The world would have faced lots of troubles since the Human race appeared in this Earth Among that,this is a heavy problem..!! Humans create this problem among them,within themselves… This world keeps shrinking many big things.. Moreover,The feeling of “Small is the best” keep getting stronger.. In this point of time,Human is also trying to make him smaller.. Not Lengthwise but in Width..!! To, reduce one’s tummy,people think of various ways.. But certain people don’t realise that they have a tummy..!! Our Hero… is that kind a guy..! You are such an handsome boy man.. Mom,i’m leaving.. Have breakfast and go.. Its already time.. Hey Gowtham..!! What man?? you are putting weight like a buffalo!! It looks very bad…!! Mom.. You may lie…but my mirror won’t lie.. I was admiring my beauty for half an hour..!! Mirror shows only till the neck..!! Below that..!! Mom..!! Don’t talk about my weight..i’ll get angry… If u eat and sleep daily.. You will put weight like this..!! You..?? Wait i will come?? Are you talking about Weight..?? What he’s saying?? Is he telling me that i am fat?? What Gowtham..?? You are breathing so heavily..!! Lift is not working.. I came up by stairs.. Only one floor right…??! You are feeling like you climbed 20 floors..??!! Its not 20 foors.. But there are 20 steps..!! Buddy..! For climbing one floor you are suffering like this..!! I think..!! The reason for this is your body..!! Try to reduce it..! Buddy..! I am not having tummy at all..!! Do you know how to find out whether a person is having tummy or not…?? When a person lies on his back and if his tummy is Flat,he dosen’t have a tummy…! But when a person’s stomach is visible when he is on his back,then he has a tummy… Super…!! Hereafter,you come to office lying on your back.. Why should i bother..! Hey..!! If people mind their own business, it will be good.. Buddy what i’m trying to say is… Peoplw say that you are an “Yes man” to your girlfriend..Have i ever told you anyting..?? No buddy… All the staffs here are gossipping that you got Appraisal by buttering the Manager… Have i ever told anything..?? Buddy hear me out…! Security person also say that,you are a miser..!! you wont even spend 5 pennies for others…! But have i ever told you anything..? God!! I wont interfere in your personl things hereafter… And you don’t have a tummy… Its your 6 packs…Enough?? Hey Gowtham… Noo..Noo.. Breakfast is ready..just eat and go.. Enough..!! Hearfter i won’t eat in this house..!! Hello.. Gowtham,can you come inside..?? Yeah..! i will come sir..! Excuse me sir..!! Yeah..!! come in.. Sit down.. Sir anyting important..?? Nothing Gowtham… I am just seeing you..!! Your tummy is growing bigger..!! You have many more stuffs in life like marriage,…. Stop sir..!! You have a tummy like “POT”, you know that..?? *Beep* You are a Manager.. Not a Dietitian..!! Listen everybody.. Hearafter if anyone talk about my tummy…!! Defiitely you should say..!! No noo..i cant say..!! This is company’s rules..!! Nooo…!! Hey..!! Meet Mr.Huge, i mean Gowtham… And dude she is our new recruit, Thamannah… Hi.. Hii.. Hey buddy i was saying Thamannah about our office tradition..!! What..Tradition..?? If anyone joins new in our company…!! They should say about each and evryone,just by looking at them..!! That’s our tradition right..?? Yeahh..!! Okiee coming to the point.. Definitey you should say now..!! First…!! okiee Manager..!! Just see him and say… “Ball”..! What Ball?? Hey..!!Nooo.. No i just asked whether its basket ball or volley ball..??!! Now see her.. “Ballon”..!! Correct..Correct.. *Fatty* Ok..!! Oh..Ohh..She just stepped on it…!! Hello.. what?? Is St Thomas mount going to burst?? Okie..Okiee..let it burst..!! Okie.. will see…!! Hey..! If your mom says you are getting angry..!! I am your bestie..if i say you are getting angry..!! You feeling..!! for what that ordinary looking girl said..?? Hey..!! Just be quiet… Hey.. !! waht are you doing..? keep it down..! Don’t waste the liquor..!! keep it down.. Hey..!! Bottle costs Rs.700..!! Your fate..! Yeah..!! *Singing* Really..? Did you really see yourself nude? Hey..i am in very angry, just be quiet..!! Its all my mom’s plot…!! She took the face mirror and kept full mirror..!! hey…!! Why you are blaming your mom..?? Hey buddy,i am very scared..!! Everyting is”BIG”..!!! Congratulations buddy..!! If its “BIG” then you are luckey right..?? Hey its not that..!! I am talking about my tummey and…??!! So sad..!! Who..?? Someone..!! I have decided !! This time some how i will reduce my weight..!! Let’s see next week whether he will reduce his weight or his advising friends..!!!

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