I Challenged My Friend To Eat An 18½-Pound Bowl Of Ramen • Giant Food Time

this is easily the single best day of my life Brendan’s dreams were fulfilled at show me nudes which kind of makes sense and this is a show for a surprise my friends try a version of their favorite food today we’re at show me news in Chino California and we’re gonna be surprising my friend Brendan with a giant bowl of ramen hi I’m Brendan and I am obsessed with Robin if I could live in a bowl of ramen I would never leave if I could bathe in ramen I would be the happiest man alive if I could only one thing for the rest of my life it would absolutely definitely be ramen you could tell me now this video is to try the world’s worst ramen I was still volunteer I am by no means a ramen expert I don’t know how to make it I I don’t even know all that much about what goes into it I just know that I love it when do I get to eat ramen I’m nervous I’ve done a lot of talking and very little ramen eating do we get to the ramen eating part I need to know where the name came from does show me mean anything you know it means something somewhere why did you guys make such a giant rotten we wanted to create a challenge for I guess ramen challenges and eating contests are popular so we wanted to have an offering for our guests that visit us as well what are the rules to this challenge it will set challenges you have to finish about 12 pounds worth of product within a 45 minute time frame but the reward is you get a t-shirt you need to keep the bowl the tab is free and you get a goal in our Hall of Fame no chips interesting though no bathroom right no bathroom breaks so make sure you’re prepared and ready to go before the challenge so you’re drinking so much water so much Rob and you can’t see at all no make a second letter okay listen my friend brendan is obsessed with robbing like he eats it like three times a week listen I try to not eat out that much but if I do there is a very high probability it’s gonna be at around by very high probability I mean absolute certainty so I’m thinking we can make a giant bowl of ramen for him let’s try and for me because I asked him if we could share and he said no I will not share my ramen with jasmine or with anyone else if this video is Brendan try sharing ramen we won’t have a problem shall we go make it will you show me that amazing course let’s go okay well what’s step number one step one is get some gloves on cleanliness my friends exactly first off let’s get the timer into the bottom of our Bowl so I just dump it in yeah just get it in that okay so this is about one portion of our ramen we’re gonna do about eight portions and the secret to a good ramen there’s a nice layer of fat we got one portion here too for perfect now before we get anything else in there if you could give us okay get that going makes the Tony with the debate actually awesome now we’re gonna start with our noodles these are made fresh daily for us so why are why are you using these noodles because ramen has a bunch of different kind of noodles right thin thick the curly ones so these are traditional for hook off the spell ramen oh and that’s really what our ramen is based after and I I personally like the thinner Romans but it’s very sensitive it has to be cooked a exact type and it goes from chewy too soggy robust but if you cook it just right it carries the flavor I wanna give it up just the right way this is our pork belly you braise them on four hours a day after that we’d show it and get we charge slow is smooth and smooth is fast you want to get a little bit color on here what this does is adds a little smokiness and a little layer of flavor if you’d like you can take that over awesome great if you start smelling a lot some opiates that come from it yeah our noodle is done here I’m gonna get the first two in there I think I first hit no just right it smells nice and smoking okay so we got the last of the noodles in there’s about eight orders so this last part is actually really important it just doodles and bowls in soup but now we’re gonna garnish it and make it look pretty in order how do you get all the ingredients they at the top it’s quite a hot cheeto so we get our noodles out and then we’re gonna get a nice flip the first thing we do is we start laying or etosha just start on one side to the other and how much pork is in here in comparison to like a regular-sized ramen normally we have two pieces here you’re looking at about what any pieces in this one Wow so seven times more in times more if you couldn’t get the cord okay I like to do with yellow pizza slices going towards the center is take some artistry takes a little love yes yeah you gotta make it look like it’s likes fresh out of a Naruto episode I’m gonna eat with your eyes first yeah exactly the next would be our bamboo okay another people fly it exactly oh I didn’t do very well no you’re doing great you’re lying to me for the next up it’s gonna be our tear now and you’ll be right in the middle yeah you never have enough meat onions are next we get wood ear mushrooms gonna get it right here looks great okay we’re gonna put our two narcos you can’t have a good Ramadan Naruto see me along the wall so now we finished with a name we can just go on to circular motion oh yo that’s game okay and there you have it we have so many news giant ramen challenge oh I’m excited I think Brendan’s gonna be but I secretly now I’m more excited that he’s gonna be what am I actually doing what is the actual next step here I do get Robin right hope you’re ready for a ramen okay we’re gonna go that way are you hungry I am starving I had a ramen for dinner last night to set the mood for tonight you cannot eat too much ramen I make no apologies for getting wrong them at night and for eating more opponent Oh close your eyes I’m gonna go get it yes okay okay keep your eyes closed my eyes are closed I will not ruin the surprise okay no peeking I’m not gonna be okay I have to get my own since you said you wouldn’t share with me that is absolutely correct okay are you ready I’ve been ready for a minute yeah okay three two what this is the largest bowl of not just ramen but of food I’ve ever received in my life I feel bad for saying we couldn’t share that’s gonna be like six people I know I mean I told you but this is mind blowing this is so so beautiful – it’s not just big anybody could put a bunch of stuff in a bowl this is gorgeous right it doesn’t look like it’s straight out of like an anime oh geez this is my homie do you want a photo yes oh my phone’s out of space can I use yours Wow huh these are both for me now how do you do this hey Jen do I need to show you how to use a knife this is a ten oh that looks good what’s the caption for that the caption for this photo one man’s dreams come true all at once oh I made your dreams come true that is my goal to make my friends happy thank you well for once you succeeded and lay that bottom Oh friend I just I don’t trust you today you actually came through so it’s taking a minute to adjust yes so good I’m like skimming off the top because I thank you for getting how deep the bowl is and then you can just straight up lose your job no don’t do that bad luck oh god what am I done it’s just this ball is so big and look at that I haven’t even had a little bit also I’m splashing everywhere and I don’t like sir hmm I could cry this could bring me to do no no this melts in your mouth okay Thank You uncle I love you marry me he’s now in love with the shaft that guy’s my soulmate so it still looks crazy full but I’ve had so much and uh uh-huh I’m beating you okay it’s not a competition I’m savoring my ramen I’m not just I’m hanging up no and that’s enough speed for you then you’re not appreciating the crap Wow I will say though I’m getting really cool I’m not close to tapping out you’re like a GoBot yeah if I can go bucket we’re gonna be like ten to go boxes just to take this back home where’s the great cuz it that’s called meal planning meal prepping even after a bite that massive it looks like I did nothing it actually looks like there’s more ramen in here now than before I took the bike okay I have to tap out I’m full it looks like it’s a tie we ate the same amount so probably only need away it or anything no these are the waves or I don’t know II want I mean if you’re like a numbers person I’m gonna get a scale I please do no oh my god the Teeter okay you did that as if it wasn’t on camera I have no idea what starving honestly still with this in my balls pretty try still beat you you can have your noodles back sir still so happy what does it read it buh-buh-buh all right I still have 50 pounds of ramen the idea of eating 15 pounds of ramen in the first place is nuts having 15 pounds of ramen left is absurd I’m we at leat both ate five pounds all right so what are you have about two pounds to about two and a half feels like it’s something a little lower my bowl is heavier I win I would like I just had a recount I what did you did you eat mostly noodles I tried to hit the noodles super hard but then I got really full I feel like you picked off more of the toppings but it’s probably smart let me lift my bowl it’s only slightly heavier than you I drink a lot of broth cuz that’s where the weight is I wouldn’t like thinking about the competition anything but I’m just talking clearly but I did eat most of the toppings because I felt like every bite of noodles needed the toppings with it and then after that would drink some broth that’s smart I didn’t I didn’t drink enough broth I just went ham on the noodles and they filled up too quickly I think but you’re still happier I could not be happier I’m honestly here’s the thing I have more ramen left than you to eat for the rest of the day so who’s the real winner here no it’s me so you lost I’m saying you lost it whatever hey guys thanks for watching if you’re craving even more giant food in your life you should check out my friend Alvin’s dry food series on tasty check it out here [Music] you

