain and more
rain this is going to change as the storm changes folks okay we still have
that little chance that hadn’t actually turned yet but we still have that little
chance of more rain in Florida than what it looks like here okay I do want to
remind everyone in Florida adds up right now and and all the way up until this
thing is out and past your state you do have a chance of tornadoes you do have a
chance the possibility of tornadoes forming please don’t forget about that
and be aware of it anywhere you see this rain in Florida you could have a chance
of a tornado pop-up so be aware of that looking like right around the coastline
right in this area up here we got 6 to 10 inches of rain wherever you see this
brown in South Carolina and all the way up across Coastal Carolina North
Carolina up into ginyan you don’t have quite as much maybe 4 to 6 inches
right in here now also for Georgia you got around two to four just the very
coastal edges if you’re on the water very coastal edges of Georgia
you should get maybe four to six inches other than that’s looking like two to
four when you get to South Carolina though this is a big deal the rain is
going to be such 10 inches in these areas where it is in the darker shade of
orange so be aware it’s like flooding is going to be a problem I hope everyone
has prepared state of emergencies going on in every one of these states right
now from North Carolina South Carolina Georgia and Florida take a look at the
storm surge map right now for watches and warnings we do have a watch going on
from North Charleston all the way down right on down into Savannah you can see
it goes right on down into parts of Florida there Savannah Georgia right in
here this is Florida and all the way up to North Charleston that’s for a storm
surge watch right now the warnings pick up right in this area here of Georgia we
got Valdosta over here this is coastline where the warnings are they’re going all
the way down as you can see past Port st. Lucie to West Palm Beach not quite
to Boca Raton but West Palm Beach for sure these are warnings a good chance of
some storm surge is coming your way I’m gonna leave you guys with this quick
reminder for everyone in northeastern North Carolina tomorrow morning on the
Facebook page and I will put it on YouTube also I should have an update
from the National Weather Service of exactly what we should expect for
eastern North Carolina now with this map here you can see
everything going on it just doesn’t have the space bars in it so you can see the
timing and just remember this storm is staying off land and look
what it’s doing these poor people here got the direct hit the US has been
spared all of us let’s count our blessings but people please please
prepare Georgia coastline South Carolina’s coastline all the way into
Charleston all the way up across the outer and inner banks and Howard we’re
going to feel this and look how close it does come to hitting us bingo right
there but it seems to be five or ten miles offshore for what difference I
have made so folks with all they said and done please stick around I will have
more coming up it’s been a very long day but this is what it’s looking like
generally for the most of tonight few changes here and there we’ll wait and
see if it may pick up a little speed it may not we’ll have to wait and see right
now it’s probably just gonna stick around a little bit I love you guys
thank you for your donations thank you for watching my videos thank you for
sharing this information it’s still a wait-and-see game this this thing can
still deviate either way a little more be fine with me if it would go to the
writing the impact it is having on the US would not be half as bad if it
deviates a little to the left it’s bad news for all of us I love you so much
take care of yourselves okay and stay safe peace love and kindness to all
thanks for watching

27 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian Update with J7409 Monday Evening 9/2/19

  1. Thank you for the evening report. Are you going to be ok where you are at? I pray you will be safe. Love you. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  2. What's in a name? Well, I think your mom knew what she was doing when she named you, JEWEL!!! They better never name a hurricane after YOU! Love you! Wished we lived closer! Stay safe! Glad Brad is coming!!!!

  3. Thank you Jewel for all your hard work! God bless you please stay safe! ๐Ÿ’• my prayers are continuous for all in the path of this beast! ๐Ÿ™

  4. hey jewel i have a question i just saw something saying that she has a wobble around the eye which means there is a eye wall replacement happening and she will get stronger as she gets closer to charleston and nc becacause the pressure is really low can you tell me what you think

  5. Oh gosh, it looks like itโ€™s over us!:โ€™| and thanx for the info because I need this to stay safe! Thanx jewel!!!

  6. Remember the future I didn't accidentally write this sentence.. what would Jesus do. Noticed that that last part had a". "And not a"?" What would Jesus do is not a question it's a statement .it's a testimony. This Hurricane has always and going straight into the mouth of North Carolina and no point was it ever going to do anything else and Satan's followers they all knew it. I'm praying harder for you than I am for me and I'm praying pretty hard for me thank you Jule. Thank you for being my sister and thank you for understanding who our father is.

  7. My brother wants to stay back in Beaufort, SC. I told him that our great grandma who i never got the chance to meet told the family when she was little about the sea island hurricane in 1893. She said the water got up so high, they were on the roof. My grandad told my mom and she told us

  8. Hi Jewel , I went to bed at around 6 exhausted but the wind woke me up and it's picked up pretty good now, Tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least. Ok be safe I'm going back to bed, Long day tomorrow. Get some rest when ever possible and everyone be safe and stay prepared. xoxo

  9. Jewel, I want you to know I have watched everyone of your reports and updates and you have done an excellent job reporting!!! Sent your reports to several family and friends along the Eastern coastline. Thank you!!! Much love and Prayers out for you and all others in harms way… ((((((HUG))))) Be safe…. Do you have help with the sand bags? I sure hope you do.

  10. Thank you Jule so much for your faithful reporting may the Lord renew your strength as the Eagles and get you through the storm safely prayers for you and your nephew God bless you

  11. My daughter lives in Jacksonville NC she is prepared. I lives in Maryland will we be getting any of this I'm thinking mainly rain.God bless everyone else and please be prepared and stay safe get out if needed!

  12. Jewel, ty so much for everything. Please try and get some sleep. That obstinate monster is not moving fast. It will sit long enough for you to rest. Someone can call you if there's a warning posted. Please take care of yourself, because we love you. Julie ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’ž ๐Ÿ

  13. I've been watching your Channel now for several weeks I have to say I really, really enjoy I listening to what you have to say about the weather, preparing and even a little history thrown in. Very informative. Also noticed the telescope in the background and just found out you are interested in astronomy. Astronomy is one of my hobbies also. Thanks and keep looking up at the sky.

  14. It would be nice if one of the disturbances become a category 1 or a tropical storm and hits Maryland we really need the rain it's been very hot and dry this year we could really use the rain but not a hurricane to bad that very deadly just something small like a tropical storm or category 1 but maryland hadn't had a hurricane since 2003 hurricane Isabel so I don't see it happening

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