Husbanned Holiday Special 😜  | Madras Meter

Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills etc. when paid by credit card
Could lead to doubling of GST charges say….. My school’s organizing a two day excursion to Bangalore
Need to manage mom somehow and get an okay from dad…What do I do? Hmmm… Idea!
Not to spread such rumors on social media… Dad…
Have you gone out on tours when you were in school? Oh yes!
With your Grandpa… To Tirupathi! Not like that! I meant with your school friends… It was a big deal I even went to school
Tour it seems… Appa, tell me please! Aiyyyooo… Yes I’ve gone many times! But to just one place… Which place? Vandalur (zoo) It’s where your mom is from… Vandalur? Really? Yup! Year on year The tigers and lions got bored of seeing our faces… Not Vandalur dad! I mean out of town! No way! That’s too risky… What is risky? Bangalore is right here! We’ve got phones, whatsapp… And next month…
You’ve got exams, homework, assignments… You focus on that. Appa, why are you changing the topic? Okay fine!
We’ve got phones, whatsapp… So what?
So… I’ll send you photos, location…
I’ll be safe dad
I’ll be in touch with you. Nothing doing… Go! Dad… This weekend… Let’s hatch a mega plan without telling mom. What have I ever done without telling your mom? As if you’ve never done something without telling her! I’ve done only one thing without her knowledge.
What? What is it? Unknowingly married her! That’s your personal stuff
I don’t need that You devil… Okay leave that…
There’s this contest at the mall Where they check how many runs
You can score with your dad… We’re going there,
Hitting runs
and winning the cup! But why can’t Mom know? She knows how amazing (NOT) you are at cricket! She’ll discourage me also from going! As if you’re some ViratKohli… Hmm… Wait…
Let me think… Think in this angle.. v..v…v What? I know u require brain to understand Veni..Vidi..Vici… Thank God!
I thought it was a cuss word… Hey… Are you in a good mood? I promise you..
I was in a good mood until now… Not so sure about the future… Tell me… God! It’s so hoooot this year… right? She’s always at home with A/C What did she see sun ? Something’s wrong… I need a break from this heat Aaah… I see where this is going. In 2008…
you went with school friends on a trip..
to Shimla… Remember ? I hope you haven’t forgotten… Ya… so? And in 2014? for Ravi’s second marriage… You went to Godforsaken Pattaya for the stag party…
You remember that? How can I forget Pattaya?
It’s the city of angels…
What about that? What! I’m talking about something
and you’re raising your voice already! I’m raising my voice? Looks like my 2017 Malaysia trip is a goner…
Just like yours… Even I have an engagement coming up. You got an engagement..Wedding and two kids… Aiyo! Why are you reminding me of that sad story again? My school friends and I together… You and your school friends together
would look like an oldage home! (Plates breaking) No no… Go on… My school friends and I have decided..
to hit Kodaikanal for a couple of days.
You need to manage everything. Am I a tour manager or what?
you can manage. Just think and say yes. It’s just for two days.
Let me go… No…No…
I have to think… why is no one at home? Shreya has sent me some messages…
“Daddy… You’re a Master Mind ” for sending mom out of town during my excursion.
I love you sooo much… What?! She has gone for excursion? andRaji’s out of town?
What did I do?!
(Phone rings) and Raji’s out of town?
What did I do?! (Phone rings) Thanks for sending me to Kodaikanal… One sec, my friends are calling me…
I’ll call you back… uhh… Hello?.. When did she leave to Kodai?..
When did I permit her to go?.. Hey..come here… Daddy! You’re a rockstar! Hi-5… You’ve packed up the ladies for the weekend. Now we can cricket away all day! He’s also saying the same thing…
When did I do all this?? (Flashback) Mmmm…
Just two days right… Go! Have fun!.. Thank you pa! We’re winning the cup! Mmmm…
Just two days?Go for four days if you want… Mmm… Wow! I’ve got such a good name from having a 5 Star? I should probably have it all day!
*Phone rings* Hey Manikanda… Exactly… Show me the money! You took 10k from me right?
Keep it ready… How do I tackle him now? Hey Sarvesh! Ya tell me dad! Manikandan uncle will come now.
When he does, before he can say anything,
Say…. I gave him this… Okay? Ramesh? Of course Suresh!

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