Hyderabad Style Prawns Biryani | Restaurant Style Biryani

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to share with you Hyderabadi style prawns biryaniI have a 1-pound prawns they are clean no shell no tails and they’re devein I’m going to use one cup homemade yogurt quarter cup olive oil 1 tablespoon each kevrah water lemon juice 1 teaspoon of each turmeric powder coriander powder cumin powder biryani masala degi mirch salt will be 1 tablespoon ginger & garlic paste 1 teaspoon each I’m going to use a food coloring I’m going to use a saffron as well one cup of fried onion 1/2 cup of each mint cilantro dhania 4 green chilli cut into half basmati rice 2 cock I’m going to share a tip with you that whenever you make a biryani you cook your rice in a big vessel you add a lot of water and add all the ingredients then you boil it and then you just basically take the rice off and then you throw that water away all the nutrient from basmati rice get wasted by following easy steps method you won’t lose any of those so I’m going to share a tip how we can improve over cooking I’m going to use a 2 cup of a basmati rice then I’m going to use 3 cup of water and we’re going to cook it I will share with you I’m going to use a 1 tablespoon biryani masala 1 TSP ajinamotto 4 bay leaves 1 TSP olive oil 1 tsp cumin see these I’m going to use with the rice the reason I’m using a biryani masala so the rice can have a flavor also of biryani masala so let’s get started get a large bowl and we’re going to bring all the spices salt deggi mirch biryani masala cumin coriander turmeric powder ginger-garlic paste yogurt olive oil mix it fried onion mint leaves and coriander leaves cilantro them and mix it well again once it’s all mixed bring the prawns we’re going to mix it again after marinating prawns I’m going to cover with the plastic and we’re going to keep it for four hours but I’m going to keep it for two hours two hours I think is good but the longer is the better at least four hour I would suggest it marinates better so we can seal it you can put it in the fridge or you can leave it outside on the counter I’m going to start a gas I’ll add three cup of water I’ll put the lid on or bring the water to boil or water has started to boil I will wash the rice biryani masala ajinomoto and bay leaves cumin seed olive oil give a stir I’m going to cover with the lid and keep the timer on we go into pocket only three minutes when you’re cooking biryani the timing is very important so now it’s a three minutes we cook up a rise for three minutes as you see the water is in there the rice is cook about 50% turn the gas off no more heat and put the cover on and we’re going to prepare our biryani so it’s going to take another 5 minutes it’s a 5 minute the rice has been rested if we can take a look look at no more water as I said the timing is very important for biryani I’m going to move this pot and I’ll bring another pot the prawns are marinated for 2 hours oil if you can see has come all the way on top and I’m going to put it into we will spread out the prawns the fried onions coriander leaves some mint leaves the rice is not fully cooked if we can see if I press it it’s still raw in the middle so now we going to lay out on our prawns we give a nice layer one thing I wanted to share with you that this is the kewra water what I did I mix with the food color lemon juice fried onions cilantro dhania and mint and green chilli I’ll bring the rest of the rice will spread it out more fried onions cilantro mint leaves and lastly saffron now I’m going to use a heavy-duty aluminum foil once I put it we will cover on the top and will press it down and it will seal it perfectly as it seals as I mentioned the very important now we’re going to cook the biryani the prawns biryani for 10 minutes on high gas so I’m going to start gas and we’re going to leave it for 10 minutes this is at least 10 minutes we’re going to bring the pot back I’m going to bring the gas to low and have a griddle or skillet whatever you have make sure that is a warm and then we’re going to put this pot on top of it now we’re going to cook it for exactly 20 minutes after 20 minutes I’m going to shut off the gas and we’re going to let it sit another 10 minutes then I’m going to share with you our prawns biryani is cooking on Dum for 20 minutes I’m going to turn the gas off now we’re going to let it sit for 10 minutes after 10 minutes I’m going to open and share with you another 10 minutes now I’m going to open it can’t wait this one sealed oh you have to watch very careful the stream mmm so delicious so you have to be very careful when you opening it I’m going to check it look at how perfect look at the prawns nice now I’m going to take it out in a serving platter and I’m going to share with you look at this beautiful color nice oh I’m going to take it out to a serving platter our delicious Hyderabadi style prawn biryani is already and I hope you’re going to like it please try it and if you like it please 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91 thoughts on “Hyderabad Style Prawns Biryani | Restaurant Style Biryani

