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*dat Madras Meter Madness* Here you go – take it. Aha, muruga muruga, muruga. Ok, what did you pray to the god? I asked God: why in my lifetime, you had to be my husband. And what did you pray? I prayed that this shouldn’t be my 7th birth. Hello…tell dude. Huh, wut?! When man?? Damnnn. Told everyone? Tell me now Leave and come now. I’ll take care – just come, keep yer phone down. Hey man, who’s that on the phone? Sekhar’s bro, Suman. What haps to him – an accident?? Nothing like that. Marriage ahhhh!!! Ummmmm…. What, think we taking a romantic film?? Bro, its been an hour since you entered. Talk something! Serious issues could be discussed only close up. So, you’re getting married, eh? Yes bro, that’s why I’m so scared. That’s what I sought you out. Gimme some advice. Why did you see me and ask that question?! So, you’re hoping to not have any fights with your wife. Yes bro. Obama doesn’t know what fear means. You know that? Don’t know. Why? Cause’ he dunno Tamil 🙂 Bro, don’t put mokkai.
– Eii Are you doing comedy or me? Bro, there can be a week without a Sunday But a life without a fight? No chance! It’s dead.
What is? Your sense of humour. That’s married life 🙂 Then you say a fight is surely coming? Most certainly. Then what do I do? Bro, a fight is like a stomach. You can’t hide it, but you sure damn can reduce it. *omgcringefacepalm* huh..
– For you, both are difficult. Hey…dei… I’ve got 6 ideas to live a happy life! Then come and tell. I’m going out. Will come back by 8 PM.
– I’ll also come then! I’m not going out. It’s ok, just get lost somewhere.
– Heh heh Thanks. What’s the idea here? Do ya know what 8 PM means to us? The same thing – 8 PM – know what it means to my wife? Then, wherever we go, come home 30 minutes early and no troubles, right? For the first 6 months, perhaps. But after 6 years… Honey I’m home! Told I’ll come at 8, and I’m home by 7:30 🙂 Oh yes, and what you gonna achieve by coming early? What…what you doing?! No ma, acidity… Heyy, wanna go eat outside? You tell me, where can we go? Saravana Bhavan
– Last week only we went. Then Chinese – Mainland China! Don’t want Chinese – duplicates. Taj Coromandellll.. And please do show me the monies… *shudders* Vasanta Bhavan We went there for my dad’s bday…don’t want that. Amaravathi, Saravana Bhavan, Sangeetha…
– No need Chaita…Palmgrove
– No need. *brainfade* Kaiyandi Bhavan… Don’t we go there for all the birthdays?? Hmph. Where What Where we going in the end? Adinga… Kasi.. …Rameswaram I perfectly understood There’s one simple way to escape 🙂 Ei, can you make me your favorite dish? Ok sure, Upma only right? I’ll do it. Mmmmmmm, you understand now? What you like of your wife’s cooking? The Upma! That’s what she eats everyday. Hey, why you so silent? Why are you so silent Ma? Yo, I’m coming dude, 1 min. Why art thou silence? Yo wait man, nothing is up. Call me in 5 mins. I know why you are silent. Did Ramani’s wife Girija call you? 😉 Look here, they made a wife joke or two.. But I joked about you only once! You can’t be silent like this for that and all.. I’m not silent for that. I’ve had my teeth pulled and hence the silence. Then Ramani’s wife didn’t call you? Not at all! *relief* But you’ve made some jokes about me… *oh shizz* What you made fun of – my cooking, or my beauty.. Or the way you take care of me – like that’s amazing. Only my teeth required pulling. For you, your tongue needs to be axed. So… What’s the moral of the story? If the wife is silent. Just shut it and keep going… If I ask you a Q, what will you do? I’ll answer it. And what if the Q is repeated after your answer? 🙂 I’ll let it go and answer again! And what if the same question is asked a hundred times? I’ll take a stick and put it on the head. And what if asked once more? I’ll start crying!! Welcome to married life. Your life will be chased by 5 question…forever! Question number 1. “Why, where are you man?” It doesn’t really matter where we are at. But she’ll keep asking… Question number 2. “Yo, are you eating home or eating out?” Tell outside and see You’ll find out the quality of the food at home tomorrow then! Ohh… Question number 3. “Why, I’ve put on weight no. Do I look fat?” If you say yes, you’re dead. And if I say no?
– You won’t live. Question number 4. You are…always in love with me, right? Ah, Truly. Maadly. Deeeeply. Gotta tell like that only? Got to tell in this order. Else, deeply will become diwali. Question number 5. “What are the plans for the weekend?” It’s only Monday – why ask so soon.. Whether we know it or not, these are the 5 questions that haunt the life of a husband. You’ll see now? “Those who say yes [to this proposition], raise your hands.” Huh.. Oh, for the audience..alrighto, alrighto. Everybody Do you know the first enemy of the “happily married life”? Anger, hatred, suspicion. *telugu translation required* You see Telugu films?? Eh, lighta. This guy only. Be comfortable…always be happy. Don’t worry about anything. What’s the big issue. Uhh
– What are you doing man?? Speaking on the phone. Spend time with your wife dude – that’s only important. What you doing now?? Updating my status on whatsapp. Feeling blessed. If I just come out now..[watch what’ll happen] Feeling emotional 🙁 Eii, check out FB. There’s a video upload. All the time on the phone on FB, Twitter..etc. Need to take your phone 1st and throw it away. NO NEED FOR ANY PHONE. Yo, keep the phone you rascal. If anyone calls me, I’ll beat you with ma slippers. What man, why you showing the anger you have on me on the phone. Who was it?? You dad. Bro, I have a doubt. Will this problem persist only on this phone model or on all phones? The education you received from your dad doesn’t equal the one I got. There’s one Tamil word the Captain doesn’t like. Groups! Before that.. *captain starts to blabber* None of that, I’ll myself say. Forgiveness. Bro, this is very important. 20 marks question. When do we have to… Ask them for apologies? Bro, you’re an innocent soul. Always *stark silence* We only have to apologize. Very important issue. What is it na? Its possible for you to live without any of what I said happening. Then everything we had discussed is gone to waste?! Nothing is wasted. With your experience, put a video on Madras Meter and it’ll be alright. So sad… Life is a warfield. And you gotta live it and see. The war can change. But wife alone will never change! *bows* Get well soon! I won’t touch the cycle. But the watchman made me wipe my own car!! And that is our talent 🙂 Ohh… You don’t turn around for my mom, but you do for my sister, ehh? Oh, for you *yap yap, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, THANKS! :)*

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  1. Balaji venugopal sir… ungala ipove pakanum pola irke … enge irundheenga ivlo nal…. epd na madras meter a miss pannen teryalaye … awsome wrk …. reloaded vera level …kepp dng more and more videos……m 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. பாம்புக்கு பள்ளு புடிங்கிட்டாங்க !!!

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