Hyelec MS6508 Digital Temperature & Humidity Meter Reivew

Hi everyone, today I’ll be showing you how
to use this digital humidity meter, it is from Hyelec and the model number is MS6508.
And to get started, you just want to press this button, the green button here, which
is the on and off button. And as you can see, you’ll get readings instantly. The top part
is the relative humidity and bottom half is the temperature. So lets get started on the
buttons here, the purple button with a H on it. That means hold, if you click that once,
it will say Hold up there and this basically freezes the screen and you will hold every
reading so they won’t move around or fluctuate, press that again and you will go back to normal.
The second button is the Minimum and Maximum function, so you press that once and you will
see Maximum on top, what this does is it will show the the maximum reading in real time
and if you press that again, you will get the minimum. So it’s just basically the opposite,
it will only show the minimum for each time. So just press that again and you’re back to
normal. This meter actually comes with a Dew Point function and a Wet Bulb. So what this
does, is if you click that you will get the Dew Point temperature and if you press that
again, as you can see it says Wet Bulb, you will get the temperature for Wet Bulb. Press
that again and you’re back to normal. Also on the left and right here. You have a button
called Memory and Reading button. What this does is if you want to store any readings,
you just click that once and as you can see hear the beep, that means it actually stored
the readings. So to check on the readings, just click that and as you can see, we have
20 readings as of now, and you just want to navigate using these two buttons, to see the
different readings you recorded. To go back to normal, just click this button again and
you’re back to normal. Also the two last buttons here as you can see, one is the °C and °F,
this is basically switching between Fahrenheit or Celsius. So you click that once, and you
go Fahrenheit and then Celsius. This button is actually a Time button and if you click
that, a timer will appear on the screen and what this means it’s actually right now on
Auto Power-Off, so if you leave it for a few minutes and you don’t use it, it’s basically
going to turn off by itself. So it’s very, very handy for anyone who’s very forgetful,
press that again and the function goes off. Last but not least, it comes with a back light,
this orange button. Press that once and you will get a very bright back light, perfect
if you’re measuring darker surroundings or during nighttime. To snap out of it, just
there you go, click it once and you’re back to normal. Once you’re done, to turn it off,
just click this green button again and you’re good to go. Hope you found this video useful
and I’ll see you guys next time.

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