I Have A  Very Large  Herniated Disc (15 Millimeter) Can You Help? Herniated Disc Treatment

So I get questions every single day, lots
of questions. Lately I’ve had this one a lot! And even my patients that are in care that
are getting better! The question is, I have a 15 millimeter herniated
disc, can I get better? And the answer is yes! So, we are the Illinois Back Institute, and
we treat chronic back pain, bulging discs and degenreated discs, all kind of back pains.The
typical spine looks like this. Between the head and the hips there are 24
vertebrae, in between those are the disc! And the disc allows for motion. The disc is like a jelly donut in the sense
the inside the disc there is a jelly like substance. Outside the disc there is an annulus and the
annulus is cartilage. And what can happen is that jelly can start
to move, and as it starts to move, it will start to push out. As it pushed out, it will push into the spinal
canal. So the disc will push back, the nucleus we
will push out and it will cause a herniation! Typically there is a low level amount of tearing
in the annulus, and that annulus will force the disc out. As it forces the disc out it will start to,
over time, develop sort of a focal point where it pushed out sort of in one direction and
through one spot and that will push it into the spinal canal. That will also start to cause some pinching
of the nerve There is a nerve that is directly off of the spinal chord so the disc will push
into the spinal canal and it is the nuclus that does that. A patient in 2010, when he came in he had
a 17 mm herniated disc. Nw in his case, he went through the program,
and before the treatment he’d a herniated disc, that was pinching and pushing into the
spinal canal. And that herniated disc, you can see it. Very large herniated disc pushing onto his
spinal canal. After the treatment which you can see is here,
it was gone. So this is a 17 mm herniated disc. Another patient, we’ve talked about this patient
a lot, same thing. Very large herniated disc. Very large hernaiation. This is the nucleus. It migrated through the outside of the spinal,
through the annulus to the outside, to the spinal canal where the spinal nerves are. Same thing, another very large herniate disc. After the treatment patient was better. Same thing. So we did a testimonial of a patient last
week and he had a 13 mm, so the 13 mm pushing out and it was 12 mm wide. so it was a very very large herniated disc. Looks like this.He had gone through other
treatments, norcos, he did some injections, nothing was working, he didnt wanna have surgery,
he seen what happens and it sometimes is not pretty, and he came in his goal was to avoid
surgery, came in, got the treatment, and his pain went away. Went completely away. So he had a very large herniated disc, 13
by 12, it was 13 deep, 12 wide, with an extrusion. And yet it moved a little bit up and down
and he was better. So the question that comes up, I have a 15
mm, and it a big one, 15 mm is a big one but we can get you better. The key is to get you out of pain and get
your life back. Thats what we have the ability to do. If you like what you hear, lie our facebook
page, also you can subscribe and like our youtube page. Were here to help, we solve serious serious
back problems, if your back problem is not going away stuff and we can help even if you’ve
had other treatment. If you’ve had chiropractic, physical therapy,
injections, your taking pain meds. we can help! Even if you’ve had surgery and not gotten
better, we solve serious back problems so we can help the 15 mm herniated disc maybe
the 17 mm so were here to help. Hope to see you soon

5 thoughts on “I Have A Very Large Herniated Disc (15 Millimeter) Can You Help? Herniated Disc Treatment

  1. You only give sermons and no treatment exercises.we cannot reach your place to pay you and receive treatment.So stop it or reach to India.

  2. Hello doc. I got disc bulge is l4-l5, l2-l3 and protusion at l2-s1. Its over a year now. I am trying to attach my mri review too. Doctor suggested surgery. I am not having any difficulty in regular activities. Kindly suggest me. Should i need a surgery. Is it the only way.? Following is link to my report. ?https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wOcoRXO1cxXteR0GO-4ofz_XtSkbhuEC/view?usp=drivesdk

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