100 thoughts on “I Challenged My Friend To Eat An 18½-Pound Bowl Of Ramen • Giant Food Time

  1. The restaurant is called "shominoods"

    When i saw this i said it outloud and i was instantly like


  2. Go watch tasty’s Making It Big on Youtube and they made a ramen bowl 2 times bigger than this one

    Edit: Their’s is 30 pounds

  3. I was so obsessed with ramen

    Did I hear it right?

    Him: transferring ramen noodles into her bowl

  4. Now hold on… WHY WOULD U WANT 18 POUNDS OF RAMEN IN YOUR INTESTINES?! That would hurt ??

    (No disrespect❤️❤️❤️)

  5. I don't think hes ever seen fhe video of the doctor's taking out the ramen out of a dudes intestines due to eating too much ramen. Im sure they served it to him after the operation. They hate to see him die of hunger lol

  6. Looks amazing, but all I can think about is how soft the noodles will be now after being left in the hot broth for so long ?

  7. I went here yesterday its so cool! It's in chino, California in a shopping center. It's funny cuz its not just this restaurant its has a bunch of restaurants. And a bar ?. They are also a Asian shopping center so like lots Asian food. Including ramen or course. I bough t mochi from the market in there or was 1 dollar and it was great!!!

  8. Brenden: "IF this video is Brenden tries sharing ramen, we gonna have a problem"
    Me: OHH me too buddy, me too

  9. I'm just saying but why does that guy obsessed with ramen has a pin dangerously on his shirt facing his throat ? edit: soz it was mic

  10. Not sure if anyone will see this, but I saw the video, tapped on it. Then before I saw anything, I hit the like button and subscribed and turned notifications in.

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