I Gained 6 Pounds of Fat in 1 Week

– Mmm, tastes like America. Hey, guys, welcome back. It is lovely to see you once again and boy do I have an
interesting video for you today. Quick one, just so you know,
I’m now uploading twice a week. Wednesdays as well as Saturdays, so make sure you look out for that extra mid-week video from now on. So, as you guys know, I love my food. (whistle) I’m a big foodie. But I am also pretty healthy
and I do watch what I eat. Especially when I’m sort
of at home in England. I generally cook for
myself most of the time and I don’t eat out a lot,
as I do kind of care about what I put into my body most of the time. However, when I travel and
especially when I go to America, I do like to just give myself
a break and go a little bit crazy and eat whatever is available to me. So when I went to Orlando
last month for a week, I decided to make a particular
effort to eat absolutely whatever I want and enjoy myself
and all the food around me. Because I was kind of interested
to see what kind of effect that would have on my body. So fortunately there is this
machine at my gym that measures your body composition fairly accurately so not only
would I be able to keep track of how I felt over the week,
but also be able to actually see how my body composition
changed as well. So a day before I left, I went to the gym and popped on this machine to do a scan so I could get a baseline of what I was before I went to America. So the results showed I’m a
pretty fit and healthy guy with a decent muscle mass
and fairly low body fat. I weighed in at 75.9 kilograms. My muscle mass was 68.1 kilograms. I had 4.3 kilograms of fat, which gave me a total body fat of 5.7%, which apparently makes me athletic. Who would have thought? So with that done, we
were good to go to America and off I went. Things started straight
away on that first day. I’d actually used air miles
to upgrade to Business, which basically meant that
they shoved food in you from every which direction and it’s very hard to say no to. So not only did I have
a nice rich breakfast of Eggs Florentine in the lounge before getting on the flight, they then gave us a three-course
meal with copious amounts of Prosecco and then wine. It was followed by cheese and port. And then a few hours later we
got afternoon tea where there was more sandwiches, a scone and then I asked for another scone. I mean I was making the most
of it basically, I ate a lot. So I arrived in Orlando
feeling pretty full and very satisfied. And then had dinner. I mean, you got to be social, right? So my friends went to dinner,
so I couldn’t really say no. So I went and got some quesadillas and they were good. So day one was off to a good start. Now for the rest of the
week I would find typically for breakfast I would have
an All-American breakfast. So that would usually consist of eggs, either fried or scrambled,
I would vary that. Bacon. You know, in America you’re
gonna get like a decent portion of bacon, too, and
it’s gonna be nice and greasy and fried, as that makes it taste better. Breakfast sausage, can’t have eggs and bacon without sausage. Always comes with toast and usually with deep-friend
potatoes, as well. So nice, greasy, but hearty start to the day and that’s the way I like it. Lunch and dinner would kind
of vary from day to day, but what didn’t vary was
the large portion sizes and my unrestrained
ordering of lots of food. And of course, as it was kind of a fun
trip and there was lots of partying, there was a
lot of alcohol, as well. (dance music) So I’m not sure I want to work
out exactly how much I drank over the trip, but let’s just
say it increased the number of calories quite a lot. So the highlight of my
food journey was probably my fourth day when I was there in America about halfway through my trip. So I kicked off the day with breakfast as normal, a nice big
All-American breakfast to fill you up until lunchtime. For lunch I ordered room service. I went big with a nice big chicken club sandwich, which I’m pretty sure there was a like a lot of mayo and butter in there. I wasn’t complaining, though,
it tasted really good. And of course, it had to
come with a nice big portion of chips, as well. So I was well on my way to
my daily allowance worth of calories and we’re only
halfway through the day. And then dinner happened. So we went to this Hawaiian
place and there was a bit of a wait for a table,
so of course, I had to have a couple of margaritas
whilst I was waiting. And also, fortunately, this
place had the calorie count on the menu, which didn’t deter me. In fact, it spurred me on Because I went straight
in with the main course and ordered a lobster and shrimp linguine. Oh, and I had a glass of
wine on the side, as well. Got to wash it down. And then on to dessert. Of course, everyone else
