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In Sprite Comedy Konkout Jose had challenged us we accept the challenge So here is the video for our Sprite Comedy Konkout #Fakeoff contest Tell us if you like this video by commenting with the #fakeoff below The box seems to be big only See What is this? Looks like a calling bell It’s making noises when I called it a bell?! Perhaps you called it wrong Fake Off Detector What does that mean? It has a manual, check that This machine will ring if anyone talks fake or lies It will continue ringing until the truth is spoken In a way it is like the car Superstar drives in Padikaathavan, Lakshmi Ah welcome welcome. Eat eat Put chutney How is the food? The hand that cooked this meal deserves gold bangles machine beeps What did you really think of the food? That is… uh uh The one who cooked this meal deserves handcuffs only What did you say? Please don’t cook ever again Will a dog eat this food? My sister is coming home today HI sister, Hi uncle! HI Shylu! How are you?
-I am good How are you?
– I’m good! You sister is there no, takes good care What did you think? I hoped it wouldn’t beep, but it did What status are you putting up? Read it out no Uuhhhh If I open my mouth and say I will get caught Lets be careful You read it yourself no You will be happy Marriage life is a boon Wonder what penance I did to have you. Love you Ammu! Are you saying the truth? So this is also a lie?! Yow! If i talk only you are finding out EVEN A STATUS ON FACEBOOK?! How are you finding out? hayoooo What uncle, looking great! Diet da Thought so, you look slimmer The lies you tell will bring sounds from down. tel the truth Look like a panda bear and diet in this uh? How are you?
-Yes i am good, you? Ive told her a lot of nice things about us Is that so? What is that? Like a siren Calling bell Calling bell uh? It seems to keep beeping and there is nobody outside too Tat is, the neighbour’s calling bell Neighbour’s… calling bell? They arent in town, hence they left it here Usually they leave pets, now calling bell also huh Well this is what they have haha Ok i will take leave? My…. increment and promotion? Its only after you, that the others will get We have decided that! This year your increment is confirmed! Thank you! See that? The bell is also ringing Good morning sir! C2 Madhavan talks HIGHLY of you sir Money only no? Come later, I’ll give Hey, onion! Have to be peeled! What are you doing? I’m in the middle of something important Wait ill come! Welcome I have a stone If you use that stone between husband and wife there will be no fights the specialty of this rock is.. whoever has this rock… they
– Why watch all this? In going to go sleep What kind of stone is it? Lets find out During a fight… If the husband throws the rock or vice versa… there will be no fight! For this rock, I am the guarantee! Dream uh… phew Uncle! What is this? Seems new Modern art! What does this say? Our future! It will predict it Orange…represents the past Red is danger Yellow is anxiety Green tells us the future, full of positivity! how is it?
– Genius uncle you are! What art is this? Leave that tell the truth! uh… nothing that will beep until you speak the truth. Now talk! For this, you might as well have gone to a traffic signal Wasting money unnecessarily on some modern art nonsense… Come come! (Mother-in-law) Now only you remembered us? I have arrived no ma.
– But you like only your daughter’s house You are also my daughter dear ! Tell the truth! Ayyo this female has come! Now I cant see a single serial in peace is what I thought! ma! What did you think? that is…. Tell ma! Or that thing wont stop beeping! See how well she acts your wife I thought she was a lady Sivaji *insignificant banter* If you had such a detector in your house, how will you get caught? It’s fun right? Whether the detector is there or not, lots of fun and comedy is available on our Sprite Comedy Konkout channel So immediately go and use the #fakeoff and subscribe to the SpriteComedyConkout channel Watch the entire of India making a lot of amazing videos in this channel Sprite themselves have said that we are the best comedians! Check out the description for links to the official Comedy Conkout page Thank you! HAHAHAHA Thank you! To be a part of Sprite Comedy make sure you subscribe and download the TVF Play app. And also subscribe to… Madras Meter Yes yes

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