There are only two organisms in the worls that will get caught by it’s own MOUTH. The first, is the Frog. The other… Honey, what are you writing uselessly? Check what is happening on the TV! Who cares what’s on the TV -.-” Hmph There is so a lot of dust on the TV, don’t you ever dust it? *vessels crashing* An organism called… HUSBAND! You can find this organism anywhere from the remote
forests of Amazon to the markets of Aminjikarai The daily activities and routines of this organism… Sitting for hours together and reading the paper Watching TV without even noticing a fly entering it’s mouth Overthinking over absolutely nothing When it starts doing a job, it will abandon that job,
start another job, leave that and come back to the job it started
and finally abandon it all and go do something else. Showing his true anger, rage, sadness, laughter only to himself…. cuddling himself! Without a single strand of responsibility For example, dropping a wet towel right on the floor Not bothering about what is below it’s legs Trying to cool coffee without knowing how to cool, and leaving it right there Flinging slippers into the air If his relatives or friends come home, What tremendous joy that bear experiences! Similarly if someone from his wife’s family comes… Ahhh Uh Ai! Ah! Uh! Hehehehe! Ends up not doing a single task properly thinking it is good at multitasking… If a weak opponent is found, it will throw it’s weight around But getting snubbed even in that If noone is home, it will be down-to-earth like this If it does a mistake and gets caught, will become down-to-earth like this also When there is an important work to be done, it will switch off
it’s phone and escape to it’s secret hiding spot Living in the false belief that everything happens according to him What is the reason for this situation of this organism called Husband? This nation? This society? Or is it this Government? Or is it Pakistan’s plot? None of them… the main reason is…. only it’s MOUTH Come, let’s see Oh no! My dad is admitted? Which hospital? Dear! -YES! Yay! Made it! Hahaha! My dad has slipped and fell! Made it? No dear… I didn’t mean your dad. Look here! Cricket match! Ayoooo, not me! The mastery of this organism is talking completely out of sync Who named you Vijay? I also heard that and believed it,
they should have called you “Thalaivaasal” Vijay It would have been perfect! ahhhh Hmph! We’ve been taught to not say anything when the wife asks WHAT in LKG.
But will this organism remain silent? Your dad also said that you will be like Meenakshi Seshadri If you aren’t like Meenakshi also it’s fine… You are like Seshadri! Did I ask anything? Huh! *splash* Hubby! My birthday is coming.. Huh! – Can you take me some place where no one has been before? Hahaha! I know that you will ask me this! Look here! Vaalu Movie ticket? This is where nobody has gone yet! haha! Awh! I don’t even care that you didn’t take me But you dare to insult my star “Simbu” with this stupid so-called creativity?! There will be no food for you tonight!
Get out! What do you like in your wife’s cooking? Biriyani! Sir what about you? Actually sir my wife cooks a lot, Soup, Biriyani, Pasta, Paiyya, Chicken, Mutton Masala
and she adds these small onions in them
and dices them in this perfect way that I love! And she cuts fried rice very nicely and makes the
naan also not very hot which when kept in my mouth will
melt and go down the throat like nectar En-Enough.. Sir, you seem to be very interested, what do you like in your wife’s cooking? Upma! That’s what she makes everyday Aaahhhh! Once you said it this openly You can forget getting that also now! Sir, if I should say it in TR’s style… “In everybody’s house it is only UpMa, but if you say it openly it is wrong Ma, wrong Ma!” Dear, everyone gets his wife a thousand gifts Have you ever gotten me at least ONE useful gift? Giftu? Useful? Thu! Check on the table! *din din taka dhin* Check UNDER the table! awh! How is my gift? 😉 Do you like it?
-A Weighing machine? You bloody bugger! I am fat in your eyes? Before marriage did I not seem fat to you? You wait, one day I will settle you! Tantanai! Whatis this? Flowers, sweets and all? Looks like someone has come in a romantic mood! Instead of saying “Yes” like Mani Ratnam, it will talk too much like Mysskin Nono! Today was Sarawathy Pooja at the office. That’s how! Go! They will give you some puffed rice and groundnuts there!
Eat that and sleep there itself! By the way, what kind of an alliance
are they looking for your sister? They are looking for a nice, tall, literate, rich, fair man! Handsome, fair, literate, tall… Ha! Your mom itself couldn’t find such an alliance!
How will your sister? After saying a stupid dialogue,
it will look forward to someone laughing If no one laughs it itself will… Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! What will happen if you laugh like this? Insult my parents and one stupid laugh also for all this, YOU! MMM! Hmm! *hums Goundamani’s tune* My brother is coming here for a week Why? Is Vandalur Zoo shut down for a week? Braving the world with your brother applies
to your brother only and not your wife’s The organism will understand this only after the wife turns! One fine day… The organism will understand that it’s mouth is the cause for all “No more talking, silence!” it will decide But bad fate It will get caught the also My mother is coming home *no reaction*
My mother is coming home *no reaction* She is bringing my sister along too *reaction* Oh! You didn’t turn for my mother,
but turned for my sister? Oh, you have intentions like that also is it? Wait, let the divorce come! *blah* Even when fast asleep, this organism’s mouth will not remain silent *loud snores* Even when sleeping you can’t remain
silent with your mouth can you? What kind of an organism are you? I will go to my mother’s house itself! I don’t wanna be in this place anymore! The moral of the story! The frog hurts itself by it’s mouth only in one way But this organism called husband,
will hurt itself in various ways! And it goes on! *mrudhangam music* In the music of family, the husband is like a mrudhangam If you go this side also there is a hit! *thud* If you go here also there is a hit! On the whole, getting snubbed is a certainty! *mrudhangam music* If you liked this video… Please subscribe to this channel, MADRAS METER! Got it?
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