was full by this time, so it’d be rude not for me to order one. That’s how it works, right? There was something called a
Chocolate Island on the menu, which I could not say no to. I mean, it’s a frickin’
island full of chocolate and it was 1400 calories, which is a (bleep) ton of
calories for one course. So I ordered it, and ate a lot of it. (laugh) I did get some help with that, so I probably at about
two-thirds of it myself I reckon, but that’s still a lot of
calories, let me just day. So the logical thing to do would
then be to call it a night, but of course, we were at Playlist Live and there was parties, so
you know, had to go party and have a lot more drinks. All in all, probably the most calories I’ve ever eaten in one day. It’s probably the most extreme day of the week there food-wise, but I certainly didn’t shy away for the rest of the week. And carried on treating
myself to a lot of tasty food and drinks every day. And I spent a grand total of
25 minutes in the gym during the whole week, so I didn’t
exactly do a lot of exercise. At last it was time to head
home and I did just about fit into my airplane seat on
the way back, only just. I was definitely feeling a lot bigger, as well as a bit more kind
of just gross generally. And I’d started to break out
in spots a little bit, too. I think I had less energy, as well. But I was most interested to
what the measurable effect to my body composition will have been after those seven days gorging in America. So I popped back to the
gym, onto this machine and did another scan. Boy, was I in for a treat. So if you’ll recall,
before I went to America I weighed 75.9 kilograms. I had a muscle mass of 68.1 kilograms. The fat in my body weighed 4.3 kilograms, giving me a total body
fat percentage of 5.7% So after seven days of eating
a lot of food in America the results are in. And here we go. I now weighed 76.8 kilograms, so less than a kilogram gained overall, which doesn’t seem too bad. I now had a muscle mass of 66.3 kilograms, so I’d lost almost two
kilograms of muscle. My fat mass was now 7.1 kilograms, which meant my body fat shot up to 9.2%. So what does all that mean? So I think the biggest
takeaway from all that is that I put on 2.8 kilograms of fat, which is over six pounds. That means that I
increased the amount of fat in my entire body by over 65%. Now you might be wondering,
okay, well what does 2.8 kilograms of fat look like? It doesn’t seem that bad, right? Well, fortunately, I popped
to my local supermarket and bought just about
2.8 kilograms of fat. And here it is. I mean, it’s disgusting. I literally put on this
much fat in one week. In America. It’s unfathomable. Obviously, I didn’t eat this
much fat, but when you eat more calories than you actually
burn off in a day, then your body will pretty much turn all those extra calories into fat, just like this. So that was quite a shock,
to see actually how much fat I put on, in my body inside
where you can’t see it. That’s the weird thing. It is that much fat, but you don’t know. You don’t see it. And that was just from
overeating for one week, so imagine if I did that
for a month or even a year. It would be pretty
horrifying results I bet. Definitely not something
that I could sustain nor would want to. It was a fun experiment to
do and I did thoroughly enjoy all the food that I ate. Fortunately, it was only
one week’s worth of damage to my body, so I was able
to go back to the gym, hit it hard and within a week
or two, I was pretty much back to where I was before. I’ve literally been having
a healthy smoothie every day since I’ve come back, which I fill with loads of like raw
vegetables, some fruit as well. And it’s been a great way
to get a lot more nutrients back in my body and get myself
feeling a lot better, too. By the way, I also daily blogged
my whole trip to Orlando, so if you want to see more of what I did when I was over there and all the kind of
foods that I was eating, and even some of the crazy YouTube parties I went to at Playlist it’s all in the blogs, so
you can go watch them next. There’s a link down
below in the description. I will probably not be eating
that much again anytime soon, till I go back to America next week. Don’t forget I am making
two videos a week now. Wednesdays and Saturdays is
my current upload schedule. And if you are new around
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more of me trying some crazy American foods, then I’ve
done that a lot, too. I went to LA last year. I literally found all the
craziest fast food in LA and tried it and it was awesome. So you can watch that next, too. Otherwise, that’s all for me. Thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you again in a few days. Bye.

100 thoughts on “I Gained 6 Pounds of Fat in 1 Week

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