Hello, YouTube! My name is Carol and I’m welcoming you on Unbridled Buffalo YT channel! Just by looking at the title you can guess that this vlog is gonna be different I decided to test K-pop idols’ diet One diet, to be more specific Some of you may say “why?” and that it’s unhealthy But I wanted to check if it works I saw a lot of videos like this on YouTube As many idols, as many diets you can try It worked for some people, for some didn’t Some of them were loosing weight, some of them didn’t So I was curious! I chose one diet and I decided to try it for a week And I am starting it today! I am starting this vlog and I’m gonna record everyday You’ll see how do I feel and what do I eat Of course, I’ll show you the final effect I also hope that none of you will criticize me for doing it It can be a controversial case… There are people who will say it’s okay and there are people who will say it’s wrong But I am ready! I chose SECRET’s Hyosung diet I checked many diets I liked some of them more and some of them were more… Brutal

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