  1. hi there, ok so i have never made Hyderabad prawn biryani before! but today i tried .. and it tasted very good! but my rice is a bit soft and overall a little wet not wet to the point where you cant eat but a lil masala .. i actually had 2 kgs of prawns and i used 1.25 kgs of rice.. cos thats all i had at that time. could it be that i used less rice? for that much quantity of masala overall? i shouldve used 2 kgs of rice that is 8 glasses as you used 2 cups of rice for almost half a kg of prawns

  2. For the same quantity of ingredients and measurements how many people is it enough for? family get together???

  3. Superb sir. I tried exactly the same way you did and it came out very very well.

    Thank you so much for the recipe. I never tried olive oil & ajinomoto in biriyani it's simply superb.

    Going forward this will be my only dum biriyani recipe.

  4. Made the biriyani it came out well my whole family enjoyed it…. one comment I need to find out in your recipe you've mentioned 1 cup yogurt but on your video you say 2 cups … I made it with one cup yogurt! thanks for sharing

  5. Everything was perfect but the food colour is too much!!!!! I didnt notice did you add clarified butter? ( Ghee)!!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for showing us the methodology and timing for the biryani rice chef Sidhu! Turned out perfect and I am going to use the same technique for my other rice dishes.

  7. A couple of questions chef.
    1. Does the ratio of water to rice remain 1.5 to 1.0 always?
    2. Does the timing change depending on the quantity of rice used?
    Thank you in advance.

  8. adding ajinomoto in biryani you are adding artificial flavour. I stopped watching the video when you showed ajinomoto as ingredient

  9. I tried this recipe today. It is amazing.The best thing about it is that you didn’t stir fry the prawns which eliminated their strong smell.Thank you so much

  10. This guy offers practical tips and showcases the complexity and sophistication of Indian food – great channel and awesome narration style. Thank you Mr. Easy Steps!

  11. Super recipe. I wanna try on my husband birthday this week. But i have one doubt , at my place very difficult to get kewra water. So how ?? can replace any other ingredients.. Thank you.

  12. Chef this looks delicious usually when I cook shrimp biryani I usually make prawn gravy separately but prawn usually gives out lot of water
    If I use this method which I want to try today will my prawn leaves too much water I don’t want to ruin it.

    Another question chef i don’t have the big tawa to put under the pan will it be ok without it

    Lastly I’m using 4 cups of rice so should I use 6 cups wAter

    Oh my god chef my rice was not fifty percent good let’s see what happens it’s on dum 😂😂😂
    I will update soon

  13. I maid this once, and am making it again today! Am using 3 kg of prawns, so I hope I multiplied the recipe enough. I don’t eat seafood, but the ones who tasted it the first time loved it! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!

  14. I wanna make that but I'm WAY to lazy to get off my sofa and do it -.- that's why I always buy restaurant biryani.

  15. exactly followed the timing and procedure, everyone just loved it. Thank you for sharing this amazing easy and quick recipe. Keep going 😀

  16. Made biryani for the first time.. It was too good.. thanks for the recipe… Also it was little easy since i marinated prawns in afternoon n the rest in evening.. Once again thanks..keep posting other biryani recipes as well

  17. I’m pregnant and all I see in my dreams is prawn biryani 😂 I ‘ll make this once ramadan is over

  18. Hi. I make a different curry of yours every week and they are delicious. I live in the uk. Most recently I made this biryani which was lovely! I’m unfamiliar with Deggi mirch and so I used chilli powder. The biryani was very spicy! I’ve just seen that you can substitute it for paprika though. Is this sweet paprika or smoked paprika?

  19. Big NO…for Ajinamoto or MSG….out Indians cooking already so flavorful and aromas frm spice…then why must add Ajinamoto.Most of Chinese cooking they use this…it's really bad for health.

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